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Common hair problems faced by men and hair solutions

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It is not possible to have perfect hair growth all the time. You always have some or the other problems in men and in the way they don’t have the expected and the desired hair growth all the time. This is the reason they go about looking for remedies and solutions to make the hair grow strong and shinning. In fact, when the hair tends to get damaged the men start looking for the solutions to help the hair stay tight on the roots and in the way you look perfect with the sort of voluminous hair growth. It is just finding out solutions when the hair is not growing the right way.

Most of the men were stroked with the common hair problems like oily hair, frizzy, thin, dry or dandruff due to several factors. Each problem has its own reason and solution.

So, let us see a list of common hair problems faced by men and the counter acting solutions.

Thin hair

If your hair is thin and looking too less then don’t dip your hair more in to moisturizers and conditioners, it will make your hair strands weighing down, by which you don’t find the looks that you have expected. More over, it displays the hair more thinner than the existing and gives eminent scope for the scalp to show out.


The perfect solution you can opt is a perfect trimming. Yes! Have your hair cut for every three to four weeks. Don’t call for lengthy strands and try to trim it to the fine short. If you are fighting with the balding problem, then thin the specific bald areas more deep than the fuller parts to make it visible good.

Oily hair

If the oily hair is stealing your hair shine and airy moments then you need to get an ideal solution to treat it. Indeed the heavy brushing or combing, using the blow-dryers for long amount of time are the major suspects of the excess oil in your hair.


To reduce the over production of oil from the scalp one must need to pay attention while using the hair tools. Don’t over expose the hair to blow-dryers and give a few brushstrokes in order to reduce the spreading of oil from the scalp. Simple try using a final rinse prepared from lemon to flush out the excess oil amounts. Add two table spoons of lemon juice in a cup of water and use it like a final rinse, the acidic properties of lemon lowers the build of extra oil on your scalp.

Dry hair

Due to the environmental pollutions, usage of chemical hair products and frequently washing the hair in hot water makes the hair dry.


Reduce the usage of chemical based shampoos and hot water. Try to use the luke warm water instead of hot otherwise it will make the dry hair to become worse. Covering the hair when you are going into roads and polluted environment will also helps to lower the problem. Use boar-bristle brush to spread the scalp oil to dry hair strands and also to down the hair.

Frizzy hair

Excess washing of hair and over towel drying leads to the frizzy hair.


It is suggested to not take the head bath for more than two times in a week. Don’t rub the towel on your vigorously, it makes the condition worse. Slightly blot it and treat it with care.


Rinsing the hair in a rushed way, taking less head baths per week or improper diet may leads to the dandruff problem.


Every time you wash your hair rinse it thoroughly by concentrating on scalp, so that the flakes will be removed. Try to maintain the scalp clean and moisturized.

Handling the Cowlicks the Right Way

You have ways by which you can have a control of the cowlick. These are the pesky and the troublesome little hairs which tend to stand erect all the time. In the process you have two ways by which you can get rid of the cowlicks. One can cut the hair too short so that the cowlicks are not to be seen. Or you can even make the hair grow long which will help the cowlicks disappear in the process. For this it is important that you visit the most experienced barber. He is the best person to help you decide on the length of the hair and he will also tell you regarding how to manage the cowlicks. You will find the hoards of the styling products in the market and you can use the same in taking care of the cowlicks.

Making the Thin Hair Appear Voluminous

If you have fine hair it is not easy to make it appear thick. Styling the limp hair is no way an easy thing to do. For this you should go for the perfect hair cut and it is also important that you make use of the best hair styling products. Once you have done the right things it is usual that your thin hair is sure to appear so thick. You can go for a short hair cut or the layered hair cut. One can even make use of the thickening shampoo along with the conditioner. These are means by which you can make the hair appear so voluminous. This will even help in improving the texture of the hair and this way your hair is sure to receive the right strength and support with care and justified usage of the viable products.

To Take Care of the Grey Hair

Grey hair is another persistent hair problem that you may suffer from. It is true that grey hair looks natural and it can be so that you let the hair be the same to make you look dignified and yet old. In case you don’t like to have grey hair, it is best that you consult a professional colourist. He will give you the best tips to make the hair appear natural and subtle. The blending of the products should be done the right way and then the same should be properly applied on the hair strands to help you appear so perfectly dignified.

How to Avoid Hair Loss

It is all the more upsetting to have hair loss. If you are not an old man you may not be happy with the fact that you are going bald. In case you want to stop the undesirable hair loss you can always take the help of an expert advice. It is not perfect to use all the creams and gels to stop the hair from falling. The best solution is to have the perfect hair cut. This will prevent the hair from falling and things won’t be too damaging. At the same time it is good to have the right diet. This will keep the hair healthy inertly.

The Mantra of Managing Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, this is once more a problem for you. It is a curse for you to have the bunch of unmanageable thick hair. The best thing to do is to cut the hair short in order to save the head from holding on to the weight of the hair. It is equally important that one makes use of the correct styling items in order to maintain the look of the hair. There are ways by which you can manage the thick kinds of hair. In this case it is best that you talk to a professional to get things done the right way.

Taking Care of the Coarse Hair

It is also a challenge to know how to maintain coarse hair. This makes you compare your hair with steel wool pad. You can definitely do two things to manage the hair. You can have the right hair cut and at the same time it is important that you select the right shampoo for the hair. It is also vital that you take the help of a barber or stylist who knows how one can take the perfect care of the coarse hair.

The troubles that you face with hat head

There are ways by which you can fix up the hat head. It is true that most of the time you wear a hat in order to save the hair from the damaging rays of the sun. The hat covers the head and protects the same from the scorching heat of the sun. However, make sure that when you are using the hat it should not be too tight or damp. Once you pull of the hat and find that the hair is full of sweat you can use a towel to dry off the hair fast. This will not allow the moisture to settle on the scalp and will not affect the hit in the long run. The hat that you wear should be loose and comfortable. It is best is the material is webby. This will allow the air to flow and now you are sure not to feel so uncomfortable. The material of the hat is extremely important. This helps in taking the right care of the hair.