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Cool Men’s Bracelets to Wear with a Watch

Most of us think that bracelets are girlie accessories that look beautiful on their wrist only but wait, they are meant for men as well. There are some awesome bracelets for fashion conscious guys that appropriately define their masculinity.

There are several designer bracelets for men to wear with a watch. While choosing a bracelet, you should keep in mind your style statement and also the type of watch you are wearing. It should not look too brassy to spoil your entire look but rather highlight your style elegantly.

Male Bracelets

Bracelets to Wear With Watch

Cool Mens Bracelets

Cool Bracelets for Guys

While selecting bracelets to wear with a watch, you should always keep in mind your style quotient as you don’t want to wear anything that will look a bit embarrassing on you. Secondly, the type of attire also matters. It is not recommended to wear a funky bracelet with business attire or else it will spoil your look completely. Also look for a wrist bracelet that complements your watch enhancing its beauty.

Bead Bracelets for Men

Bead Bracelets Mens

Men’s Bead Bracelets

The beaded jewelry looks simple and attractive, and it goes incredibly well with a formal watch having metallic belts. The combination of men’s black bead bracelet with sports watches will have fantastic masculine appeal.

Bangles for Men

Mens Bangle Bracelet

Metal Bracelets for Men

There are bangles available for men as well, and it is called metallic bracelets rather than bangles since it sounds a bit girly. The structure of the bangles almost remains the same, the only difference being the design and the engravings on them.

If you are wondering how to wear bangles with the watch, then you can opt for wearing them with leather strapped watch or stainless steel belt watch which will help them blend.

Men’s Nail Bracelet

Nail Bracelet for Men

Mens Wrist Wear

These fancy nail bracelets for men are quite peculiar in style yet attractive.  It almost seems like someone has bent a long nail in the shape of a bracelet ring. They come in shiny designer patterns with different color options ranging from metallic chrome finish to gold plated one. They go well with casual watches and sports quartz.

Leather Chain Bracelet

Leather And Chain Bracelet

Mens Silver Chain Link Bracelet

This kind of bracelet reminds us of the “Greaser fashion” of the 1950s. This leather bracelet for guys looks macho due to the metallic touch of the chain. It is a modern men’s jewelry that goes pretty well with broad leather strapped watch or with a metallic belt.

Men’s Woven Bracelets

Cool Woven Bracelets

Mens Leather Bracelets Designer


In the list of bracelets that men can wear with a watch, woven leather bracelet is also a stylish option. These woven leather bracelets can be purchased, or else you have enough of time in your hand you can go for a handmade woven bracelet for yourself.

There are pretty cool woven bracelets that you can wear with multicolor options, and it can be made with leather as well as fabric.

Gold Cuff Bracelet

Mens Gold Wrist Bracelets

Gold Cuff Bracelet Mens

How to Wear a Cuff Bracelet

Gold is not only loved by women, but it is also loved by men. Wearing this bracelet is quite simple, as unlike others it is not much broad-shaped and it blends with your gold-plated watch. A cheap option for men, the cuff bracelet might at times look odd, as it looks more like a handcuff rather than a bracelet.

Men’s Stone Bracelets

Preppy Bracelets

Mens Wrist Jewelry

Men Beaded Bracelet

Stone-studded bracelets are a cool choice for you to wear with your watch. They add a different type of charm to your personality. Some of them come with a big precious stone in the middle attached by a gold or silver chain while others have stone beads. They are excellent style statement of men’s luxury bracelets when worn with a perfect combination of a casual or formal watch.

Id Bracelet Mens

Id Bracelet for Men

Gold Id Bracelet for Men

This stylish form of bracelets is usually worn by men who like to flaunt their name on a sparkling jewelry. A small plate with your name embellished on it joins the two ends of the bracelet chain made out of gold, silver or at times leather. It is a nice bracelet that you can wear with any type of watch.

Cool Sports Bracelets

Mens Sports Bracelets

Sports Bracelets for Men

This kind of bracelet is preferred by men who spend a lot of their time in sports activity or those who go to the gym or do exercise regularly. Technically it can also be termed as men’s outdoor bracelet, as it gives you a sportsman-type feeling.

The digital sports bracelets are not only trendy, but they also have features like heart beat and blood pressure monitoring. The sports bracelets look kind of cool and attractive, matching well with sports watches. They are available in several designs and patterns as well.

Nautical Bracelet

Anchor Bracelets for Men

Anchor Bracelet Brand

The Nautical Anchor is a symbol of good luck, courage, safety and most of all peace of mind. So, this is not only a style statement but also serves as a lucky charm for you. You can wear this bracelet with an anchor with any combination of a watch. If you are a skilled person, you can make a men’s rope anchor bracelet at home.