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Is erectile dysfunction related to cycling? 

Is erectile dysfunction related to cycling? 

Research has been conducted in the past several years to find out whether there is a relation between cycling and erectile dysfunction. This has been a hot topic in debate conducted in colleges and many research teams. According to some researchers, a poorly fitting saddle of bicycle will be related to the erectile dysfunction. This problem is mostly seen in male with higher age. There is variety of factors that would signify whether there is a risk of erectile dysfunction or not. The more hours you dedicate in the activity of cycling, more will be the trouble of erectile dysfunction.

Facts about erectile dysfunction

Another name given to the condition of erectile dysfunction is impotency. This is a physical condition in an individual due to which a male personality will acquire inability of to keep their penis erected during the sexual intercourse. This will also affect the sexual relation and between two partners and the process of reproduction. Person will also develop low sexual desire. There will be problem in orgasm as well as ejaculation process.

Relation of erectile dysfunction with cycling

Some people might have a thought in their mind about how can erectile dysfunction relate to the process of cycling. The activity of cycling involves pressure on tissue of perineum in an individual for prolonged pressure created in the due course. If you are carrying on with the process of cycling for a prolonged period, it is likely make your blood vessels damaged. The nerves those are responsible for proper erection process will be damaged due to cycling. If you sit in same position and carry on with the process of cycling for a long time, this will cause erectile dysfunction in an individual on a temporary basis.

There are various factors which are responsible for erectile dysfunction in an individual due to cycling. One among such factor includes weight of the cyclist. If the rider is heavier than the vehicle, this would exert pressure and give rise to the problem named as erectile dysfunction. Some people also have a tendency of putting much weight on the pedals.  This would rather reduce the pressure on perineum of the individuals.

How to know the cyclist suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Every individual who have been practicing cycling for a long time would come front with some symptoms of the same. You need to have a look at the symptoms before the problem becomes very serious. You will get the symptoms such as pain in perineum due to reduced blood flow. The particular area of the body also gets the pain. Since men develop ED, they would suffer from numbness and tingling sensation.

There are many preventive measures which must be allocated to that entire cyclist who have been suffering from the erectile dysfunction. It is important to take a break in the process of cycling if you are driving the cycle for a long time. In order to reduce the pressure points, you must consider adjusting the seat of your cycle.