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Best weight gaining tips, weight gaining diet for men

weight gaining tips

Do you agree if I say “Not everyone in this world is trying to lose weight?” some people are there who have been trying to put on the pounds, but unfortunately they can’t, because a famous saying says that “Gaining weight is more difficult as losing it”, since an individual weight is depends on several factors and particularly genes so putting up weight is a challenging for a naturally thin person.
As everyone know there were 2 side for a coin, in the same way, there were people funnily called as “Skinny guys”, who are working very hard in order to gain weight, If you are one of the individual who tried a lot and finally got tired of all the stuff which you have gone through in the journey to reach your destination as to “Put on Weight”.
Let’s see the below steps and tips to transform your body from skinny level to Size you wish. There are several factors, like our genes, metabolism and nutritional intake, which impact our body weight. So let’s go though several tip to gain weight.

Maintain your diet chart By “Eat a lot” formula

  • If you feel to be yourself as a “Lean” and “Skinny”, first keep an attention on your daily diet which acts as a fuel to your machine (Body).
  • Take a high calories included diet which helps you to gain weight easily.
  • Let’s whatever you want to take to help you to gain weight. Categorize your day into different parts and plan as below:
  • Do workouts regularly without skipping which helps to maintain your body with good weight.

Before work out

  • Take banana or few drops of glucose or Lemon powder mixed in water.

After work out

  • Take food with protein supplements.

Breakfast feast

  • Take orange juice, 2-3 eggs boiled, 2-3 bread slices mixed with butter, milk with walnuts, raisins, and almonds.


  • Take non vegetarian as much as you can, a cup rich with a bowl of dal should be preferred.


  • You can plan your dinner as much as high you can, because, here you will be going to end your day, so you should plan it with high calories, so include as much as green vegetables, dal, chicken, and fish gravy which provides more calories. Try to avoid Reties in night time.

In the meantime of Breakfast, lunch and dinner you should not make your belly so say that I am empty, you should take Whole fruits like apples or peaches, or A bowl of yogurt made from low-fat milk, or few high-fiber biscuits or cookies can be taken with milk, which helps you to gain more weight.
You need to take food atleast once in 2-3 hours.
In order to build your muscle, take more proteins, an unknown fact is “Protein = building block for your muscles”. Eat a stuff more like Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, almonds, peanuts, which makes you to gain more weight.

In order to “Put on Weight”, take pasta, brown rice, wheat bread, oatmeal, etc.
Exercising every day by taking protein shakes only wont enough to gain your wait, you need to add good fats like almonds etc and good carbs like fruits.
Choose food with nutritional calories and increase intake of starchy foods like potatoes.

Have a nice sleep

Plan your day accordingly to make sure that atleast you body need rest in sleep for 8 hours.
Your body will be doing nothing here, but it lies there and builds muscle while you sleep.
If you are not sleeping for 8 hours, then you’re not going to get all the benefits of your exercising and diet.

More in you take, more out to Gain: Drink more Water
Drinking a great quantity of water is essential to increasing weight. As a way to have the required energy to maintain healthy whilst gaining weight, it is certainly critical to take in plenty of water. Even drinking a half gallon of water or more is suggested.

Work it out with Exercises

Having a nice and quality food as mentioned above and keeping calm without any physical exercise will make you “FAT” instead of “FIT”.
It really is essential to stay active in order to stay healthy.

Concentrate on complex, compound exercises that recruit as many muscles as possible and For best results, do 3 sets of 12 repetitions for each type like
Bench Presses, Dumbbell Presses
Squats, Deadlifts,
Pull ups, Chin ups, and dips.
Do these exercises, and concentrate on lifting as much weight as possible.
Give rest for 1 or 2 minutes between sets of repetitive sets.
Don’t try to skip out the work outs and aerobic exercises why because these will burn more calories during aerobic exercise, and increases your cardiovascular health.

So keep an eye on all the above and be a “MAN” as you like.

Finally “When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no word like “I’ll start tomorrow”.

About two third of the people in the world are concerned about being overweight. But there are also many people with the opposite problem. Yes, many people worry about being skinny as it looks odd and unhealthy. Even people who are not clinically underweight try to gain weight so as to look muscular. Above all it is difficult to put on our desired apparel and look good if we are skinny.

