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Common things that men hates in women

Love and hate are all the parts of our life. In the very own life’s of men and women both are different. A thing might be good for her but the guy may or may not like it. Let us see what men really hate in a women.

She is acting wicked

A big thing that men don’t like from women is being jealous, rude and bitchy towards another lady. If a women is judging the other women’s style and fashion and other things in a bad way men really hate it. A women who do the above things mostly fail to captivate men.

Fostering emotionally  

Men hate women who use him for all her problems. It’s fine if she took the support from him for few things but if she rely on him for numerous things in regular basis won’t help her. Indeed, at the most, it’s good if she got the response from her parents and friends.

Over emotional

Irritation easily surrenders men if she is over emotional about the little things, few women roll the whole range of emotions just for a broken bangle, cracked perfume bottle and broken nails. Men feel like they are climbing the peaks of emotion dramas and meeting the strings of over emotions. Perhaps, think for a moment that whether it is really that much big to cry!!

Talking machine

Talking to the meaningful and in a cool voice really makes a point but talking endlessly in loud with over excitement annoys any one in general. Think whether your words form a meaning or not.

She is more independent

Men like the independent women but if she is more independent a guy doesn’t tolerate it. Women who more independent behaves indifferent, do not accept compliments and doesn’t give a precise place for a man in her life.


Men hate the women who driving crazy on jealousy. Women are not attractive to men if she is on jealousy and acting rude, far away towards them and others.

Heavy maintenance women

May be her gorgeous looks are the prominent cause for the men to attract in the first sight but her high maintenance some times irritates the men. The over maintenance women don’t behave easy, relax and enjoy the company of other persons. She craves for expensive gifts and tempting words in return to affection to her men.

Shopping geek

If the women is a shopping geek and crazy about shopping for all the time, men irritate with it. To be an all rounded lady means to have a big difference of hobbies and responsibilities both.

Fulfill yourself

A women who is not compassionate about her self with out a man part in her life, she turns needy and clingy when a new men comes to her life. It is not possible to get undefined love from her partner if she is not interested in her. Love yourself first and expect the same from your men. It is needed because men never like a women who needy and adhesive all the time.