You are currently viewing Diabetes health care tips for men – warning signs of type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Diabetes health care tips for men – warning signs of type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Diabetes health care tips for men

Diabetes- A Dead End to our life if we don’t care about it.

So in order to reduce and overcome this lets see some lines.

There were two types of Diabetes, which are quoted as

Type 1 and Type 2.

Warning signs of Type 1 with tips to cure it

Due to several factors you will face Type 1 problem they are

This will be caused by multiple factors like:

Occasionally Vomiting, Frequent Urination, Dry Mouth, Fatigue, Vision problems, increase in Hunger and Thirst, Numbness or tingling on hands or feet, skin infections etc.

In order to overcome this problem, let’s go ahead with remedies like,

Amino acids in the milk will results in Diabetes, it’s better to avoid cow’s milk,

Wheat, rye, oats, and other grains which consist of Gluten results in Diabetes, better to avoid them.

Take Niacinamide which is available in Vitamin B helps to prevent pancreas cells from being destroyed.

Need to manage Blood sugar levels,

Foot care to be taken care.

Stop smoking.

Warning signs of Type 2 and remedies to prevent it

 This will be caused by multiple factors, same as Type 1 but differ with more problems

Blurred Vision, reducing of mental sharpness, more thirst and hunger, feeling tired, slow healing wounds, etc.

In order to overcome this problem, let’s go ahead with remedies like,

“Laughter is a best medicine” well, unless you are Diabetic, then insulin is probably better.

The above line is to say that insulin is very important for person who is suffering with this problem.

Let’s go through the Diabetes treatment,

Maintaining your diet with doctor’s consult is very helpful to control sugar levels.

If your are more weight do to this problem, than control your weight with proper physical exercises.

You should self monitor your glucose and sugar levels in blood by using glucometer etc.

You can take medicines to increase insulin content in your body.

Medicines like Meglitinides, Biguanides, Sulfonylureas, Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors, etc.

Avoid bad snacks, like snack food, cakes, crackers, chips and doughnuts etc.

Eat more green, red, orange colored fruits, vegetables etc.

Avoid fried foods and creamy foods.

Do walking atleast 30 minutes a day.

A last word to say, “Diet like Your Life Depended on It!” because it’s about so much more than just beating Diabetes.”

Diabetes is that health condition, which indicates that you should start taking control of your life. However, diabetes is not only known as a silent killer but also a silent villain. Of course, it does not come without warning signs but it is people who do not realise that they are suffering from diabetes. Instead, they mistake the warning signs of diabetes for the warning signs of some other health condition. Here are some symptoms of diabetes and healthcare tips for diabetic men.

Warning signs

Unexplained weight loss

When you end up losing a lot of weight (say ten to twenty kilogrammes) without any explanation, it means your cells are not getting enough glucose. This is one of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Foot pain

Over time, if your blood sugar levels continue to be high, you would experience something called diabetic neuropathy – a condition in which your nerves get damaged. If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, you would experience severe foot pain. Of course, diabetic neuropathy can also occur in those who are experiencing pre-diabetes.


People who suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes feel irritated and feel like shouting at the others around them most of the time. This is caused by exhaustion due to having to make frequent trips to the bathroom.

Diabetes healthcare tips

Never skip meals

Just because you found out that you are having diabetes does not mean that you have to start skipping meals. In fact, when you skip meals, your body would end up depending on the sugars released by the liver. This further makes it impossible for the liver to sense that there are already enough sugars in the blood and causes it to release more sugars, increasing the blood sugar level in your body. Moreover, you would find that you feel like eating more when you skip meals.

Eat more of diabetes bars

Diabetes bars are available in the market for those who are suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. You can use these as meal replacements so that you can stay as healthy as possible. Even if you are hungry while you are stuck in traffic or while on the go, you can simply eat a diabetes bar.

Substitute sugar with cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best substitutes for sugar. Not only is it sweet but it is also healthy. In fact, you can use it to prepare any dish. Of course, it won’t reduce your blood sugar levels but it will not increase it either.

Do not drink alcohol

If you are fond of some alcoholic drinks but cannot drink them, talk to your doctor regarding the consumption of the same. Since alcohol interferes with the ability of the liver to raise blood glucose, you should avoid consuming it as much as possible.

Have lots of green tea

A great way to protect your health and lose carbs is drinking green tea. Replace those sugary drinks that you always take with a few cups of green tea. However, you should not bank on it to lower your blood sugar level.

Cook your food with vinegar

Did you know that vinegar will suppress your appetite by not making you crave for more food after your meal? It achieves this by delaying the emptying of the stomach. So, have fun cooking with vinegar.

Adjust your medications

Sometimes, you might be taking medications for some other health conditions. Ask your doctor to help you adjust the medications so that you are not in trouble later on.

Set aside time for some quality sleep

Poor sleep can lead to increased appetite, leading to higher blood sugar levels in your body, along with a waistline that is thicker than before. Find some time to get some quality sleep every day.

Do your homework

Before taking supplements or any new medications, do your homework. Research on the nature of the medications or supplements and consult your doctor before trying anything out.

Monitor your glucose levels regularly

Only if you monitor the glucose levels in your blood regularly would you be able to know whether they are under control or not. Ask your physician to tell you how often you need to check them.

Maintain a food log

If you maintain a food log, you would be able to monitor how much you are eating and control your food intake. Of course, this does not imply that you should go hungry in order to control your diabetes.

Floss regularly

After brushing your teeth, make sure you floss regularly. If there is too much glucose in your saliva, it might lead to dental decay. Moreover, if you do not floss regularly, the foods would stick to your teeth and damage them.

Get yourself a pet

When you get yourself a pet, it will help you feel better. Of course, it also needs to be cared for, which you might not always be able to do. However, owning a pet will cure you of your depression that comes with diabetes.

Watch your visual health

Get your eyes tested regularly if you are suffering from diabetes. Not only would you get glaucoma but also diabetic retinopathy if you do not take care of your eyes properly. Left untreated, these could even result in blindness.

Join a healthcare group

If you are not able to manage diabetes on your own, join a healthcare group. A problem that is shared with the others is a problem that has been partly solved. Moreover, the people in a healthcare group will be able to give you more healthcare management tips. Also, you will be amazed at how much others have to offer you and you the others.


Diabetes is something you must live all your life with. So, you would need to manage it properly so that it does not affect you. Therefore, it is imperative to follow some special healthcare tips and take good care of yourself if you are suffering from this condition.