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Fashion Advice on Casual Outfits for Men Over 50

A man over 50 is matured, established, and most importantly he has a lot of experience in life. He might have left his youth behind, but that doesn’t mean he has lost his taste in fashion. A 50s guy is more conscious about his styling and the way he carries himself. He cannot dress up like a funky teenager nor can he go overboard by putting on clothes like an old man. Therefore he has to go with outfits that will match his age that will make him look sharp. When it comes to casual styling, there are some pretty good choices for men over 50 that can add grace to your style and wardrobe.

How to Dress In Your 50s

Casual Suit Styles

Every man has his taste, and you don’t need to follow others like a herd of sheep when it comes to clothing style. Just keep in mind to keep your casual wear neat and pleasant to the eyes. Conventional denim will be more suitable or else straight legged trousers are great selections for your style quote.

Go for branded clothes and focus more on their quality since at this time your choice of clothes shall define a lot about you. Invest in stripe shirts with a light color pattern. For a more relaxing outfit, you can wear t-shirts, polos or V-necked jumpers on off days.

Business Attire for Men

Business Casual Attire for Men

At 50 or above, a man’s new innings begin in regard to his life and career. He is in full glory but also has a lot to do since he is approaching his retirement age. Therefore he has to set his pieces in the right order before finally settling down. He is on the constant run of business meetings, travels, and other ventures.

For that purpose, the clothing should be appropriate as well. Women like mature old men with a nice sense of styling especially those who are looking for old established guys. So while choosing your casual attire keep in mind not only your business but also the pleasure part.

Sports Coats or Blazers

Men's Casual Style

Sports coats or blazers are the essentials of business casual dressing.  Do not forget that the shirts underneath also draws attention so pair them with coats in an appropriate color combination. Ties can be an option depending on the shirt you are choosing to wear under your coat. With the ensemble placed in perfect order will help you look great.


Men's Business Casual Pants

Avoid jeans while dressing casually for business as you are not going on a date, but if your meetings involve both business and pleasure you can keep it as an option. You should also stay away from skinny jeans as they are suitable for younger men only. Khaki, gabardine or cotton pants are good choices to slip into.


Winter Business Casual

Do not let winter spoil your casual fashion statement or make you look like an old hag. You can try different patterns of sweaters that will suit your body type and personality. Polo sweaters go perfectly well with sports jackets bringing a paramount of styling. V- Neck sweaters complement your shirt as well as your coat, and a turtleneck sweater, when paired with dark trousers, give you a virile charm which will be appreciated by everyone.


Most people today tend to peep in their cell phones to see the time. But nothing can replace the classiness of a designer watch that complements your casual attire. If you are a man over 50, wear a sleek watch that you can flaunt in a flamboyant manner.


Best Business Casual Shoes

And last but not the least, mind your shoes. They can be the recipe for disasters if it mismatches your outfit. Instead of going for the laced ones like Oxford, Vintage and Wingtips, pick up the loafers or moccasins that shall go correctly with your business casual attire.