Exercises for Men to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast

Exercises for Men to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast

Let’s be clear and pop that bubble, you cannot ‘spot-reduce’, or lose fat off of a certain area of the body. Instead, you must concentrate on shedding those extra kilos altogether.

There are, however, certain workouts that focus on strengthening the back area more than the others:

Exercises to get rid of upper back fat

1. Pull-ups

  • Classic pull-ups: Keep your palms facing away from you when you grip the bar. The distance between the two gripping points should be a little bit more than your shoulder-width. Now pull yourself up till your chin crosses the bar, hold for 3 seconds, and come back down slowly. Repeat 10 times.

Pullup Photos

  • Chin-ups: Just reverse the grip, so the palms face towards you. Bear in mind, chin-ups work on your biceps more than they do on the back, so you are going to need more reps to achieve similar results to that of pull-ups. Go for 20 reps.

Chin Ups Images

2. One-armed dumbbell row

This is one of the best exercises to reduce fat around the upper back region. Take a 4-6 kg dumbbell in one hand, bend your knees slightly and push your hips out a little. Keep the other hand on a bench or any flat surface for support. Now, while sucking in your torso, lift the dumbbell straight up towards your chest, with the elbow pointing towards the ceiling. Make sure the abdominal muscles and shoulder blades are engaged when you are pulling the weight up.

One Armed Dumbbell Row Pictures

3. Seated rows

Unless you have a rowing machine at home, you will need to go to a gym for this one.

Tuck yourself comfortably in the seat of the machine, with your feet on the platform and your knees bent. Take the handle and pull it towards your torso, making sure you are using your back to pull, and your elbows are going as far back as possible. Do it at a slow and controlled pace to get the most advantage.

Seated Rows Picture


4. TYI

It is named such because your form resembles the letters ‘T’, ‘I’ and ‘Y’ during the course of the exercise.

Lie on the ground belly down, with your hands by your side and a 2kg dumbbell in each. Now lift your upper body off the ground slightly, before starting to move your weighted hands upwards, till you form the letter ‘T’. Hold this position for a 5 count, and then move the hands further up until you form the letter ‘Y’, again, hold for another 5 count before you start moving the hands up, until you from the letter ‘I’. Make sure that the dumbbells touch each other when you hold the ‘I’ posture for the 5 count. Repeat 15 times to get the best results for your rear deltoids.

5. Renegade rows

Start in a plank position, holding a 2kg dumbbell in each hand, not spaced more than shoulder width, otherwise you may defeat the purpose of the workout. Now lift one hand, dumbbell et al, straight up, elbows pointing towards the ceiling all the way. Once the hand has been lifted to its limit, slowly bring it down. Do the same with the other hand. This routine does wonders for your upper back and deltoids.
Renegade Rows Image

6. Planks with one arm raised

Again, start from a straight-armed plank position, feet spaced at hip width. From this position, lift one hand up towards the side, up to shoulder height. Keep the hips as fixed as possible, and suck in your belly towards your spine. Alternate between the two hands with 15 reps each.
Plank with One Arm Raised Image


Exercises to lose lower back fat

1. Push-ups

While you may think this exercise only works your arms and chest, it is effective for the lower back as well.

Start in a plank position, lift yourself up with the help of the biceps like it is normally done. When you are back at the lower end of the move, hold for 5 seconds, before you lift yourself up again. Do 20 reps.

Push Ups Photo

2. Plank with hip twists

It is one of the best workouts, not only for lower back fat loss, but also for any pain in that region.

Get in an elbowed plank position, get yourself well steadied, and start rolling the hips on either side. When you roll the hip to the right, lift your left elbow up to assist you with the roll, and vice versa with the other side. Do 20 reps on either side.

Pictures of Plank with Hip Twists

For beginners, it is better to do this routine while being on the elbows and knees; this way it is easier to maintain balance when rotating the hips.

3. Superman

Lay belly down, with the hands stretched overhead. Now lift the arms, legs and head straight off the ground (or mat), you will notice a stretch along the lower back and abdominal muscles. Hold the posture for 10 seconds, while breathing normally. This is a good one to get rid of love handles as well.
Images of Superman

4. Bridge exercise with knee lift

Lie down on your back with the knees bent and the arms by your side. Now lift your hip and lower back straight up, holding this position for 5 seconds. Now, lift one foot off of the ground and pull the knee straight towards your chest without letting the hips touch the surface, before slowly bringing the foot down to the ground. Repeat with the other foot.
Photos Bridge Exercise with Knee Lift

This is one of the most potent workouts for lower back fat as it directly brings into action the most important muscles in that region, the spinal erectors. However, stop immediately in case you feel pain in the lower back at any point while doing this routine.

5. Jumping rope

One of the most inexpensive and fun ways to address lower back fat is by using jumping ropes. Get a rope that fits you well, keep the elbows by your side, and use the forearms and wrists to work that rope.

A half hour with the jumping rope can ensure that the fat, not only in the lower back area, but all over your body will be worked and burned, as this also doubles as a great cardio exercise.

Jumping Rope Picture

More workouts to burn fat and not gain back

  1. Cardiovascular exercises – The best way to keep the back fat, or any fat, from returning is to embark on a cardio routine for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. Jogging, running, swimming, dancing, and the aforementioned jump-roping are all activities that you can do.
  2. Weight training – Do weight training, either at home or at the gym, to strengthen the muscles around the back and sides. This will deter the fat from recurring.

Now that you have been given all the pointers you need to get yourself a lean back, you must also keep in mind that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, and neither are you going to get rid of those fatty areas in a week or two. It should take dedication on your part if you want to transform the flab into fab.


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