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Deal with Low T – How to fight Low testosterone

deal with low T

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for bone and muscle health, production of sperm and growth of hair.  It is produced in a larger amount by men and in a small amount in women. Low testosterone affects the men’s body from brains to muscles.  A person can experience low sex drive and may not be able to sleep well. He may experience frequent urination and get into different mood swings which may lead to depression. Low testosterone has symptoms which can be treated.  You have now ways to fight with low testosterone.

For every man, testosterone plans and important role as it induce muscularity in each man. If the testosterone level is perfect, the person will definitely have great energy level, strength as well as adequate sexual performance for his partner. According to the researchers, it was found that, the level of testosterone in men drops after 40 years of age. Decline in testosterone has become a serious concern for a healthy relationship between the couples. Due to the increase in smoking of individual, the level of testosterone is declined. A regular sexual activity between the married couple will hardly slow down the testosterone level in an individual. One of the effective ways of increasing testosterone level in men will be increased sexual activity.

How to prevent low testosterone level?

You can now get variety of ways through which the testosterone level in a man will increase. There are synthetic as well as natural ways to do the same. If the natural ways are not working with you, you can avail testosterone replacement therapy. This too has three different methods such as:

  • Using gels
  • Injections
  • Patches

How to increase testosterone level naturally?

Through many natural ways, the testosterone levels in an individual can be increased.  A rain forest herb is used by thousands of men staying in Asia to increase their testosterone level. This is one of the effective herbs that are responsible in producing their own testosterone in the body.  It is very healthy for the individual to produce testosterone in their body naturally rather than get it from outside. Since there are no negative side effects of this herb, people are using it without worrying.

Every male personality has male hormones. Testosterone level helps each man to include all male characteristics. Some of the characteristics produced due to this hormone are developing dense body hair, deeper voice, etc. Sexual performance between couples is largely affected by the testosterone level of an individual. Let us have a look at some food items that helps in increasing the testosterone level in individuals.

Food necessary to increase the level of testosterone

Sea food

If you are feeling that level of testosterone is quite low in your body, you must consume the sea foods to increase it. Some of the sea foods include salmon, Sardines, mackerel etc.  Since these fishes include high level of zinc, it can readily increase the testosterone level in a male personality.

Dairy products

It is quite common to have dairy products at home as whenever people are hungry they bang upon the pieces of boiled eggs.  Men with low testosterone level must consume dairy products along with eggs. This has zinc as well as vitamin D which help in increasing the testosterone level in individuals. Consuming milk is also effective in this regard as milk contains all nutrients which are needed for the healthy human being. Cheddar cheese can also be consumed by individuals as it includes wonderful source of zinc and other effective nutrients.

How to fight Low testosterone?

Sleep A person with low testosterone often complains of fatigue and loss of energy. Proper sleep is the best cure to boost the testosterone levels. It is necessary for a healthy person to get 7-9 hours of proper sleep.

High-Intensity Exercise with Intermittent Fasting is proved to boost testosterone. These high intensity exercises may be warming up for three minutes and then doing vigorous exercise for 30 seconds , then back to moderate exercise for 90 seconds. Repeat these regime seven times. This 20 minutes regime includes warming up, cooling down, and also intense exercise for just four minutes.

Increase the intake of zinc The mineral zinc is important for the production of testosterone. This addition of zinc in diet has helped people with low testosterone to increase their testosterone in just six weeks. Zinc can be added in the diet by adding protein-rich foods milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt. Zinc supplement is also prescribed by some medical practitioners.

Optimize the Vitamin D Levels Vitamin D is a steroid hormone, which needed for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell, and helps improve the semen quality and increase the sperm count also increases levels of testosterone which will increase the sex desire in a person.  Exposure to the sun is the best way to optimize vitamin D. In case sun exposure is not possible there are special tanning beds which can be used.

Stress A stressed body is said to release high amount of stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone has the power to stop the effect of testosterone in the body. This will increase the symptoms of low testosterone which can include tiredness, anger, and aggression. Stress can be controlled by learning the techniques of relaxation like meditation, yoga, prayer and laughter. Deep breathing and positive imagination is another effective way for overcoming stress.

Important reasons to increase testosterone

If you are wondering what good it will do by increasing testosterone, then here are some amazing reasons that would help with your decision:

Larger muscles

One of the main reasons why people want to increase testosterone in their body is because they want to have bigger and stronger muscles. Everyone wants to have a good body and this is one way of doing it. Starting from walking or running to heavy workout sessions, you will need the testosterone to keep you going. Those who have a deficiency of testosterone often are found to be less energetic. As soon as the testosterone increases, the protein content in your body would also increase. There are other effects as well when the testosterone is more. The cortisol hormone levels will come down significantly. Cortisol hormones are known to destroy all the older muscle tissues in your body. So, the ideal situation would be to increase your testosterone and as a result the cortisol hormones will go down. Once the cortisol hormones are removed from your system, you will be more energetic than ever and it has been proved over and over again.

Longer workouts

Exercising and working out at the gym will definitely give you a better body and everyone should do at least some sort of exercise to be fit and healthy throughout their life. But, what about those gym addicts who go to the gym on a regular basis and workout real hard? It is very important they have lots of testosterone otherwise, it would be impossible to work out so much and that too, daily. If you are one of those gym addicts, then you should start increasing the testosterone content quickly. As mentioned earlier, you will have larger and stronger muscles when you have more testosterone. This will happen if you have the energy to work out. In order to work out longer, you must have the energy and to have the energy you must have the right amount of testosterone in your body. You will notice a marked difference once the testosterone starts increasing in your body. Most people feel so much better after working out. It is like achieving something every day after the gym.

Stronger and harder bones

Having strong muscles is not just the end of working out. You also need to have stronger bones. And, right amounts of testosterone in your body will help to achieve that. A study has show that people who have less testosterone in their body and work out daily tend to have thinner and brittle bones. They are more prone to sprains and fractures. However, those who have the right amount of testosterone and also work out daily have a much better body and are also fitter and healthier than the former group. That is why you will see bodybuilders have harder and stronger bones. Most importantly, it is always good to be fit and healthy.

Sexual drive and energy

This is a vital reason to increase the testosterone content in your body. If you are not able to satisfy your partner in bed, then you had it! You will feel ashamed and there are chances that you partner would not be satisfied with you after all. With an increased testosterone, you will have a better and effective sex life. No one complains about high sexual energy, but the ones who do not have such energy are always facing some kind of problem or the other. A powerful libido together with high sexual gratification is all you need to please your partner in bed and that can happen if you have greater testosterone content. You will automatically start having a better feeling after having sex once the testosterone is increased.

Increased mental focus

Last, but not the least, you will have a better focus and concentration ability in your regular work. There are people who have decreased mood or are always less energetic in their work even if they have a good sex life and enjoy good work out sessions. This is mainly because of the deficiency of testosterone in their body. Less testosterone would mean lower brain functioning and more anxiety and depression. So, go out, have some hormones and be fit and healthy throughout your life because that is what you deserve.