Eating more calories than the body burns

The most important thing to do would be to take more calories than the body could actually burn. According to the calorie calculator in order to gain weight slowly and steadily, aim towards 350-500 calories more than the body burns on a daily basis. Aiming towards 800-1000 calories, above the maintenance level helps in rapid weight gain.

Caution: A Calorie calculator gives only an estimate and it is always advisable to consult a dietician.

Increasing in the eating counts

Changing the eating habits may also help. People tend to skip meals due to excessive work load at home or at work. Avoid skipping food and take meals at least five times a day. In addition to that, healthy energy dense snacks like post meal snacks can also be included in between. Also remember, increasing the number of meals intake may add some fat along with muscles.

Avoiding water before meals

Eating more helps in weight gain. Avoiding water before having food helps to eat more than is required. Intake of water before meals actually fills the stomach bag and prevents from taking extra food. This makes harder for the calories to get in.

Keep a record of everything that’s been eaten

Keeping a record of what we eat helps to understand which type of food suits us and helps in weight gain. Knowing our stats will tell us if enough carbs, calories and protein are added in the food. This simple method is said to help many people.

Compound exercises and fitness

Compound exercises recruits as many muscles as possible. The main reason behind doing compound exercises are, they involve most of the important muscles and parts in the body and overload of proteins and calories will help these muscles grow. Concentrate on fitness too while concentrating on weight gain. This will help to be strong as well.

Avoid running long distances

Running long distances is the enemy and it wouldn’t help in weight gain. But still if you want to run, consider running up a hill or do sprints. To put on some pounds distance cardio has to be minimized or avoided.

Diet plan

For an office going person it will be difficult to follow the diet or keep a track of it. There are different diet plans according to the lifestyle and eating habits in a country. It has been written and approved by dieticians. Any of the diet plans can be chosen which is suitable and can be followed despite the busy schedule. These diet plans provide healthy food tips to gain weight and not merely fat weight. Diet plans are planned according to the body requirements and hence it does not bring any side effects along with it. They have framed plans from Monday to Sunday or five days a week.

Rest up

Taking rest is as important as eating. Resting allows the muscles to relax and helps it grow. For maximum gain adequate sleep is also important. Move as little as possible while increasing the quantity of food intake. But this method may not help in getting the desired appearance. It will make the body weaker instead of stronger.

Don’t ignore fast weight gain or training too hard

In an effort to gain weight as quickly as possible, you might put a lot of stress on the body which will affect the overall process. Secondly overeating without consulting a dietician may also risk the whole process as it might cause obesity and pain in the future. Consult a personal trainer and also a physician before starting off with the diet and before making significant changes in the diet.

Energy dense diet perfect for gaining weight

Considering gaining weight, then it is important to eat single ingredient foods mostly whole. Below are some of the energy dense foods perfect for gaining weight.

HighFatDiary: Try to intake cheese, cream, full fat yogurt and whole milk. Adding cream to the coffee tastes better.

Fats and Oils: Avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil are best when it comes to gaining weight.

Meat:  Choose fattier pieces of meat than the simple ones. Lamb, beef, pork are few of them.

Tubers: Yam, sweet potatoes and ordinary potatoes comes under this category.

Apart from this trail mixes, coconut milk, peanut butter, avocado and dark chocolates can also be added in the diet.

Trying weight gainer drinks and shakes

There are a lot of drinks and shakes available in the market which paves way for weight gain. Consulting a dietician and getting the advice would be helpful in choosing the right drink.

Herbal products

We came across a lot of herbal products that helps in both weight gain and weight loss.

Caution: It may work out for some men but for some it may cause harmful side effects. Consider twice before going for herbal drinks and tablets.

Try to know what is happening in your body

Keep a track of the weight that has been gained and add some extra lbs to the desired weight. Once the goal is reached it is good to minimize the carbs and fats and start doing exercises. So in the end weight will be gained with an excellent body frame.

Bottom Line

Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight as it requires a lot of time.  The key to success is consistency for a long term, Men who try to gain weight should force themselves to eat more despite felling stuffy. But going through all these pain will ultimately help towards reaching the goal – healthy weight gain.