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Vital facts on men’s reproductive health

It is important that you know about the best details of the reproductive health in case of men. Reproduction is a vital human functioning and therefore it is required that you have proper knowledge on the same. Reproduction is sure to cause overall physical wellbeing and ensures overall health in case of the males. However, there are certain things which you should keep in mind at the time of having sex or in case of other sexually related matters. In case you are not serious then you have chances of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. So, it is important that you stay careful in this case.

Young people are outraged with desire and attraction towards their partners. According to the report published in the year 2002, the average age of a male personality who underwent his first sex has increased to 17.5 percent. Even 15% of unmarried young couple had sex before 15 years of their age.  In the year, the drive for sexual intercourse in male personality has been 55%.  Even there are some facts about the sexual health of male personalities.

Facts on men’s reproductive health

The rate of sexual activities in the high school mates have declined in recent years. According to the estimate more than people with sexual preference always have a risk of getting sexually affected disease. It is important for sexually active males to be very cautious about STD. Using protection will be very necessary.  There is a tendency in young men to enjoy oral sex more than that of vaginal sex. According to the report, 55% of men like oral sex and 49% likes vaginal sex. But, 11% of people like to avail anal sex with their female partner. Tendency of having more than one sexual partner is increasing every day. Proportion of people going steady with the sexual activities is also increasing. Variety of people has different sex preference. But, unsafe sex can lead to variety of reproductive problems.

Pregnancy with tension

Young men go through intercourse with their partner who is unmarried. Thus, maximum ladies going through the process gets pregnant. There is an emotional detachment between the partners sharing a healthy relationship.  With the use of condoms, volume of pregnancy have decline. Married couples are allowed to enjoy sex without any boundary. It is good to have sexual relationship with a single partner. Today, a maximum man becomes sexually active once they reach 20 years of their age.

Risk of HIV

HIV is a dangerous disease faced by the patient. Till date medical science cannot assure about a person suffering from HIV to get total cure. There is also the life risk of the patient suffering from the same. Though, there are several reasons behind HIV infection. Yet, one of the major causes is unsafe sex. If your partner is not loyal to you and she practice sex with other male partners, there is a high risk of getting HIV virus in your body. Thus, the total reproductive health of an individual is disrupted. These days, use of condoms has become really important. People willing to go ahead with sexual activities must see the impact of reckless activities.  Not only male partner having a female sex partner gets infected by HIV, in Africa and America people with same sex preference also get the HIV virus from another male sex partner. If you don’t want your reproductive health to get disrupted, there are some guidelines which you need to follow. Both the partners have to be alert about their reproductive health. Even the baby gets affected with HIV when one or both the parents have the problem of HIV infection.

Choosing the right partner

There are ignorant and casual men who do not know or they are not aware of the fact that it is vital to be careful when having sex. It is good to make use of safe products when having sex. This will help you stay untouched and the bad disease of one should not get transmitted to the other. In this case it is also important to choose the right partner for sex. Just anyone from anywhere should not be your cup of tea. There should be proper understanding between the sex partners. In fact, it is always safe to have sex with the person whom you love.

Adopting other safe measures

At the same time it is not good to have sex with multiple partners. This is once again a mishap in life. Sex with more than one people can really push you to danger. Do not have sex in case you are suffering from the kind of communicable disease. In the process, you may infect someone else with the germ. So please be careful as there is no advantage in going on spreading the disease you are suffering from. Stay safe and let others stay in safety.