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Best ways to improve facial hair faster in men

Men for decade pride for the beard and moustaches. These are the symbol of a macho man. This brings natural beauty and masculinity for men for which they can boost. Styles with facial hair have changed from time to time but the appeal of beard and moustaches will always remain the same. Boys as teenagers think how to have facial hair fast. They try out different process to get thick and quick growth of facial hair.

The facial hair symbolizes macho. Their facial hair makes them more attractive and good looking and more and more men like to experiment with their beard and moustaches , inorder to try out some fancy styles fuller hair is demanding. So, to improve the fast growth of the facial hair here are few simple tips you can try on yourself. These guidelines will help you grow your hair faster than the usual.

Best ways to improve facial hair faster


To fasten the growth of the facial hair the role vitamins and minerals is prevalent. Include the vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet to influence the speed growth of the hair.

Clean your skin

Keeping your skin clean is the next door to fuel the growth of small hair on the face. So, try the best to clean-up the face, rinse it off with a good moisturizing face wash for two times a day. But it is not good to wash your face several times in a day, it will strip the natural moisture in the skin.

Quit smoking

Smoking has been linked with the hair loss problem in men. Cigarette consists of nicotine, it keeps your body in a certain state which it feels difficult to gather the nutrients that are necessary for the hair growth. Nicotine also the best contributor for the construction of blood vessels, by which it unbalances the proper blood circulation. If you are really working hard to increase the facial hair growth, then you have to follow the cigarette packet caution.


“Do you tense often and fell into stress very regularly! then it may be yet another problem reducing your facial hair growth, says beauty and health experts. Control your stress and anxiety problems through the safe mode of medication and yoga. The more you relax, the more the crop of beard.


Plan to massage your face regularly to improve the blood circulation. This process help to boost the new hair growth.

Amla oil is one of the beneficial oil to improve the facial hair growth. Massage your face with a dab of amla oil and leave it for 15 to 20 before rinsing off with cold water.


Exfoliation is a good treatment you can try by yourself for atleast one time in a week to flush out the dead skin. The build up of dead skin don’t allows the new hair to grow, so exfoliate and clear the path to produce new hair.


Keeping the skin moisturized will stimulates the growth of the beard, apply moisturizer to your face regularly to note the changes. Opt for the moisturizing lotion or cream that consists of eucalyptus as an ingredient.


Focus on the nutrients to improve the facial hair growth, for the proper hair growth the sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins are very essential. Add your diet with more vegetables and fresh fruits, nuts and grains also help you to give required nutrients.

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to foster the growth of the hair.

Different Ways to Grow Facial Hair for Men

Men has been in search of various process which will help facial hair grow faster and thicker. One way is good quality sleep. Sleep is the fuel of the body and mind which energises the mind and body to work the next day with full potentiality. When you take sound sleep the damaged skin cells are repaired and rejuvenated. So the pores are open and help in maximum facial hair growth. Sleep let your body and mind relax, which helps the beard to grow quickly and the quality also improves. Healthy diet is a must for a better and fast hair growth. Also drink plenty of water and liquids to have a thick and quick beard and
moustache growth. Healthy and balanced diet and plenty of water help the operation of the body at optimal level and this helps in hair growth. Another process which will help in great facial hair growth is
massaging with amla oil. Massage the facial hair with amla oil and then leave it for 15- 20 minutes. Then wash the face with cold water.

Always try to avoid sweets and fast food which is harmful for your body and skin. Avoiding these will keep your skin and system clean and proper and you will get best quality facial hair. When you have enough facial hair growth you can opt for different beard and moustache styles. One important thing to remember is that having beard is great but you need to maintain it properly. Beard is like your garden, which needs to be looked after. And if it is taken care of, it looks great, fresh and stylish. But shabby, unmaintained beard and moustache looks like an unimpressive jungle. Stick to your facial hair and give it time to grow. Never give up if it is not very good at the initial stage. Never commit the mistake of shaping your beard before few months. Trim it after it had grown sufficiently. Keep your beard and moustache trimmed with a good quality trimmer. You can also use comb and scissor. From our ancient history be can see that beard symbolizes power, leadership, wisdom, virility etc. Beard also is a sign of maturity. The beard can have different colour, diameter, density etc. The colour can be darker which makes the beard appear thicker. Then comes the diameter which can be large, thick hairs or thin, fine hairs. The
density also varies.

Secrets for Dense Beard

Another factor for getting thick and quick beard is proper exercise. Exercise increase testosterone, which stops the hair from the beard to fall. Exercise increase blood circulation which is good for health and for our facial hairs too. Good food and food supplements also work greatly for better growth of beards. But a gene is also a very vital factor in deciding the type of beard and its quality. Hormone therapy can be highly recommendable for a thick and faster growing beard. Beard growing sprays are also available which can stimulate for a better growth of moustache and beards. Age is also a deciding factor for a quality and quantity of the growth of the beard. Teenagers will initially have a patchy sign but will have a better growth later. For youths in twenties beard will gradually develop, but at a slower pace. Now you had decided to grow beard, so be aware that it do not have the itching problem. Improper cut of the whiskers will poke the face and will give itching sensation with redness and discomfort.

Dry skin can also cause itching beard, so be particular about moistening them well. Always try to wash your face with cold water. Beard is very important factor of our history and culture. This symbolizes rich heritage. Beard is a face of dominance, assertiveness etc. Beard can give you a more aggressive look. Your beard can give a trustworthy, wiser look. Every man once in his life should try to have a proper moustache and beard growth. Beard and moustaches can keep cancer at bay. Beards prevents UV rays to affect us. Beards and moustache can prevent from getting wrinkle and reduces skin ageing. Moustaches and beard prevents blemishes happening to your skin. Dense beard prevents the allergens from entering the skin, and prevents the skin from rashes; acne etc.Beard hair grows in three phases. They are anagen, catagen, telogen. In the anagen phase the hairs keeps growing, which depends on the genes. After this the genetics tells the beard to stop to grow and then the hair sits same for some time. Then it is the time for the final stage, when again the new hair grows and pushes out the old ones. Growing facial hair is a fascinating, diverseĀ  and a period of enjoyment. At olden days People kept beard to protect from cold weather, and keep oneself warm. As time passed to evolved to modernisation and the concept of moustache and beard had come to a style statement. Men have become consious and maintain a good quality moustache and beard. Though the frequency of growth is not the same in every man, but every man have a moustache and beard grows from the stage of puberty. So, facial hair gives you a strong character and personality. If you want beard and moustache seriously then stop shaving totally. Have patience to grow a good quality beard, and maintain the basic hygiene factors, good food habits, sufficient rest, balanced diet etc. Men cherish the speciality of moustache and beard which a woman do not have. So, now also this is in fashion and will always be.