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How female hormones effect the men?

How female hormones effect the men?

Peculiar type of steroid hormone readily produced by the ovaries in women and is also available in male personalities in small amount is known as Estrogen. Function of estrogen includes signaling to the tissue that contains the cells which produces the receptor of estrogen. The protein also binds the circulating estrogen which would start activating and signaling with the cell.  Estrogen is found more in women than that of a man. If men receive more of female hormones, the affect will be quite peculiar.

Effect of female hormones on men


This is the name given to the effect of estrogen on male body. Male in such situation would include more of estrogen exactly the way a female gets. As a result, they will turn up with abnormal growth of breast. Like females, men also have breast tissue but in glandular tissue form. This tissue never develops like the female breast tissue. Thus, we can differentiate between a male as well as female. There will be response of small amount of glandular tissue which will circulate with estrogen with a growth. If men develop high estrogen in breast cells, there will be a tendency of division along with growth of breast just like a female personality.

Prostate cancer

Another negative effect of female hormone is men are known as prostate cancer. Prostate is generally a small gland placed in the rectum which is also known as one among the male reproductive organ. The fluid released from the prostate helps in ejaculating in a sexual intercourse. Even the cells present within the prostate have a great response to the circulating hormone. Male personalities with prolonged exposure to the estrogen can give rise to the risk of prostate cancer.

According to one of the studies published in the journal of the occupational as well as environmental medicine, level of perfect environmnetal estrogen is realized along with or without the prostate cancer. The chemical for the men with prostate cancer will get quite high amount of estrogen. Decreased in inflammation of prostate cancer can be developed with the promotion of natural estrogen. This can also be related to prostate cell proliferation.


Low semen production is another defect viewed in many men personalities. The low sperm count has a risk of infertility even when it is inserted in the vagina. According to the recent study, the evidence that the butterflies, rats as well as moths secretion temps the opposite sex. Same is the case with the human being. The change of women hormonal level can also be affected in the due course. If the men develop hormones just like women, he may gain some of the features of women. During the intercourse after the marriage, the couple will not be effectively satisfied with the love making procedure. Sniffing as well as identified compound of male induces the change in women hormonal level. Today, there are many different ways through which infertility of a male as well as female can be stopped. You can apply any of the techniques.