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Effects of smoking on health

Taking a puff once in a while every day will only harm nearly every organ of your body – from the hair on your head to the toe on your feet. Some of these harmful effects take place as soon as you finish smoking that single cigarette butt. The moment you quit smoking, you may experience a few side effects since they are only withdrawal symptoms and nothing else. Otherwise, smoking is harmful for the health. Here are some of the effects of smoking on the health of a person.

Who don’t know that tag line of a cigarette advertisement, from kids to adults every one know that cigarette smoking can take the life of a person. But the fact is that, though the person got advised by the doctor, his dear ones or television adds he feels like it’s a big addiction well from where he can’t chase out.

Here are some common views why a person couldn’t stop his smoking habit.

  • The person who has been smoking since years may find himself lazy or dull if he didn’t cross his routine line of smoking in the morning.
  •  He may feel like relaxed when he smoke in the tensing moments.
  •  Some people says, it decreases tiredness and gives pretty relaxation.
  •  You might heard some words like ” I don’t smoke heavy, that it will kill me.”
  •  Please don’t address about what i know – what happen to the people who have been smoking since their college times and still surviving healthy at this age.
  •  It is the only addiction that i have, i don’t even drink alcohols.

It will be a never ending chapter if we add some more reasons to their addiction. In reality there are people who can’t quit their smoking habit which was started like a showoff before their friends.

You might think that it’s unstoppable action after trying for a day or two. But when you try with the will and power there wouldn’t be any word of impossible in your life. Try to the peak and leave the hazardous addiction of smoking which causes several health problems.

Some of the health problems are listed below

What kind of problems does smoking cause?

Cigarette smoking cause lung cancer

It is a much known fact that cigarette smoking leads to the risk of lung, mouth and other types of cancers. If the problem is detected in the inherent stage then there are chances to overcome but it was noticed in the last stage it causes death. Smoking results for the blood pressure, the body will get less air by the deposit of strains in the veins.

Hearing loss

Did you know that smoking could result in hearing loss? If not, then understand this – smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the cochlea, which is a snail shaped, inner organ of the ear. Smoking may result in mild to moderate damage to the cochlea or even in permanent damage to the ear.

Night vision and blindness

Smoking can threaten your vision by causing physical changes in your eyesight. The nicotine present in cigarettes can restrict the production of those chemicals that are necessary for you to be able to see at night. Also, smoking increases the chances of developing macular degeneration and cataracts, both of which can lead to blindness.

Oral problems

Smoking takes a toll on your oral health. Gum disease, ulcers, sores, and other oral problems affect smokers more than non-smokers. You are more likely to suffer from oral cavities and may lose most of your teeth at an early age.

Smoker’s face

Your skin is likely to lose all its hydration and elasticity. This will lead to stretch marks and wrinkles on the face sooner than you should be getting them. Your skin tone is also likely to become greyish and dull. Your face will be full of wrinkles by your early 30s when you begin smoking at an early age.

Sticky blood

When you smoke, your blood becomes sticky and thick. The stickier your blood becomes, the harder your heart must work to make it circulate around the body. This will make your blood clot more often and block your blood flow to the brain, legs, and the heart. Sticky blood will also damage the delicate linings of your blood vessels over time. This can increase your chances of getting a stroke or heart attack.

Scarred lung

The tissues of your lungs and the small airways in your body become inflamed when you smoke regularly. This may cause you to wheeze since your chest would become tight. Continued inflammation would result in the build-up of scar tissues. This leads to physical changes to your airways and lungs that can make it difficult for you to breathe. This could further result in chronic coughs.


Tiny brush-like hairs are the elements that line your airways. The cilia sweep out dirt and mucus so that your lungs remain clear all the time. Smoking can temporarily paralyse or even kill the cilia. This makes you susceptible to lung infections. Smokers get more respiratory infections and colds than non-smokers.

Erectile dysfunction

Smoking keeps you from getting an erection during sexual intercourse. Toxins from cigarettes damage the genetic material that forms your sperms. This can even cause genetic defects in your children.

Takes longer to heal

Minerals, nutrients, and oxygen are all supplied to the tissues in your body through the blood stream. Nicotine makes the blood stream thinner by tightening your blood vessels. This decreases the amount of nutrients that are supplied to the body when you are wounded, making it take longer for you to heal. When wounds heal slowly, it can result in infections and you may have to undergo painful surgeries.

More broken bones

The natural cycle of the health of your bones gets disrupted when you smoke regularly. Your body will be unable to form a new bone tissue. Moreover, the existing bone tissue breaks down rapidly. Over time, it leads to thinner bone tissues that result in a loss of bone density. This makes the bones weaker and they end up becoming brittle. Compared to non-smokers, smokers have a higher risk of bone fractures since their bones take much longer to heal.

Yellowing of the skin

When you smoke regularly, the skin begins to turn yellowish in colour. Your skin will become permanently discoloured. The discolouration can even cling on to non-smokers, who are standing next to smokers. So, avoid smoking in public.

Bad breath

It is called the smoker’s breath. Your breath will start smelling bad when you smoke regularly and turn off the people in your life. If your breath starts smelling bad, your confidence levels will also be automatically affected.


Smoking regularly can cause Type 2 diabetes since it affects the insulin levels in the body. You are more likely to develop resistance to insulin. You will end up developing complications faster than non-smokers if you smoke every day.

Depresses your appetite

Smoking can serve as an appetite depressant. You will end up not getting all those nutrients that your body needs. On the other hand, withdrawal from smoking will cause you to feel like nauseating.

Loss of some senses

You will end up losing your sense of taste and smell when you smoke. You will neither be able to appreciate good fragrances nor the taste of food as you did before you began to smoke.

Inability to handle stress

Once you start smoking, you will not be able to handle stress on your own without taking a puff. You will be unable to cope with certain situations without going out for a smoke regularly.

Changes the shape of your fingers

Smoking can make your fingers end up looking bony and odd. In fact, you will develop wrinkles on your fingers faster than anyone else in your family. Moreover, your fingernails will look discoloured and stained. The skin on your fingers will begin to sag and these will make you look much older than you actually are.However, the good news is that these stains usually fade once you quit smoking.

It is an addiction

Smoking on every day addicts the person to it, they may differ in such a way that they can’t even control them-self if he/she didn’t get a cigarette.

Affect on pregnant women

In some cases, the death of infant is due to the smoking habit by the mother. There are serious effects on the infant when pregnant women do smoke, in some conditions the infant may die suddenly or it causes the problem of low birth weight.

Some serious problems due to cigarette smoking

  • The nicotine and carbon monoxide mixture present in the cigarette leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Carbon monoxide is harmful to brain, boy tissue of oxygen, muscles, makes the body and mostly heart to work hard.
  • Results for the storage of fat in the body, which subsequently leads to heart attack.
  • Getting bronchitis again and again due to emphysema