How to avoid sleepiness while working

How to avoid sleepiness while working

How to avoid sleepiness while working

Today work load can be a serious problem when it comes to our sleep cycle. Staying up late is no longer a choice, it is a compulsion. Even if our work load forces us to have sleepless nights, our bodies tend to start shutting down after a point of time. But we might have to ignore our body’s needs at times. There are ways by which you can stay up till your body burns out or runs out of energy to stay up. Though it is highly unadvisable, there are ways by which you can avoid sleeping during work.

Stay up for work

When you have work piled on your desk you might not need it be late night to feel sleepy. Your brain tends to shut down when faced with excessive stress. Here are a few ways by which you can stay up during work:

  • When you feel drowsy a splash of cold water can be just what you need. Just like the gadgets we use our brain can over heat under a heavy work load. Washing your face with some cold water can make your brain alert, it can even be reliving for minor headaches. The colder the water the more alert your brain gets after a splash.
  • Apart from splashing cold water you can resort to frozen water. Chewing an ice cube is sure to keep your brain alert. The sharp sensation that ice provides is enough to make your brain work over time to help you cope with the cold. So a brain freeze might be all it takes to help you get through work.
  • Your brain might be tired because of the lack of oxygen. If you see that you are yawning often then you might need to fill your lungs with more oxygen. Try simple breathing exercises or take a short stroll in the fresh air outside your office.
  • Breathing exercises are not the only kind of exercise that can help you stay up. Simple stretches can get the blood flowing through your body and can help you stay awake. If your office has a gym then you can work up a sweat to ensure that you stay alert for work.
  • Brain exercises are also good. You can take simple online quizzes to increase brain activity. Once your brain is alert it remains so for a long period of time.
  • If you have to do some boring task then you might feel sleepy even without being tired. You can get yourself interested in the work by researching on the topic.
  • Even if researching the topic is boring enough to put yourself to sleep try to keep your mind off of your drowsy state. Distraction is the secret behind staying up for a long span of time.
  • Music can be a soothing way of staying up. Do not listen to sad slow songs. Put on some party tracks or some heavy metal tracks and feel the energy flowing from your headphone to your body.

Best solution

If you see that all the above mentioned tips fail to keep you awake and alert, then it is good to give into your brain’s demands. Most offices allow power naps for their employees. In fact, in Japan sleeping on the job is a sign that the employee has given all the energy he has to work. So, a power nap is the best way to avoid sleepiness during work.

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