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What kills sex drive / low libido in men?

What kills sex drive low libido in men

Sex in men is vital in case you have to keep up with the normal social life. When you are just married and your partner has lots of expectations from you, it is time that you make sure that you are full of sex. This will help you maintain the exact balance in life and love.

Loss of sex drive or low libido is a very subjective issue.  It can be described only by the person who feels it. The enjoyment of sex lies in the personal satisfaction of the couple and not in the frequency or desire. It depends on the compatibility of the couple.

Men complain of low sex drive then women.  It has been found that some chemicals are found in foods, medicines, shower gels are top sex drive killers.

Some top sex drive killers

  • Soda— Soda and some other bromine products are linked with male infertility, impotence and decreased libido.
  • Soy—Soy foods are found to be associated with poor sperm quality and erectile dysfunction. Soy is found in most processed foods which should be avoided.
  • Sex Toys Some sex toys and other vinyl containing products can be harmful to men’s libido. The chemical in vinyl products –all things made from plastic can disrupt sex hormones and lower the testosterones.It can also kill the sex drive in men.
    Microwavable Popcorn—the inner layer of the microwave popcorn bags and non-stick pans contain non-stick chemicals that can harm men’s desire. They are linked with male infertility, lack of sex drive and testicular tumors.
    Scented Candles & Air Fresheners—the artificially scented candles and air fresheners unleash sex driving chemicals in the air. They pollute the air with harmful gases and also create asthmatic attacks. The fake scents also act as fake sex hormones which can lower the testosterone levels.
    Bees wax candles are a better choice. They have a mild pleasant scent which helps to clean the air.
  • Gender-Bending Pesticide
    Atrazine, a common weed-killing pesticide has been proven to suppress a man’s sex drivedrastically. Some other pesticides are considered to be hormone disruptors. It is wiser to eatorganic foods as far as possible.
  • Sugar- Men with high blood sugar levels are more likely to have low libido. Safe sweeteners likehoney and organic stevia can be substituted to regulate the sugar intake of a person.
  • Cash-register receipts – It has been found that 40 % of receipts are coated with a chemical biphenyl (BPA) which is linked with infertility and heart problems. High BPA levels in urine found in men is an indication of low sperm count and low sperm quality. Another big source of BPA is canned foods. Both these should be avoided to keep the proper level and quality of sperm.
  • Cold Medicine—Medicines taken for cold and flu contain some chemicals can affect the sex drive.
  • Tonic water _- The flavoring agent in the tonic water can also cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Depression and stress often contributes to loss of sex drive. Chronic stress can throw a man’s hormones into a tizzy and kill libido.
  • Endocrine disorder can also decrease the production of male sex hormones.
  • In other cases, loss of sex drive could be a side effect of some medication.
  • There is a natural decrease of sex libido with age. The degree of the decline varies from person to person. But most men have sex interest in their 60s and 70s.


It is necessary to identify the factors that cause low libido before any treatment

  • If loss of sex drive is related to depression, treatment is to be done with  psychotherapy alone or in combination with antidepressant medicines.
  • If the low testosterone level is unusually low, the treatment may include testosterone replacement therapy.
  • If loss of sex drive is due to a certain medication,an alternate drug can be suggested by the doctor.
  • Sometimes the best treatment for low libido in men is counselling the partners to solve, conflicts, hidden fears;power struggles and solves domestic problems.
  • There is no magic pill to treat this problem.

Self-help to rekindle the low libido

Men must be involved in some physical exercises. It is the feeling that matters in sex and not the frequency. One must find different ways, means and places to enjoy their sexual relationship. Loss of libido can be overcome by building anticipation for the performance. A proper atmosphere needs to be created with children away and dim lights on. Focusing of men should be on other parts of the body and not only on the genitals.

Alcohol Causes Low Libido

There are certain things for you to avoid at the time and caffeine and alcohol comes first in the list. However, just an intake will not make the difference. Constant consumption of the same will really make you feel the difference. In this case the underlying psychiatric things even matter a lot. Caffeine is a sort of stimulant and it can well enhance the anxiety level and in consequence your inclination for having sex is affected. Too much of alcohol is not right for libido and this is the reason a regular drunker does not feel the necessity and the inclination to have sex. Boozing can affect orgasmic functioning and can even disrupt erectile functioning. This is the reason it is better to be cautious if you want to have the regular and the constant sex drive. You should keep alcohol consumption limited or make it out of your life completely.

Anti-Depressants Lowering Your Libido Level

Once again in case you are taking anti-depressants on regular basis, your sex drive may be gone forever. Constant intake of the medicine is sure to cause low libido and you have the medical side effects to be blamed for the reason. There is a condition with the name of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. This is one more name given to the condition of lower sex drive. This is the sort of medicine which can cause lowering of the testosterone level In this case medicines to treat prostate cancer and you even have the SSRIs making all the differences. So, when you are under medication you can have conditions of low libido.

Refined Carb Doing the Damage

There are certain foods too that can kill the sex drive. What you eat in life matters and your inclination to have sex can matter in consequence. It is good if you can stop the intake of refined carbohydrate, because the same can zap the level of testosterone in the human body. Sugar that you get from the refined carbs will make you have a gain in weight and can even causes an enhancement in the estrogen level and cause depletion of the testosterone level as well.

It is Good to Avoid Red Meat

In case the food that you are eating has too much of antibiotics and hormones in the process you are sure to have low level of libido. This is the reason you are often recommended not to have red meat. When red meat is eaten in excess it can cause an unbalancing of the natural hormones in man and he may have sweating, breathing and rapid urination. If you do not want to have low libido there are more foods you can stop eating at once and as part of the list you have spices, garlic, dairy products and the rest.