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Embarrassing body problems and issues faced by men

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Every active guy faces some problem or another. However, they are so embarrassed about them that they would not even talk to the bros they meet at their favourite bar about them. That is why listed are some embarrassing body problems and issues faced by men, which will help them by letting them know that they are not alone.

Having one or two body problems is usually common to most of the men but if you are carrying a set of body problems it will damage your charisma and pep out your identity in a negative way. So, check out with which problem you are been embarrassed into and try not to happen for the next time.

Back hair

Back hair may visit by the mid-20s, it varies with person to person. Some may notice barely, at few areas or some may get it in fuller. A laser hair removal can easily pull you out from the well of hair and it claims you that there is no recurrence of the hair. Simple method s of waxing, razors and hair removal creams also works in wiping out the hair.


By the 30’s many men develop beer belly and many of them gain weight especially at the waist. The increase in the belly fat may also calls for the health problems like heart diseases. So, motivate yourself to tune with a perfect diet, infact, belly fat goes off fast in comparison to the other body fats in the dieting process.

Too much sweating

Men sweat more than women, but often sweating heavily and wiping it out all the times spoils your moments. If you observe heavy sweating at armpits, soles of the feet and palms then get check by doctor, because there are chances for hyperhidrosis- a condition where a person sweat heavy to the normal. Experts states, the problem arises due to emotional imbalances and heat.

Eye brows

The hormones which help to pop out the hair as beard also grows your eye brows hair. Thick eye brows gives a good look but too much thickness and meeting the eye brows in the center most probably damage your looks. So, get treated by the method of electrolysis – Involves with small electric shocks to remove the hair.  Waxing is also a popular method to root out the shape damaging hair.


Rosacea, a skin condition that makes the face damage. It likely trigger pimples, red tiny lines on the cheeks and makes the nose thick and red. Consumption of alcohol worse the condition and leads to flare up. Medication according to the prescriptions of doctor works well.

Back moving hair line

More and more men face the problem of receding hair line, it triggers by the age of around 35 and gradually gives rise for small bald patches on the top of the hair scalp. Hair restoration surgery can do up to the mark, believing in the local creams and products may damage the remaining hair. So, beware while using them.


A harmless disturbing activity that irks your partner’s sleep snoring could be your worst enemy to fight with. It reduces the quality of your sleep and it also represents a sign of sleeping problem ‘sleep apnea’. Being with heavy weight is one of the big reason prompting for snoring. So, work out regularly to calm down the problem and sound.

Colour blindness

Suffering from this condition does not always mean that you would be seeing the world in black and white. The most common form makes it hard for the men suffering from this condition to tell green from red. This is one condition that affects at least 13 million Indian men. Colour blindness occurs lesser in women due to the way in which it is inherited. There is absolutely no treatment for this condition. However, you can always learn to work your way around the colour confusion.


Belching is an extremely embarrassing problem, even though it might show how much you have appreciated the quality of the meal you have been served with. Even though you are allowed to burp a few times, belching beyond that is a sign of a digestive disorder, especially if it is accompanied by belly ache or nausea. It is recommended that you check with your physician if this problem occurs continuously.


Passing gas is not as harmful as many people think it is. It is the source of inspiration for many jokes and is also an embarrassing problem faced by most men. Beans, soda, beer, etc. can cause this problem. The foods that cause gas vary from one person to another.

Body odour

If you are the type that is active all day, it can result in body odour. The truth is that the sweat itself is not the culprit but the bacteria that feeds on the dirt on your body. In order to combat this problem, make sure you wash your workout clothes and the other clothes often. You should also use an antiperspirant and a good soap to fight body odour. If the problem persists, avoid foods that contain onions and garlic.

Jock itch

Jock itch is not uncommon among men these days. The fungal infection can either spread from another part of your own body or from your local gym. Stepping into your underwear, hands, and towels are some of the most common culprits that cause jock itch. The symptoms include a rash that looks like a patch that occurs either on the inner thighs or groin and is usually accompanied by tell-tale itching. It is usually treated with antifungal creams that can be purchased from pharmacists without a prescription. Avoid wearing tight clothes and keep the area dry so that you will not have another episode of jock itching.

Athlete’s foot

When the fungus that is responsible for the jock itch reaches the feet, it is known as athlete’s foot. When you walk barefoot near your swimming pool or locker area, it is easy to pick up this infection. Some of the symptoms of this condition include burning, itching, cracks or blisters on the toes and feet. The condition is treated using non-prescription antifungal cream. If you are suffering from both athlete’s foot as well as jock itch, make sure that you treat them simultaneously.

Ingrown nails

Even though grooming your nails may not be a part of your everyday programme, it will be worth your time when you get the job done just in time. The problem of ingrown nails is usually the result of clumsy nail trimming, especially when you trim the nails way too short. If you would like to avoid this, get a good nail trimmer that is shaped such that it follows the natural curve of your nail.

Bad breath

You are probably already aware that smoking and smelly foods can sabotage your breath. When you clean your tongue and teeth properly, it will automatically destroy the bacteria that thrive in your mouth. See your doctor or dentist if you are unable to sweeten your breath even after following hygienic practices. Dry mouth, gum disease or acid reflux could be the cause of this problem in such cases.

Sexual dysfunction

Are you unable to discuss your sexual problems with others? You are not alone. It could be something as embarrassing as premature ejaculation, a sagging libido or even an erectile dysfunction.Risk factors for erectile dysfunction include heart disease, diabetes, smoking, neurological conditions, and some medications. If you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction, you should talk to your physician or doctor, who can make some recommendations after evaluating your condition.

Hearing loss

Men face this problem more often than women since they are involved in jobs, where the noise levels are quite high. Think carpenters, soldiers, and miners. If you are facing this problem, you should consider using special protection for your ears while at work. Keep your music players at or below 84 decibels.

Enlarged prostate

When men age, not only does their hair become grey but their prostate gland also gets enlarged. The medical term for this is BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition may make you feel like urinating more often since the enlarged prostate gland squeezes the urethra. There are medications and strategies to help reduce the symptoms.

Stretch marks

Did you know that men are not exempt from stretch marks? You have likely seen these blemishes at the gym and wondered what they really are. When some men try a new lifting regimen at their gym and continue doing it for a few months, it results in stretch marks. You can always get laser treatments and apply creams on the stretch marks to get rid of them.


Gynecomastia or man boobs could be the result of the excessive consumption of steroids in males. In some cases, it is the result of tap water and food containing oestrogen since it is being added more than ever before. You can avoid this problem by eating healthy and exercising.