Erectile Dysfunction: check some remedies for impotence

Erectile Dysfunction: check some remedies for impotence


Healthy sexual life is possible if both male and female partner can perform well in bedroom. But, many men face difficulties in performing sexual activities due to erectile dysfunction.  Some men get tensed due to this situation.  But, researchers have found many ways to overcome this situation. In other words sexual dysfunction in a male personality due to problem of erection can also be known as impotence. They are not capable to hold the orgasm for a long time. Even the female partner gets irritated due to such situation. Treatment for such dysfunction in a male personality is through Cialis and Viagra.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Erection in male organ involves a complex process where nerves, brain and hormones merge together. If malfunction takes place within any part of the chain, erectile dysfunction can occur. You can now find variety of reasons behind the cause of sexual dysfunction in a male personality. Some of the causes are:

  • Troubles in relationship
  • Depression
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol intake
  • Stress
  • Feeling of low self esteem
  • Effect of prostate surgery effecting damage to nerves
  • Thyroid
  • Problem of circulation due to high blood pressure
  • Some neurological conditions such as damaged to spinal cord, multiple sclerosis etc
  • Heart related diseases
  • Low hormone testosterone
  • Diabetes

Options to treat patient suffering from erectile dysfunction

Today, internet has created ease in finding any information about diseases as well as treatment procedure. The medical conditions can be brought under control with variety of treatment procedure. Using Viagra is quite a common way of treatment procedure for a person willing to get a healthy sexual life.

You can also try out many other ways personally which can help your partner to overcome this situation. You must start communication in the bedroom with your partner with enough relaxation. Both of you can know about the expectations of each other under the closed door.

Common and effective procedure to overcome erectile dysfunction

  • Seeking therapy

There are situations when an individual needs to speak to someone else rather than his partner regarding the emotional issues during sexual activities. A professional therapist dealing with such emotional and psychological issues can give you a solution.

  • Healthy habits

People suffering from various health problems are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. You can change your lifestyle with some healthy food and healthy habits. Regular exercise, morning walk and consumption of green vegetables are beneficial.

  • Medical help

Medication is the ultimate way of seeking treatment through erectile dysfunction. Some treatment procedures approved by US food and drug administrations are Levitra (vardenafil), Sildenafil (Viagra), and tadalafil (Cialis).

  • Speaking to partner

It is very important to speak to your partner when you are alone in the bedroom. There can be situations where any one of the partner is nervous or anxious about sex. You partner might have unrealistic expectations from you. You must realize and sort out the root issues with your partner.

You should not ignore that problem as this can cause serious problem in your married life in the long run. You must go through the treatment procedure immediately.

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection that is firm enough for sex. In a review it has been found that ED affects over 30 million men worldwide. Most men face this problem from time to time but if it persists more than half of the time then ED is present. In some men ED becomes regular and becomes more bothersome problem. ED may also affect the quality of an intimate relationship or a healthy marriage. It also causes low self esteem, stress, and depression and performance anxiety.

Causes and Diagnosis of ED

The main cause of ED is low blood flow or harm to the nerves in the male genital parts. Other than this there are physical and emotional causes too.

Physical causes or risk factors of ED

Unhealthy habits, age over 50, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, obesity, penis cannot store blood during the process of an erection, nerve signals from the spinal cord or brain do not reach the genital organ are few of the risk factors. Experts say that growing old is not the cause of ED but it could be a sign of a more serious health issue.

Emotional causes

For a human being to have a healthy sexual relationship both mind and the body should work together. Some of the emotional issues are conflict between partners, anxiety or worry about sexual performance, depression due to various factors and stress at home or work.

Diagnosis of ED

During the diagnosis process the doctor asks certain question to the patients about their erection problem or general health. Sometimes they may also ask question about the understanding between partners and lifestyle. If necessary the health care provider may also order lab tests or do a physical exam. These questions are asked by the health care provider so that it will be easy to treat the patient by finding the cause.

Remedies or treatment for ED

There are many remedies for ED but it mainly depends on knowing the factor that causes the problem. Let us look into some of the remedies.

Dietary supplements

Also known as herbal remedies are being used by some of the people but it is not proven to be safe or effective. It is always advisableconsulting a health care provider before taking any herbal drugs or supplements to treat ED.

Testosterone replacement therapy

During a lab test if the result shows low testosterone level (low T), Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) may help.

Other treatments and surgeries

Some of the safe and best known treatments for ED are Oral Drugs, Drugs in the Penis, Surgery and Vacuum Erection Device. Surgeries are done to repair arteries and it reduces the dysfunction caused by obstructions. This surgery is done for men whose arteries are blocked due to fracture in the pelvic area or physical injury in the pelvis. In older men the surgery is less successful.

Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Treating ED with medications may not be the only option but there are some exercises that helps overcome the embarrassing problem. Though the most commonly seen method is medicines it may not be successful all the time. A recent study from The University of the West, in the U.K. has found that pelvic exercises are one of the best solutions for ED. This exercise helped over 45 percent of men affected with ED regains normal erectile function. Another 35 percent men have improved erectile function significantly. A recent study shows that pelvic muscle exercise may be helpful for treating other pelvic health related issues apart for ED. Let us look into some of the exercises that helps treat ED.

Pelvic exercises or kegel exercises

Pelvic floor exercise most commonly known as Kegel exercises helps in improving the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. There is an important muscle called as bulbocavernosus muscle which performs three inevitable functions. This muscle pumps during ejaculation, it helps to empty the urethra after urination and helps to engorge with blood during the erection process.Kegelexercise strengthens this muscle and benefits all men.

Aerobic exercise

The American Journal of Cardiology published a study which indicates that ED can be improved by aerobic exercises. Another way to combat the worrying ED is by working muscles beyond the pelvic cavity. Aerobic exercises improve ED by improving the overall health in the human body. So it is advisable to add aerobic exercises in daily routine as it helps prevent diabetes, cholesterol, vascular disease and so on.

The great first step in confronting ED is these two exercises. Experts say that ED might be an early sign of heart related diseases. So it is highly important to treat ED once it is been diagnosed. These exercises prevent patients from taking oral drugs. Most of the times oral medications may not be safe for heart patients and it may also cause other nasty side effects.

Massage therapy for ED

The overall health of any human being can be improved by the change in lifestyle. Before this modern treatments came to light men in the olden days relied on massage to cure ED. Prostatic massage was the primary treatment for ED before the introduction of medicines and surgeries. Studies show that men who does prostate massage for ED have shown gradual improvement as it clears the prostatic colon. Massage eliminates blocked fluids and reduces infections. But it is considered only as an alternative option and is practiced in addition to other form of medications.

Psychological therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological therapy can be used if the dysfunction is due to psychological disorder. Experts treat psychological impotence by special techniques which reduce worries or anxiety related intercourse. The patient’s partner applies these techniques at home which include gradual development of stimulation and intimacy. It also helps reduce anxiety and other emotional stress caused at work or at home. A patient is referred to a counselor only if these simple behavioral methods are of no use.

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