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High Estrogen in men – Adverse effects of elevated estrogen levels in men

 Adverse effects of elevated estrogen levels in men

By now people must have realized what exactly testosterone is. It is a type of sex hormone in male personality that is responsible to make a man feel and act like a man. It creates a drive in a male personality to get indulge with sex. The female partner becomes really satisfied if the testosterone level in a male personality is normal. This is the hormone which creates deep voice of young guys during their stage of puberty and adolescence. But excess of estrogen is also not good for health. You can now find variety of side effects of the high estrogen in men.

Why men are stronger than women?

The society as well as world has accepted the fact that men are stronger and muscular than those of women. But, no one has ever tried to find out the reason behind it. The high estrogen level in men is one of the reasons of strong bones and muscles. Similarly, the right estrogen level in female establishes good feminine characteristics. This makes them softer than male and also attractive in look with their curves and other special features.

Estrogen level in men and women

Men and women both carry appropriate hormones in their body which are responsible to make their male as well as female. If the testosterone level in a female personality becomes elevated, they will adopt the masculine nature. This can also give rise to some unwanted characteristics in female. Even in men if there is more testosterone level, there will be some side and adverse effects. The enlargement of breast in male can be viewed in such a situation. Research has been conducted by the researchers to find out the result of high testosterone level in male personalities. The abnormalities have been shown in many male personalities with such level of testosterone. Disruption of the natural balance is also discovered in the experiments conducted in the due course.

A certain degree of estrogen is required in men. Not a bit more and not a bit less is acceptable.  Other problem of elevated estrogen level includes:

  • Pituitary gland disease
  • Obese bodies
  • Deterioration of liver
  • Poor stress management
  • Adrenal gland fatigue

The prolonged exposure to the pesticides is another important reason of increased level of estrogen. According to some experts, the poultry, cattle which are commercially raised can be one of the causes of increase in testosterone level. Some of the physical hazards as well as health changes will contribute in adversity.

There is some precautionary measure to avoid the high level of testosterone in men. You must avoid consuming the meat which has been grown in commercial space in adulterated way. Organic products are more likely as compared to inorganic products. If you have diagnosed with the higher level of testosterone, immediately show the health specialist and get adequate treatment option.   Even the vegetables, fish and poultry products that have been grown in commercial place must be avoided. This will keep the testosterone level normal.