100 Ways to Gain Weight in a Month for Men

100 Ways to Gain Weight in a Month for Men

It is good to be thin but at the same time you are sure not to look good when you become lanky. Too much of weight loss and that too without the right care can make you fall sick. So, it is best that you take to the right measures to stay fit and fine and at the same time have the right gain in weight.

Are you underweight and skinny? Well, there can be plethora of reasons behind the same. Inadequate eating habits, poor appetite, poor food selections, prolonged gaps between meals, more physical activity than food intake are some of the common ones. Regardless of the reason of being underweight, you might have tried a number of plans to gain weight but haven’t been successful yet. Don’t worry – here is a complete list of useful tips that will help you achieve your weight gaining goals just in a couple of weeks.

Best 100 tips

Nutrition is the key

You should focus on gradual and steady weight gain. Gaining weight should be in a healthy way.

Include more calories

You can do this by adding 500 kilo calories to your diet every day. By doing so, you might gain around 0.5 or more K.gs every week.

Set realistic goals

Not everyone is that fortunate to be the center of attraction or become a showstopper. Therefore, practical goal-setting is very important.

Don’t push yourself

Don’t forget, you should not force yourself to overeat, you need to eat healthy.

Don’t skip breakfast

No matter how busy you are, you should not skip your breakfast. It will lead to considerable weight-loss.

Frequent meals

You should eat more than 3 meals per day. If your metabolism is naturally fast, eating just three meals (even if it contains all things fatty) won’t help you.

Eat whenever possible

Don’t eat just when your tummy rumbles, rather eat whenever possible.

Set timer

Set a remainder to tell you it’s the time to eat. Snooze it for every 2 hours.

Keep your food ready

Frequent eating takes effort as you have to keep your food ready. High-calorie snacks can help, such as peanut butter, bananas, granola bars, etc.

Eat restaurant-sized meals

As you are advised to eat at least 5 meals, make sure they are large enough to fulfill your objective. Therefore, consuming restaurant- size meals packed with calories are recommended.

Begin with breakfast

A large breakfast should comprise 2 slices of sausage or bacon, omelet (three-egg), roasted potatoes as well as a glass of juice (maybe orange or the one you love).

Its lunch time now

For lunch you can eat a full dressed turkey, whole wheat bun or bread, 2 bananas and most importantly, salad.

What’s there in the dinner?

One to two cups of grilled vegetables, grilled steak, and baked potatoes can help you gain weight within one month.

Stick to nourishment

You can easily put a few pounds by drinking carbonated beverages and eating junk food, like pizza, burger and many more. However, this can hamper your metabolism and you will end up gaining fat and not building muscles. So, it’s better not to make them your staple.

Stick to tradition

You should go for unprocessed food or the one that are made traditionally. For example – select traditional oatmeal over the instant ones; eat fresh chicken instead of the processed and packaged lunch meat.

Add fats, proteins and carbohydrates

Make these your staples (at least when you are on with your weight gain program) and see the rise in your weight.

Dietary inclusions

Include eggs, tuna, salmon, pork, ham, chicken thighs and breasts, lean beef steak, olive oil, grape seed oil, nuts, flaxseeds, sunflower oil, beans, fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread etc, in your daily diet.

Eat salmon

Make sure to include at least 2 portion of this super-tasty fish in your everyday diet. This will regularize the protein collection of your body, leading to weight gain.

Acorn squash is good

It is a seasonable vegetable and full of natural fibers and antioxidants. You can brush a little bit of olive oil or butter and bake it. It is really a calorie dense item to gain weight.

Eat whole eggs

Having eggs regularly can definitely help you gain weight. The best part – it is very economical and a natural source of good cholesterol, protein and vitamins.

Enjoy the buttery delight

Needless to mention that butter helps in gaining weight as soon as nothing. However, it is also associated with weight gain in a long run. Therefore, too much butter consumption is not considered good, especially for your heart.

Figs are also good

Soak 3 to 4 figs in cold water and keep it overnight. The very next morning, eat them in empty stomach.

Bagels for weight gain

This is no secret that bagels are loaded with complex carbohydrates. You should eat it.

