How to treat Osteoporosis in men?

How to treat Osteoporosis in men?

How to treat Osteoporosis in men?

Mortality as well as morbidity in elderly can lead to Osteoporosis. This is normality been a major problem to women. But, in recent days, it has become great problem to many individual male personalities.  According to the recent research, 8 million men in United States have low bone mass which is also known as Osteroporosis.  It is a dangerous disease due to which the skeleton gets weak which leads to breakage of bone. There is rather a significant threat to more than 2 million men in United States. According to the estimate, after the age of 50, more than 6% of men will experience the fracture in hip.  Thus, proper treatment will be really important in this regard.

Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Before you start the treatment, you need to go ahead with the diagnosis of the disease properly. It is important to go ahead with the process of bone density test. The doctor will be in a state to let you know about the amount of bone loss after watching the sign. You must have heard people suffering from back pain.  Informing the doctor about the risk factor will be another important consideration altogether.  Doctor will definitely inform the person about the risk factor. This can also lead to loss of height, sudden back pain and other associate factors.

Treatment options for Osteoporosis men

Today, with the development of medical science, people can easily find variety of treatment option for Osteoporosis. One of the ways of treating Osteoporosis is through bisphosphonates Actonel along with Fosamax. This is a particular drug that helps in decreasing the activity of bone dissolving cells.

You can also use human parathyroid hormone named as Forteo that will help stimulation of the new bone formulation. The dosage will be daily injection till 24 months which will help strengthening of bone tissue as well as bone strength. The risk of other fractures can be accumulated with proper medication and treatment procedure.

Prevention of Osteoporosis

It is important to prevent the root before you start suffering from the disease. If you take expert advice, all people must follow the following step in order to preserve their bone health. Some of the preventive measures include:

  • Ensuring daily calcium intake which is necessary for your age
  • You must avoid smoking and reduce the alcohol intake which will increase the level of physical activity
  • You must also get engaged with the regular weight bearing exercise where bones and muscle work against the gravity. Some of the activities include team sports, start climbing, weight lifting, jogging, walking,
  • Taking adequate amount of Vitamin D is important which is supplied through the sunlight. But, excess of everything is not right. Thus, intake of vitamin D should be between 200 to 600 IU per day.

The physician will take a stand to evaluate your exercise if you are really diagnosed with osteroporosis. He will also determine whether you need to carry on with the exercise program as you have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

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