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Best and safe family planning methods for men

Best and safe family planning methods for men

For every couple, birth control has become a major issue. You might have heard about variety of birth control procedure for women. But, men hardly have a few among the list. But, the list displayed is quite effective today.

Use condoms

Condoms can be used before going for an intercourse. Female condoms are also available. But, hardly people use those condoms. Within a couple, men always wear the condoms for the birth control.  Wearing condoms is not only safe for the birth control but also restricts all kinds of sexually transmitted disease. Thus, condoms are regarded as one of the best ways of family planning method for men.


It is an operation which is effective to stop the birth completely. Once the male personality go ahead with the operation, the female partner will be totally safe. There can be situations when the couple had 2 children and would like to stop the birth completely. In such a situation Vasectomy operation would be really preferable.  Another effective birth control way for a man is none other than Vasectomy.


It is another way of male birth control procedure where the person carried on with self enforces restraint which will also help in giving pleasure. This is known as abstinence from sex where religious implication is also included.

Fertility awareness

Another method of man for the family planning is fertility awareness method which should be coordinated with their partners. It will be safer for the partner to use the condoms or withdrawal method even if woman is using the birth control method. Sometimes, even if a person gets a particular type of birth control method, there exists the chance of unexpected birth. Thus, it will be safer to carry on with two birth control methods together to make the procedure safer.

According to a group of scientist in Mexico, they have been developing a new birth control method for the men. This is one of the safest birth control methods that do not involve any type of hormone or sterilization. People are still not aware of the fact about whether the particular birth control method will be a capsule, syrup or something else. But the manufacturers have promised the crowd about two facts. The first fact is, the newly invented contraceptive have no side effects at all. The fertility of men will be suspended in a temporary basis. The person can go ahead with birth of a child once again when he really feel like having a child.

Once the particular medicine start working, a new method of hormonal based contraceptive will be established soon. The side effects of the contraceptive include loss of sexual appetite, wild mood swings, acne etc.  Thus, men would be equally contributing in birth control procedure in the society.  Researchers and biologists have also experimented on the birth control mechanism duly addressed by the team of scientists. Now, the birth control responsibility is not just restricted on women, rather the responsibility also falls on the male.