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What is the effect of low testosterone in men’s health?

What is the effect of low testosterone in men's health?

An essential hormone that is required for male development and is particularly found in testicles of male can be termed as known as testosterone.  This is really essential for the sex drive as well as sperm production of an individual. If there is a low level of testosterone in male personality, it will probably influence the fat distribution pattern of a male personality. It also affects the production of red blood cell as well as bone density. If an individual have lack of testosterone production, it can be probably lead to decreased production of testes.  This can be known as hypogonadism and can be treated accordingly.

Effects of low testosterone in men

Disruption in sexual function

A happy married life will be incomplete without sexual relationship. Love making is a vital part of a married life which needs to be balanced between a male and a female. If the male personality have decline in testosterone level, the female partner will be in a great trouble. The sexual desire in a female will be highly disrupted when her partner have low sex drive.

Fewer erections

While carrying on with sexual activities, erection of male penis plays an important role. Intercourse will never be completed without proper erection.  The female partner does not get excited if the male partner has erectile dysfunction. This is also due to the decrease in testosterone level of an individual. Sexual performance of the couple is highly affected due to low level of testosterone in a male personality.

Health problems

Several health problems are faced by individual suffering from low level of testosterone.  Some of the health problems include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Abdominal fat
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced strength in muscle
  • Chronic fatigue

Treatment options

It is now possible to get variety of treatment options for individuals suffering from low level of testosterone. You can find variety of facts as per the urology foundation.  It is now possible to go ahead with testosterone replacement therapy with a skin gel. Another way of replacement is through injection. You can also avail the oral inserts options.  If you compare the popularity of each option, gel therapy will be the best. There is a special way of applying the gel. You can apply it just in the upper arm as well as the shoulder just after completion of the shower.

If you wish to go ahead with testosterone replacement therapy, you must understand that this is a lifelong treatment procedure. You must consider the advice of health care professional and then go for the treatment process. If you are not having a good health, this therapy will not be advisable for you. It is important for you to remain really fit and fine in order to get a testosterone replacement program. Proper diagnosis and checking will be required before prescribing a particular type of treatment process. You can speak to your female partner and decide about the particular therapy for particular period of time.