Diabetes symptoms in men – warning signs of diabetes in men

Diabetes symptoms in men – warning signs of diabetes in men


Some people will say “You are so sweet”. But unfortunate thing is more sweet, I mean more sugar level in your body will also be one of the reason to end your life, so we need to remember that  “Sweet is not only A sweet always”.

More sugar levels in the blood results in Death will be called as “Diabetes”.

Let’s go through what are Diabetes, how it will occur and precautions to be taken to prevent it.

This Diabetes will occur due to High Blood sugar in a person and due to less productivity of Insulin by Pancreas.

Let’s see what are the changes occur if a person effected with this Danger.

There are several symptoms to show something wrong in your body.

Skin problems

If you feel itchiness on your skin is sometimes a symptom of diabetes.


If you are effected with some infections and not able to recover from it soon, atleast try to consult your doctor soon, because this may be due to Diabetes.

Fails in Healing of Cuts and Bruises.

Unfortunately if you have cuts and Bruises on your body and not able to heal for a long time, better to consult doctor, it may be results due to Diabetes.

Nerves get damage

If you have this problem, I mean more sugar levels in your body it may result in damaging nerves, which you can predict by an experience of tingling and/or numbness in your hands and feet.

Frequent urination

Do you notice that you spend your most of time going to toilet and to urinate more often? This may be due to less insulin or no insulin content, symptom of Diabetes.

Feeling more thirst and drinking more water

Due to more urination your body will need more water content, so you will fell more thirst which may be a sign for this problem.

More hunger-put on more weight

Due to insulin problem you will feel more hunger and eat a lot which results in gain more weight.

Irritation factor

Due to this you may feel more irritation.

Dry mouth

Your mouth will become more dry though your intake water content is more than enough.

Damage your body

Over time, high sugar levels in the blood may damage the nerves and small blood vessels of the eyes, kidneys, and heart and predispose a person to atherosclerosis (hardening) of the large arteries that can cause heart attack and stroke.

Bladder problems

This will results in so many bladder problems like over active bladder, Urine retention, Poor control of sphincter muscles, Urinary Tract Infections, etc.

Sexual dysfunctions

Doe to decrease in the sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and difficulty, discomfort, or pain during sex, yeast infections and dehydration etc.

Finally we want o say

“When you’re green inside, you’re clean inside”

Even though the symptoms of diabetes seem harmless, they are actually progressive and can result in a lot of health conditions. Left untreated or undiagnosed, it can result in several other pathological conditions that might harm your overall health. You should take prompt action in case you are suffering from diabetes. Here are some symptoms to help you find out whether you have diabetes or not.

Sudden weight loss

If you find that you have suddenly lost about ten to twenty kilos, it is possible that you are suffering from diabetes. You may experience sudden and unexplained weight loss due to frequent urination and also partly due to trying to control your blood sugar levels.

Continuous feeling of fatigue

If you feel tired constantly, it is one of the signs you need to pay attention to since it could indicate that you are suffering from diabetes. You should immediately get yourself checked by a doctor, who can tell you whether you have diabetes or not.

Leg cramps

If you keep getting leg cramps, it implies that you are suffering from diabetes. It would be advisable to consult a doctor in this case.

Puffy eyes

It is not just alcohol that can give you puffy eyes but also diabetes. So, get a blood sugar check done before it is too late. This maybe an unusual indication of diabetes but it is one of them.

Losing consciousness often

Low glucose levels in the body can make you lose consciousness or act like you are drunk. It can even make you pass out often. So, it would be better to get your blood sugar levels checked if you notice this symptom.

Skin discolouration

If you notice velvety and dark patches on your skin that make your skin look discoloured, it may be an early symptom of diabetes.

Itchy skin

If your skin is itchy or irritated, you should consult a doctor since many doctors are of the opinion that this is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

Sudden impaired hearing

If you are unable to hear what the others are saying even if they are standing quite close to you, it could be a symptom of diabetes. Of course, it can also be a sign of ageing. So, it would be better to consult your doctor to find out whether you are suffering from diabetes or not. Sometimes, you may also find that your ears are aching and this could also be a symptom of diabetes.


Has one of your family members started complaining that you are snoring a lot lately? The reason behind this is sleeplessness due to high blood sugar levels. In fact, sleep apnea is common among diabetics.

Bleeding through the nose

If you are bleeding through the nose, it could be one of the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. If you notice any nosebleeds, consult your doctor immediately.

Mouth ulcers

It is not uncommon for those suffering from diabetes to get mouth ulcers very frequently. You would need to immediately see a physician in case you keep getting mouth ulcers often.

Loss of muscles

If you feel that you have lost a lot of muscles that you worked so hard to develop at the gym, you could be suffering from diabetes. It would be better to get a blood test done in order to find out whether you really have diabetes or not.

A temperature

Sudden fevers or an unexplained rise in your temperature could imply that you are suffering from diabetes. Get it diagnosed before it is too late.

Fruity breath

Do you keep getting the smell of nail varnish or pear from your mouth? Then, it could mean that you are suffering from diabetes. Find out what health condition you are suffering from by consulting your doctor.

Frequent stomach ache

Do you keep getting frequent stomach aches due to cramps in the stomach? Then, it is high time you asked your doctor whether you have diabetes or not.


If you feel like nauseating quite often, it could imply that you are suffering from diabetes. Get your diabetes diagnosed as soon as possible if you are experiencing this symptom.

Unusual sweating

Are you sweating a lot unusually? If it is not normal for you to sweat a lot, you should talk to a doctor to find out what it is you are going through since the loss of the vital fluids from the body can lead to dehydration.

Frequent headaches

Do you keep getting frequent headaches? Even though the possible causes of headaches could be many, one of them is diabetes. Of course, you would need to get a blood test done if you want to find out if you are suffering from diabetes.

Unexpected weight gain

Sometimes, diabetes could result in unexpected weight gain (not weight gain due to overeating but unexplained weight gain) and not always just in unexpected weight loss. So, you would need to get your condition diagnosed.


Do you keep forgetting things or what you said to another person in the morning just a few seconds after you said it? Then, you might be suffering from diabetes.

Foggy thinking

Is your thinking unclear? If you do not know what to think anymore and you feel confused, then you might possibly have diabetes. Of course, unclear or foggy thinking is not always a symptom of diabetes alone but if you think that it is just an occasional incident and dismiss it, you might realise that you are too late.

Heart attack

In extreme cases of diabetes, you might find that the first symptom is a heart attack. This is not a common symptom of diabetes. However, if something like this happens, then you should get yourself admitted to a hospital immediately. This happens very rarely but it is not good.


If you are experiencing one of these symptoms of diabetes, then you might be suffering from this life threatening health condition. It would be better to get it diagnosed and treated by an experienced doctor who knows a lot about diabetes or a diabetic doctor.

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