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Common men’s health problem you can avoid

Snoring is one of the common problem to men, well it is a symptom of sleep apnea. This disorder arises due to the improper intake of the breathe, which is starting and stopping the breath for the overall night. Though it is not a serious disorder, some times it will be the cause of disturbing cardiac health, diabetes, heart disease and may influences for stroke. For a men, the chances for sleep apnea are more. One fo the best preventive and curing method for the sleep apnea is weight loss. Being overweight doubles the chances of getting snoring and other related problems. Maintain a good diet and get down the weight. Some other preventive methods includes staying away from alcohol, cigarette, sleeping pills, sleeping on the back is some times the reason for this problem.

Lower back pain

It might be the cause to stop some of your works and it can be prevented with the steps unless if its not the pain due to genetic spine problem, spinal degeneration due to an accident or disease. Simple steps to prevent the lower back pain are given below.Due to the extra tires that are formed in your lower back might be the reason for the pain, so with the proper exercise and diet control your weight.While standing and sitting it is important to maintain a good posture. Check whether your ears, shoulders, hips and knees are in the exact alignment with one another when you stand. When you are lifting the heavy loads make sure that you are bending your knees, rising the load slowly and not going to twist your back.Sleeping with improper settings will also adds up the pain, next time you sleep down for long time keep a pillow under the knees. It helps to kick of the pressure.

Gastroesophageal re flux disease

The disorder gastroesophageal re-flux disease is the reason behind heart burn and acid re-flux, it takes its birth from the intake of some spicy foods and even with the beverages.  Some food items like wings, steaks and ribs may tastes yummy but are the major culprits for the gastroesophageal re-flux problems. So keep the spicy, fatty foods and alcohols at bay. This helps to sort out the uncomfortable sensations in the throat and chest that may lead in the night. The best preventive method for the gastroesophageal re flux disease is losing weight. Apart from the food habits smoking may also calls for this disorder. So quitting the smoke can improves your comfort levels.

Skin cancer

Men over 50’s are more prone to skin cancer than woman because they tend to spend most of the time at out and the effects of ultraviolet rays are hard for men’s skin than woman. There are various preventive methods to control the skin cancer.

Apply sunscreen

Don’t show interest to apply the sunscreen only in the summer season, the ultraviolet rays never shows the season difference, they will effect you regardless of special months. So, apply sunscreen when ever you are leaving the house.

Cover up
Use the kind of clothes like scarf or others to wrap yourself while going into sun rays. Wearing hat and socks will also help definitely.