What are the Reasons for snoring? How to stop it? 

What are the Reasons for snoring? How to stop it? 

What are the Reasons for snoring? How to stop it? 

For a group of people snoring is quite normal, whereas the other group of people feels snoring to be a troublesome fact. Some people snores occasionally. The frequent snoring can also affect the quality as well as quantity of an individual’s sleep. Snoring can be really very embarrassing when it comes to public display. I you are out for a trip and stay with your colleague at night, your habit of snoring can disturb his sleep at night.  Snoring can also result in fatigue during the day time, problems in relationship etc. Health problems can be increased with the activity of snoring.

Reasons for snoring

Snoring is different with different individuals. There is variety of reasons with different individuals due to which snoring takes place. You must go into the root of the problem and get the actual reasons of snoring. The reasons behind the snoring are:

  • People having too much of nasal and throat tissues
  • Wrong position of tongue while sleeping
  • Due to tiredness
  • Hereditary problem

Researchers have found out several ways due to which snoring can be better. For some people, snoring stays within your control where as for others snoring can be really out of  control. Snoring takes place when an individual move air freely within the mouth and nose while they are sleeping. They breathe by narrowing their airways. Sometimes abnormalities of tissue can also be a reason behind the snoring problem.

Some common causes of snoring

  • Being shapeless or overweight
  •   Throat becomes narrower by age
  •   Due to intake of excess alcohol and smoking
  •   Improper sleep posture

How to stop snoring?

Today, people have found out several ways through which snoring can be eradicated. Some of the effective ways of stopping snoring are:

Losing weight

Today, with the change in lifestyle, people have become really cautious about their figure. If you have put on excessive weight, there is a wonderful way of reducing it and losing some weight. This helps in reducing the fatty tissue in throat and decreases snoring.

Quitting smoking

Smoking is not good for health. Even then people are not aware of it and keep on carrying on with the same thing. But, if you can take a stand to quit smoothing, nothing will be better than it. You will reduce snoring to a larger extend.


You would definitely require regular exercise in order to get relieved from snoring. Along with other health benefits, exercise is also really beneficial to keep a person away from the activity of snoring. Once you have toned muscle and throat, there will be very little or almost no chance of snoring to win over you.

Regular sleeping pattern

Regular pattern of sleep is another important factor in making the person away from snoring. You must create a bed time ritual and establish the habit of sleeping in a regular pattern. Once you’re sleeping posture is developed, you can get away from the activity of snoring on a regular basis.

Natural ways to stop snoring

There are many ways by which you can prevent snoring whenever you sleep. Some of the natural ways that you can follow are as follows:

Stop drinking alcohol

You may have the addiction towards alcohol, but if you really want to stop snoring, then you will have to leave it. Sedatives and alcohol are known to reduce the area of the resting tone muscles that are located in the back of the throat. This increases the chances of snoring much more than the people who do not drink. In fact, the worse scenario would be drinking alcohol 4 to 5 hours before going to bed. It has also been proved that people who do not drink alcohol at all also snore after drinking very little content of alcohol. So, it would be better to stop the alcohol to stop snoring.

Clearing nasal passages

There are times when you are not able to breathe properly because your nasal passage is blocked. This can lead to snoring when you sleep. Just imagine a tap that gives water and somewhere down the pipe there is a small blockage. The water would not pass properly. You have to get rid of the blockage in order to make the water rush out. Same is the case for your nasal passage. Your nose has to be completely clear so that you can sleep without snoring. There are many ways in which you can clear your nasal passage. The easiest way would be to blow your nose just like you did when you were small. If you want something more effective you can get a saltwater rinse in your shower. Use it to rinse your nose every day while showering. Alternatively, you can also use a neti pot with the salt-water solution and that would also work wonders to clear the nasal passage.

Changing pillows

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to stop snoring while sleeping. It often happens that your current pillow has allergens and they contribute to your snoring. Do you remember the last time the pillows were dusted off? Or, maybe the fan just above your head? There can be dust mites accumulating in your pillows and they often cause allergic reactions that ultimately lead to snoring. In fact, there are other reasons also that lead to your snoring. If you allow pets to sleep on the same bed, you can be the one snoring all the time. The animal dander that you breathe in is not good for snoring. You would want to get away from it as much as possible so that you can stop snoring while sleeping. Many people are not able to sleep when they change rooms, but you can definitely stop snoring if you change your regular pillows and try the new ones. It has been tried and tested by many with very effective results.

Drink water

Water is the key to fixing a lot of health issues and snoring is one of them. Keep your body hydrated with lots of fluids and you will see a positive change in quick time. But, the question is, how much water you should drink on a daily basis to get rid of this problem? There are two different suggestions for men and women. Men should drink at least 16 cups of water daily whereas women should drink at least 11 cups. This would be more than enough to keep you hydrated while you sleep and you would stop snoring in a few days.

Maintain a schedule

It has often been noticed that people who have irregular sleep timings often end up snoring heavily when they sleep. The best thing to do would be to have a particular schedule for your sleep and you must make sure that you follow it every day. One of the main reasons to follow a schedule for sleeping is because it gives your body plenty of rest. Moreover, your biological clock will not be hampered because it automatically creates a kind of consistent circadian rhythm that is important for your sleeping habits. However, do not start drinking alcohol 4 to 5 hours before sleeping and also maintain a regular sleep time. That would not be effective at all. It should be a combination of both to make the thing work.

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