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Easy to Follow Tips on How to Prevent a Hangover

It is a weekend, and all you party lovers have boozed like anything. The drinks just poured in like a seamless river, and you have plunged into it like there is no tomorrow enjoying yourself to the max. But after everything is over, and you have partied hard, you are now struck by a terrible hangover that is taking a heavy toll on you. Everything around you feels so fuzzy that you are not able to get a grip on yourself. This is quite a pathetic situation, isn’t it?

What To Do for a Hangover

What to Do For a Hangover

Hangover Nausea

How to Avoid a Hangover

Before you look for ways on how to prevent or cure a hangover, you need to know what is knocking you out that you are not able to get up on your feet properly after drinking. There are a couple of symptoms that indicate that your alcohol has literally gulped you down badly.

  • Headaches
  • Thirst
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Disrupted sleep

The rule of thumb is that you need to know where to draw the line of your alcohol intake. Excessive drinking is always an open invitation for bad hangovers. So the best part will be to keep your booze intake moderate.

How To Prevent a Hangover

Best Hangover Cure

Man With Headache And Hangover In Bed With Tablets

The thing is that you must enjoy your drink rather than repent for it later with a gruesome hangover.

  • The best way to prevent a hangover is to bite on some fatty foods before you sip on your favorite drink. It shall help the body to absorb the alcohol and save you from the trouble of an annoying hangover.
  • Do not try to experiment with different types of drink as it will be a recipe for disaster. To avoid a hangover, you need to stick to one drink.
  • You need to increase your water intake a lot since alcohol tends to dehydrate the body hence keep that in mind.
  • The best part will be to nibble on some food item while having the drinks as taking the alcohol in empty stomach will slingshot you towards hangover. Do not booze in empty stomach.
  • Taking a spoonful olive oil is another neat way to prevent a hangover. The healthy fat in olive oil sticks to the lining of your stomach thereby restricting the absorption of alcohol into the system.
  • Pickle juice is also an effective remedy for a hangover since it contains salt that will help restore your body’s electrolytic balance after heavy boozing.
  • Milk thistle, a medicinal herb with antioxidant properties, can be used as a natural remedy for protecting your liver from any kind of damage after drinking heavily. They are available in tablet form too and can be taken without any worries.

Best Vitamins to Prevent Hangover

Stomach Hangover

Nausea from Hangover


You must take vitamin supplements if you suffer from hangover since a lot of vitamins, and other nutrients are burnt out to metabolize the alcohol.

  • The booze itself is responsible for destroying vitamin B which makes way for a dreaded hangover. It also takes the toll on your liver as well.
  • To compensate that or to recover from it, you can take vitamin pills, particularly B6 or B12 or else consume other items containing vitamin B like liver, meat, milk, cheese or other animal products.
  • Banana is an effective food for getting rid of the hangover as it contains the essential ingredient of potassium along with vitamin B6.
  • If your hangover is making you feel sick and you intend to skip the breakfast in the morning, don’t do that as it will worsen the things further.
  • Munch on toasted bread combined with jam, butter or eggs. It will help in soaking up the remaining alcohol, and the eggs will provide the necessary vitamin B supply to rejuvenate the body.

What to Drink to Prevent Hangover

Best Thing for Hangover

Foods to Help Hangover

Milk for Hangover

Some food and drink items can bring relief to the agony of the hangover and get rid of it. Due to frequent urination after drinks, the body loses a considerable amount of it.

  • In case you are wondering what to drink after a hangover, you can have green tea or some sports drink. Most of the sports drinks contain fluid balancing electrolytes and sodium which will counter your dehydration issue.
  • For quick hangover cures, you can try the old method of having a cup of coffee which in most of the cases gives you some temporary relief.
  • Green tea is also one of the best drinks to have for preventing hangover, as it is filled with antioxidants properties (catechins) that quicken the liver’s ability to convert fat into energy.
  • Coconut water, being rich in potassium, is another good option since it hydrates the body.
  • Milk, because of its fat and protein content which slows down the absorption of alcohol and prevent hangover issue the next day.

Hangover Prevention Pill

Pills For Hangover

Prevent Hangover Pills

When you are suffering bad hangover with a headache that is feeling like a battering ram, then you can go for hangover medicines to get relief from it.  These medicines work for the lousy hangovers that make you feel like hell. NSAIDs medications like aspirin, ibuprofen are some of the anti-hangover pills you can opt for to pull you out of your misery. You just need to consult the doctor once for the dosage which can vary upon your condition.

So for all the men and women out there who like to drink but are afraid of the hangover blues, then these are some of the best ways to prevent and cure a hangover.