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Role of protein from fish and meat in men’s age

Role of protein from fish and meat in men's age

Men with higher age range have a tendency of gaining physical boost. Even they can be affected with regards to mental and social perspective with excess protein in diet. According to a recent study conducted by a lab in Japan, men with age range higher than 50 years get both mental as well as physical decline with the consumption of animal protein. But, when they are been compared with women, same problem was not been found. But researchers have found benefit for men age with the proteins from plants.

Deterioration of men’s health

Researchers have found out many proves about the consequences in health condition of age old men after consumption of animal protein. Even 39 percent of men have physically declined due to the consumption of animal protein. Even the functional decline of men’s health was realized due to excessive intake of animal protein in diet.
Yet, another group of researchers states that, consumption of adequate protein is really effective for people age. As a person grows old, his body mechanism will show down starting from the digestion capacity to other vital functioning. Thus, the capacity of digesting animal protein and converting into energy declines.

Study was conducted over the men and women staying in Japan. Thus, there is a possibility that people staying in other parts of the world may not respond in the same way by consuming animal protein. Yet it will be safer to consume plant protein by the age old men rather than animal protein.

High quality protein

The effect of high quality protein may be quite different as compared to the general animal proteins available in the market. These proteins can be consumed quite well and can be used for energizing people with age. According to a study conducted at the national institute of health and nutrition in Tokyo, a list of questionnaires were framed and asked to both men and women who have crossed 67 years of age.

Questions were asked to the participants about their diet and intake of animal protein. They were also been analyzed about how much animal protein they consumed for the last 7 years. Grouping was made with division of four groups which includes participants with the age more than 67 years. Various exercises and diet facts were asked to the group of people participated in the particular health programs. Note was made by the observer about the assessment only two times in the seven years. The factor which was not counted was the exercise for building muscle.

According to the study, ladies were not affected with the intake of animal protein. Thus, ladies with higher age may also consume animal protein for the rest of their lives. But, restriction must be drawn for the male personalities once they have cross 50 years of their age. Having protein with high quality may subsidize the harmful effect to some extent. It is important to have a look at the history of each men and then decide about consumption of animal protein.