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Head lice in men – facts, symptoms and treatment

Head lice in men – facts, symptoms and treatment

It is quite a shameful fact when you hear a person having head lice. Eradicating the root cause of lice is important.  Lice are basically very small insects that make themselves comfortable to stay in the head skin layer of an individual. It generally stays between the skin layer of the head as well as hair. In some unfortunate men, head lice can also be found in the eye brows as well as mustache. It is very dangerous to stay beside a person having head lies as the small insects can fly from one hair to another causing a reason of communicability.

Facts on head lice

Hair of an individual is infected by the head lice which also give rise to tiny eggs of white color that sticks to each hair of individual. It becomes really irritating to get lice eggs as eradicating the lice eggs becomes harder than that of the insects. Each head lice can stay up to a period of 30 days on human scalp but since they give birth to their off springs they gets multiplied and attacked the human scalp once again.

Spread of head lice

There are several conditions due to which head lice gets spread. If you are closely staying with a person who already has head lice, getting it will be quite easy.  If you touch the clothes as well as the bedding of individuals who have lice, that can form a reason of getting head lice. Also sharing various things such as combs, towels, hats brushes etc makes a person get the head lice easily.


Symptoms of head lice include intense itching of your scalp. But, it is not at all a serious medical problem. Simple cleanliness tips and some remedies can easily help eradicating head lice in a man. You will never have any type of diseases due to head lice. Some people also get the small bumps of red color on your head, shoulder, scalp as well as neck.  You may also see tiny white color eggs of lice at the root of each hair which are really difficult to shed off.

Treatment procedure for head lice

You can now find variety of lotions and shampoos in the medical stores that helps eradicating lice from your head completely. You must go through the contents of the shampoo that has at least 1 percent of permithix. It is possible to get the medicine from the store that sells the shampoo without any prescriptions.


There is also a particular procedure of using the head lice shampoo. First of all you have to rinse the dry hair with water. Now apply the hair medicine or shampoo over your hair and scalp. Wait for 10 minutes till the lice get all medicine. This is a very critical period as individual has to tolerate maximum itching. Now wash it away properly with water. You must apply comb and get off the lice that are sense less and have no potential to move.