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Take care of your wife not only in bedroom

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Usually the wives feel discouraged on the behavior of their hubby. He is not attentive to her in the daily life and he does not think about her throughout the day. Wife and husband are busy with their own house hold works throughout the day. If we ask a woman how her hubby spends with her in a day, she won’t tell anything but immediately goes into some unexplained thinking. So it is to understand that there are no such experiences in their life.

Now a day this type of busy in the day has become more effectively. The work place is at a long distance. Both partners attend their office and they come very late due to this long distance. The husband comes from duty at midnight and rises in the early morning and goes to work. The sleep takes place on the only weekly off. This has been due to unselective in job, work and non availability of jobs. So the struggle for existence dominates and moulds the people to be in the way it desires.

Even the romance also at an unsatisfactory emotion indeed. Simply marrying, have children, their brought up, their study, their employment, their marriage and looking after their children are the daily of duty. The husbands neglects their wives. She has been a machine to attend the total house hold work. Most of the wives get tired of house holding. They become nervous but continue the attendance to the work.

Earning is the duty of the husband and looking after everything is the duty of the wife at home. The woman that rises early in the morning can not take rest throughout the day. This type of culture is also seen in the life of business people. Even though they are not like the employees or workers, they are still busier. They won’t even visit the house for week days having been on business trips. This makes the women to feel and to keep the feel in them which may result in heart ailments.

Turn-ons for women in bed room is common. But if it will be in every sort of the work, the women feet happy and that happiness keeps them more healthy. Most of the husbands sip the coffee that is given by their wives in the early morning. But there are husbands who give cup of coffee in the early morning to their wives. The number is very meager.

The society also has been habituated to this type of thought that women attend the work at the house. She is a bonded laborer without working hours and wages. The husband thinks that she works for her family and the society too in the similar way. This makes woman a mechanical machine to be busy with their daily rituals. Sharing the dish cleaning, washing clothes, luncheon preparation, interior designing and other house hold work will certainly keep the partners happy. This happiness will remain so many days and this strengthens life style and life duration too.

There are such societies which laugh at when a husband share the work of house holds with his wife. The wives also keep their hubby away from their daily work because of this. The loneliness and the stress that arises from the work will have a strong effect on the women. A little help certainly relieves their tiredness and gives happiness. This happiness is a great tonic of million tones strength.

Turn-ons for wives not in the bed room must invariably acquaint to make them happy and keep afresh all the time irrespective of age. People think that such activities are not required when the wives become ageing. But it is wrong. Loneliness affects the wives or individuals when they become old.

Now a day couples spend most of the time for shopping, entertainment and for food in the evenings. There is no bar for these activities. But the hubby must share the work of the wife in the morning and evening as he has been busy with his job during the day time. Don’t come home as tired and be very dull till you sleep. Share the feeling at least even though you are tired. Let her know that you’re over burdened at the office. She nurses you to become normal within hours.

The well noted actors, doctors, engineers, artists, scientists; even rulers share the work with their wives in their daily life. They did not feel it degraded. Some societies which think sharing such works with the wives like insulted are realizing now the need of togetherness with the wife.

The doctors also when they come to know about no turn-ons for women, advice the husbands to realize to be friendly with their wives and they accept it too. There is a need to charge our life style to be cooperative with our wives. Do you prepare coffee and hand over to your wife when she rises from the bed tomorrow? See and enjoy the broad smile that strikes on her face suddenly and 100 kilo weighed happiness in her. If you have a camera, try to snap it and keep it with you to keep you happy all time as long as you see it. Exchange this view with your friend also.

Caring someone is giving special attention of the need, the welfare and protection. It’s the concern shownfor doing something correctly without any harm or damage. When you finally get your dream women as your wife, you makea friend for life. Give her reasons to feel proud to be your wife. A husband wife relationship is a bond of love which doesn’t really have any boundary like bedroom, there’s more. Your simple caring action will make her more receptive and feel special, sometimes out of the world! After all who doesn’t love pampering!

