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Existence of G-Spot: explore it to mark the pleasure


What is the G spot?

The G spot is the erogenous part of the vagina which arouses strong sexual orgasms when stimulated. It is also called the Grafenberg spot. It is usually located 2inches above the front vaginal wall. It is a very sensitive area.

There are no scientific studies to prove the existence of the G- spot. It is believed that the G spot is the extension of the clitoris. It is a bean shaped spongy gland which is made up of tissues. These tissues swell up when blood rushes to it when the woman is sexually aroused.

People with groups have always participated in debate with regards to the existence of G-Spots. There was ignorance about G- Spots. But many women have felt G-spot orgasms. Confirmation came from medical research team about reality of G-Spots. Even they said this to be an extraordinarily positive experience.

Adam Ostrzenski, PhD and MD performed research on same subject. He his result in the well known journal named as ‘Journal of sexual medicine’. The well known researcher basically belongs to the institute of Gynecology at St. Petersburg of Florida. He conducted the research along with his team in Poland. He was really successful to measure G-Spot as he was capable to locate it on a female cadaver. Thus, he was quite sure about the G Spot in women anatomy due to which an improvement can take place in female sexual function.

Two types of women exist on the earth. One group has no knowledge about G spot at all and other has known its existence long back with orgasm. The research result of Ostrzenski was not at all a surprise to all those women who already had idea about G-spot. But, the researcher also admitted that, discovery of G-spot does not mean that it is easy to find. Most of the men and women were not successful in finding it out even after great efforts.

According to the research, it is located near the lower distal of a women. It is placed in the 1/3rd way to vagina of a woman. Women can get it at the belly button side when she is lying down with her back on bed. If you really want to feel it, you need to insert finger in your vagina and create a motion of “come hither.” Women who have felt it told that, G spot is a small object within the rubber like spongy area in your Vagina passage. For some women, stimulating the G spot can cause a tendency of urination. Sometimes the consistency of the area can be compared with to the tip of an individual’s nose. Even if a woman would feel the stimulation of G-Spot as a part of urination but gradually they will find a passage and sexual pleasure can be felt.

Women must not get G- spot orgasm confused with clitoral orgasm. The latter is a part that is placed outside the vagina. Some women might get both clitoral orgasm as well as G-spot orgasm at the same time. This process of getting two orgasms together is known as blended orgasm. When a couple try some erotic position such as man from behind, this can simulate G spot. But this activity can also stimulate the clitoris manually which results to blended orgasm.

Women get great pleasure when there is a blended orgasm. Some women find it really hard when they are in a state of judging their body. If you are still not aware of G spot exploration, it means that you are missing something very attractive and wonderful in your sexual life.

What is the purpose of the G-spot?

Most people feel that the purpose of the G spot is just to arouse sexual pleasure, but experts have revealed in their studies that G spot is helpful in the birth of the child. They believe that when the G spot is aroused the pain threshold ofchildbirth increases

Does the G-spot give guaranteeorgasm?

The G spot does not guarantee orgasm but when the stimulation in the G spot works there are greater chances of attaining orgasm.

How to locate the G spot?

  • The G spot can be located by inserting the middle finger in the vagina and taking it upwards. Then pull it outwards with a crooked finger, There is slightly rough spot which is the G spot. Touching or rubbing will promote excitement and arouse sexual pleasure.
  • The G spot can also be found by kissing and caressing. Lubrication adds to the excitement, the production of which varies from one woman to the other. It internal lubrication is not possible water or other lubricant can be used to remove the dryness of the vagina.
  • The location of the G-Spot varies slightly from woman to woman. As mentioned above it is located about two inches upwards from the opening of the vagina. The upward movement of the hand will specify the correct position where the area is slightly rough.
  • The best position to locate the G spot is to make the woman lying on her stomach with herhips raised. The partner can apply slight pressure on the upper wall of the vagina and press it downwards.
  • The G spot can also be located with the woman lying on her back. Two fingers can be inserted curved upwards and then pressed upwards to seek the desired area.