You are currently viewing Klinefelter’s Syndrome, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Klinefelter’s Syndrome, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Klinefelter's Syndrome, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

In various circumstances, presence of an extra X chromosome is detected in men, which is popularly known as klinefelter’s syndrome.  Majority of the males have 46 chromosomes. This contains all genes in an individual as well as the DNA. People must have heard about the X chromosome as well as Y chromosome. These two chromosomes are responsible to detect whether you will be a boy or a girl. When a fertilized egg is formed, perfect balance of chromosomes in both male and female will be responsible to give birth to a new born baby. Naturally, a girl have two X chromosomes or most commonly known as XX chromosomes. But, you can see a peculiar phenomenon when a baby boy is born with an extra X chromosome. This is popularly known as Klinefelter’s syndrome. Since there is an extra X chromosome, it is popularly known as XXY chromosome.

Symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome

There are also various symptoms of this syndrome. Some of the symptoms are :

  • Sexual problems
  • Abnormality in body proportions such as: increase in leg length, equation of hip size with the shoulder, deformation of hands and legs
  • Problem of infertility
  • Tall height
  • Abnormal growth or hair
  • Less than normal proportion of hair growth
  • Firm tentacles


Proper diagnosis of the deformation will be really important. If you find a new born baby with such symptoms, there is a good chance that he is suffering from Klinefelter’s syndrome. It is important to show the doctor immediately and get the proper remedy of the disease. You can go ahead with the online consultation with the doctors and find out the actual way of treating the deformation.


After the diagnosis, treatment procedure must be followed. There will be variety of treatment procedures as the level of deformation is different. The treatment procedure includes testosterone therapy. There are various benefits of this treatment procedure which includes improvement of mood, growth of body hair, improvement in concentration, improvement in appearance of muscle. People can easily increase their sex drive with the help of the testosterone therapy. Another benefit of the treatment is increase in strength.

There are many men found in the nature who have this syndrome by birth. If they do not go ahead with the proper treatment at an initial stage, their female partner can never become pregnant. If you have the same problem, you must show an infertility specialist. You can also contact a gynecologist in such a situation.

Healthcare provides proper diagnosis

You can now find variety of healthcare facilities that have the potential to provide proper diagnosis of the situation. A small blood sample is taken and sends it to the laboratory. The technicians are involved in viewing the cell of individual under the microscope and find out the extra chromosome which is present in the due course. The test can also be done before the child’s birth. The pregnant woman has to provide the blood sample or the tissue in such a situation.