Common skin problems faced by men

Common skin problems faced by men

Most of the people are not very well aware of the fact that like women, men also suffer from numerous skin problems. Skin problems are supposed to be prevented, and if occurs, then they should be taken proper care of, to get completely and rapidly cured. When an individual suffer from skin problem, he tends to lose his self-confidence and build walls around himself, so that he do not have to socialize of step out of the house very often, which effects his personal and professional life, and eventually leads to depression.

Razor burns, the problem of wrinkles or many more common skin problems pertains to men are given below with not just the questions but with the accurate solutions. 


Pimple’s couldn’t stop popping in the face when you are in  the age of teens. The hormonal changes are responsible for the teenage blemishes problem. Apart from that stress, humidity, usage of steroids and heavy sweating leads to the same red bumps.

If you are totally a hygiene person though blemishes are surrounding you, rinsing off the face more than times will worse the condition of acne. If the acne problem is really inevitable consult your physician. Get the over the counter benzoyl-peroxide skin wash from the drug store and wash your face for two times a day, it gives you better relief – says doctors.

Razor burn

Razor burns or cuts which give you red marks on the face is due to several reasons. Might you are an expert in shaving, but some times the irritating rash which lasts for many days may hit you. So, never shave dry, the shaving process will go smooth if you wash your face with warm water before you shave, buy a good razor and a sharp blade, apply a dab of lubricant like shave gel or soap and shave in the direction of hair is growing. Working against the hair may damage the hair and leaves the uneven cuts.

Already been with a cut? then rub a soothing aftershave that vitamin E or an aloe-vera based cream to reduce the pain and redness.

Sun burn

After exposing to a heavy sun light, the change in the skin color is a most common yet irritating. Applying sunscreen before going into the sun light and wearing hat and sunglasses will dulls the problem. If you are already affected vitamin E is a good solution to your problem, applying vitamin E cream for two times a day dulls the various types of skin problems.

Dark circles

The skin under the eyes is more sensitive than the body skin. The pressure you apply to the body may also affects this sensitive skin and shows like dark circles. Have a perfect sleep for eight hours, don’t compromise with the diet- the best diet always helps to counter act with the problems.

If already the dark circles have encountered, practice adding your diet with nutrition rich fruits and vegetables. Drinking adequate amount of water, daily working out can help your problem.


As we age out skin gets thinner, less elastic and drier, which are the common contributors of wrinkles on the face. It is a general problem for both the men and women and the condition may worse with the habits you have. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous act you can control to stop turning your age fast. Try to quit it though you has been rolling with those white smoke. Exposure to the sun light is another cause of wrinkles, so as suggested earlier wearing sunscreen and protective weapons will help you.

Knowing about the Skin Problems

At first, men should know about that commonly seen skin problems, understands its causes, preventive measures, treatments, etc. Often men are negligent towards their skin problems, at the early stages, and consider them minor and unnoticeable, which at times, leads to increment in the problems. Men should keep in mind they should never neglect any kind of changes in their skin and make genuine efforts to treat them at the early stages, which would help them to get rid of the problems quickly and also not cause any kind of damage to their personality, self-confidence and appearance. There are numerous common yet irritating skin problems seen in men; some of them, along with the causes due to which they are caused and the remedies which would help men to treat these problems, are as follows:

The whereabouts of acne

Acne is referred to a skin condition in which red colored pimples occur on the skin, generally on the face, but it is also seen on the back, chest, neck, shoulders and on the upper arms. Acne begins when oil secretions occur from the sebaceous glands of the skin and plug the pores, which results in occurrence of pimples, nodules, deep lumps, swelling, inflammations, etc.

Causes: It is a myth that acne is caused due to a person being unhygienic, having sex drive which is uncontrollable or due to an unhealthy diet. The actual, accurate and proved causes behind the acne are numerous; some of them are as follows:

  • Stress causes increment in the existing acne.
  • Increase in the production of the hormones, especially when puberty hits.
  • Accumulation of bacteria in the skin pores, due to greasy secretion of the skin glands.

Treatment: Acne affects the appearance of the person, which in turn makes the person more self-conscious, it is very important to be treated. There are numerous homemade remedies which helps in treating the acne in men; some of them are as follows:

  • Pore Strips: The pore strips are very easily available in the pharmacies and are affordable too. These strips helps to eliminate the oil from the pores on the chin, head, forehead, etc., and helps in the reducing the acne. It is a very safe and convenient way of treating acne, by removing the excessive oil from the skin pores, which causes it.
  • Regular Facials: The primary cause of acne is excessive oil in the skin pores, and if men go for regular facials, the professionals can massage their skin and eliminate all the excessive oil from their skin pores, which would help them to get rid of the acne.
  • Toothpaste and vinegar: One of the most popular and commonly used homemade remedy for treating acne is applying toothpaste or vinegar on the acne, zits, pimples, etc., it is a very inexpensive, convenient and easy process to do to get rid of the acne.

The occurrence of rosacea

Often Rosacea is misunderstood with acne. It should be made clear that it is not acne and is a different skin condition in which chronic and inflammatory symptoms are seen on the face, which causes redness on the face and also produces tiny red colored bumps.

Causes: Rosacea is caused due to numerous reasons; some of the common ones are as follows:

  • Fair skin.
  • Abnormal behavior in the blood vessels of the face.
  • pylori bacteria.

Treatment: Rosacea can turn worse if it is ignored and left untreated. Some of the homemade remedies to treat the skin condition are as follows:

  • Use sunscreen with minimum of SPF 15.
  • Use moisturizer, in case the skin is sore.
  • Strictly avoid facial products which contain alcohol.
  • Use mild cleanser on the affected areas.
  • Cut down on alcohol intake.
  • Use electrical razor rather than the normal ones.

The facts on athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a contagious skin disease which causes itching, flaking, scaling, etc., it is a fungal infection which begins usually from the toes and if not treated it spreads to the palms, hands, etc.

Causes: Athlete’s foot is caused due to several reasons; some of them are as follows:

  • Growth of tinea fungus.
  • Wearing tight shoes.
  • When the feet get sweaty and cannot breathe in the tight shoes.

Treatment: The best and effective treatment for this contagious and dangerous skin condition can only be given by the doctor. So, the person suffering from this skin condition should not make any delay in consulting a well-qualified, certified and reliable doctor.

There are many other skin conditions which are commonly seen in men, like staph infections, groin rash, warts, etc. It is at first advised that men take preventive measure to avoid occurrence of such skin problems, in the first place, and is any skin problem occurs then homemade remedies should be tried or a doctors should be consulted, there are certain skin conditions which needs to be treated with the help of medications, which has to prescribed by a qualified dermatologist. One should never neglect the skin problems, because if not treated, then it will get worse and have side-effects on the body and personality of the person. With skin problems, people tend to lose their self-confidence and hesitate to socialize, which in turn effects immensely, the personal and social life of the person and can also lead to depression, which is harmful for the mind and the also for the body’s health.

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