Show her you know her

Care is not the long car drives, late night walks, fancy dinners or outing to the beach. When you care for her you know she likes to have large cup of cappuccino with 2 tablespoon of sugar, no less, no more. Perhaps care is setting the temperature to 26 degrees though you feel too hot but she feels too cold. Care is actually knowing her needs in a way that itself shows the gesture.

Book her a spa

After a long week book her a spa session, ask her to spend her weekend afternoon there. She will really enjoy, relax and feel special.

Gift her favourite perfume

Gift your wife her favourite perfume. You do not need special occasion to gift her the perfume. Celebrate her for a change.

Pay attention to what she says

Paying attention to your wife’sopinions is giving her respect. Sometimes your views may not match with hers, but by listening to her you are showing your wife that you care for her.

Give her a back massage

By giving her a back message after a gruelling day at work. She will feel super lucky. In the back of her mind she will surely thank her stars.

Do some house work she hates to do herself

Your wife must have something she hates doing like cleaning the garage or taking out the trash. Volunteer itself to do the household choresshe hates. She will surely love your effort and feel special.

Let her sleep late on weekends

Your wife wakes you up every day. In return let her sleep little late on weekends if she wishes to. Prepare breakfast for her and bring her morning tea.

Ask for her opinion

Ask for her opinion in every important decision of your life. It may a decision to change your job or planning for one intimate evening. Ask her what she would like to do or what she thinks.

Compliment her

Women love compliments! Try to compliment her when she gets ready for evening party wearing her favourite gorgeous red saree. Trust this, nothing feels more special than a compliment coming from the spouse.

Going over old photographs

Going over the old wedding photographs can warm up memories together. Live those old glorious moments once again.

Kiss her in the morning

Kissing your wife has to be the first thing in the morning. Waking her up with a kiss will make her day special.

Remind her she is growing beautiful

Remind your wife that day by day she is growing beautiful. Repeat that for you, she is the most beautiful women in the universe. Make her feel your queen. Appreciation is much needed in marriage life because it helps you see the glow of happiness.

Learn to say sorry

Saying sorry is nothing to be ashamed of. If you made any mistakeyou must learn to admit the fact and say sorry. The personal life between you and your wife will be stronger than ever.

Take care of your kids

Take care of your wife by taking care of your kids. Change their diapers. Let your wife take a break. If you really care for her your actions will speak for you and your love.

Buy ticket for romantic movies

Surprise her by buying ticketsfor the romantic movie specially which she has been thinking for a long time. She will relive the romance again with you.

Treat her like a lady

Women like manners! Treat her similarto a lady. Open the car door to enter her first or pick up the things she drops. Try being the old gallant young hero what you used to be.

Send her flowers

Be the mystery lover by sending her favourite bunch of lily flowers along with a letter. She will guess correctly but still she will definitely love the whole drama for sure.

Snuggle up to her

Snuggle up to her will make her feel desired and loved. All wives love the touch of their spouse which actually makes them feel secured and safe.

Accompany her to family events

Always accompany her to all the family events she wants you to go with her.Supporting her is taking care of her in a way.

Cook dinner for her

Surprise her by cooking a dinner meal for her. A chicken salad or her favourite desert will be fine. Don’t forget to arrange candles, flowers and soft music for the special night.

Sometimes gift herreally expensive things

A solitaire ring or a designer handbag can work wonders. Notice the sparkle on her eyes. Don’t forget to thank her saying that she is the most expensive gift of your life where a solitaire ring or a handbag costs nothing when compared.

Don’t forget special occasions

Do not ever forget the special occasions and do not ever forget to surprise her differently every time.

Don’t try to understand her

No man in this world would do that. It is hormones and chromosomes that push her to act differently even in same situations. Don’t force her for anything. Just wait for her to come back with apologetic love.

Tell her that you care for her

It’s not easy to confess simple stuffs. Just hold her hands and say that you love her and you will take care of her for the rest of the life.