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Why do men get Psoriasis? Know the symptoms and cure of Psoriasis 

Why do men get Psoriasis

You can take to several preventions in case you want to stay away from the recurrence of psoriasis. With psoriasis you can have the worst skin infection. So it is best that you follow the recommended steps in order to stay out of the condition for a longer time span.

Psoriasis is the name given to a skin disease that is associated with inflammation, redness, scaling and swelling. This is the condition when the skin cell grows deep inside the skin and makes an elevation to rise up to the surface. This is a particular process known as cell turnover. The entire process takes around a month’s time to get developed fully. Since the cell rise too quickly and get a pile over the surface, it sometimes can occur in just few days. In most cases, people suffering from Psoriasis get silvery scales, thick patches as well as redness in skin. There are various places where Psoriasis can occur. It includes toe nails, scalp, face, soles of feet, elbows, genital etc.

Why men get Psoriasis?

 There is variety of reasons for men to go through the problem of Psoriasis. A popular type of white blood cell named as T cell that helps protecting body from various infectious diseases. Psoriasis gets into the immune system with this particular blood cell . In this situation, the T cells inside the body of individual will put into the action by mistake. This is the result of swelling as well as fast turnover of skin cells. A peculiar phenomenon about the Psoriasis is the fact that, sometimes skin of the person affected by this disease becomes really beautiful where as in other phase it becomes worse. The worst case scenario would include the effect of medicine, infections, dry weather, stress etc.

If you are willing to get some idea about the signs and symptoms of this disease, you must keep in mind that the symptoms vary from one individual to another.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

  • Pitted, thickened and ridged nails
  • Dry and cracked skin which may lead to bleeding
  • Getting the joints stiff and swollen
  • Silvery scales and red patches over the skin
  • Soreness, burning sensation and itching
  • Very small scaling spots

First of all the scale will occur as the dandruff like variation.  Thereafter with the eruption, large areas are covered. In most variety of Psoriasis, procedures go in cycles. This ranges from weeks, months and even years. There are various types of Psoriasis starting from Plaque psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis to that of Psoriatic arthritis.

Ways of cure

There are different ways of treating the problem of Psoriasis. But, it is important to find out first the type of Psoriasis you are suffering from. The treatment would also depend on the size of disease and its effect on the individual. You must also check about how does the patient react on the particular treatment procedure. Since all types of treatment may not suite everyone, choosing the right treatment process is important.

Some of the treatment procedure are:

Light therapy

This is the treatment process where both artificial as well as natural UV light is used to treat the disease.

Tropical treatment

Here variety of skin ointments are used to reduce inflammation, smoothening skin etc

Combination therapy

This is a combination of topical and light therapy

Systematic treatment

Here you need to take dosage and avail treatments according to doctor’s advice.

To keep the skin moisturized

In order to avoid psoriasis it is important that you keep your skin moisturised. For the same you have to take to the application of various creams, lotions and ointments. In fact, it is extremely important to keep the skin moisturized specifically when the weather remains dry.

Avoid unnecessary skin scrubbing

A skin which is prone to psoriasis should not be severely scrubbed. Unnecessary scrubbing can cause worst skin irritation and this can even lead to other detrimental skin infections and this way the quality of the skin can be severely damaged.

Learning how to get relaxed

In order to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis it is important that you learn the essential relaxation techniques and you should also learn the methods of anti-stressing. A person experiencing psoriasis goes through emotional trauma and so it is important for him to learn the methods of self relaxation.

Smoking can worsen conditions of psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis can become worse once you become addicted to smoking. When you smoke cigarettes and pipes the conditions and symptoms of psoriasis tend to become worse. When you have a prolonged smoking session you are sure to suffer more due to the attack of psoriasis.

Stop taking certain medicines

When suffering from psoriasis it is recommended to avoid certain medications. It is good not to have beta-blockers and this is the medicine prescribed for high blood pressure. Even patients are recommended not to have the intake of lithium and this is the medicine you are recommended to have once you suffer from depression. There are even several antimalarial medicines and these can really aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis.

Avoid psoriasis with general hygiene

When suffering from psoriasis it is essential that you maintain the kind of general hygiene. It is important to stay clean and perfect at the time and this is the reason you are recommended to have daily shower. Once you stay clean it causes cell turnover and it also causes reduction of the chances of development of plaques.

There are more things to take into account in case you have the likelihood of suffering from psoriasis.