Use milk instead of water

When preparing oatmeal or porridge, you should use milk and not water.

Have tuna for weight gain

Tuna is loaded with plenty of important fatty acids. The latter comprise a number of healthy fats that help you not only gain weight, but maintaining your health.

You need corn bread

Who does not love to eat corn bread with their favorite soups and curries? For hard gainers, corn bread can be a tasty partner for weight gain. Just having one piece of corn bread and power you up with 328 calories (approx.)

Say ‘cheddar Cheese’

Cheese is all about concentrated and fermented milk. So, it’s loaded with calcium, protein, cholesterol, fat and calories. It is an ultimate item for weight gain.

Learn to cook

While cooking you will be able to experiment with the ingredients and taste different food. This will speed up the process of weight gain.

Consume granola

Granola is a power-packed combination of oats and nuts. It can provide around 500 calories on its own. Having it in breakfast can help you.

Rely on nuts and seeds

They contain huge amounts of polyunsaturated fat and add healthy calories to your body. Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds are good sources.

Are you a vegetarian?

Beans are the best replacements for those who cannot reap the weight-gaining benefits offered by animal proteins.

Another tip for the vegetarians

Soya beans are other high calories items that both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians can have for weight gain.

Eat with your hand

Eating like this will let you eat more at a time and you will be able to eat more than you do otherwise.

Change your eating time

A recent research on weight-gaining tips has shown that people who eat after 8 PM tend to have more BMIs (body mass indexes) than people who don’t eat at night.

Don’t make your diet boring

Try to make variations within your diet; otherwise you won’t be able to carry on with it for long.

Drink a lot of water

Water will process out the extra calories you are taking in. It also flushes out the toxins produced in your body and keeps you hydrated.

Don’t drink water before your meals

Yes, drinking water before meals does not allow you to eat more, as a result of which you won’t be able to reach your portion for weight gain.

Gain weight Italian-style

Pasta is famous for its rich flavor. Apart from taste it is also rich in calories. So, eat pasta and gain weight.

No guessing game is allowed

When it comes to diet planning for weight gain, there is no room for your gut feelings. Until and unless you are accurate and particular about your diet, you cannot meet your goal.

Calculation is important

Write about your daily food intake in a notebook. You can also use a mobile app serving the purpose of calorie counting. By doing so, you will be able to figure out the exact amount of calories. This is good for you only.

Give your tummy bonuses

Hard gainers like you don’t put on weight for a number of reasons. The main among them is – they don’t add extra punches to their diet. If you become able to find out what to add more and munch it lovingly, you will surely gain weight faster.

An amazing calorie-rich recipe for you

Take a jar of peanut butter (with no artificial flavors and additives) and empty the entire thing in a bowl. As one to three spoons of protein powder, little bit of honey (as per your taste), and ½ to 1 cup of dried oatmeal. Now add water to it and mix it well. Separate the mixture into equal portions and refrigerate it. Eating this mouth-watering and high-calorie recipe with each meal for couple of days and see the difference.

Search the web

You can search the web for finding out a number of delicious, health and calorie rich recipes.

Eat as fast as possible

Eating faster can also help you gain weight quickly. If you are a slow-eater, you tend to feel satisfied within no time. As a result of which, you eat less.

Drink more

Chewing the food takes more time, but drinking calories is easy, right? So, grab your calorie-rich glass whenever possible. It can be anything, milk, juice or simple coconut water.

Love your food

Most of the time when people are on a diet, they get caught into the act of in-taking food. They just forget about the taste, their focus remain on the numbers. Love your food and savor every bite of it and then get yourself some weight.

Eat where you are supposed to

Yes, the majority of people, especially office-goers eat their meal wherever they find comfortable. Some even eat in their cars or while standing in the lobby. Your eating posture is very critical.

Don’t watch TV while eating

This is really a very bad eating habit. Some studies say that it makes you fat. Wait – there is nothing to be happy! In this way, yes you can gain weight, but you will be called as a couch potato. Probably, don’t want to be called by this name.

Encourage your appetites

If you aren’t a food lover, learn the tips to stimulate eating.

Don’t make fried food a habit

Fried food can help you gain weight easily, but not properly and healthily.

Avoid protein-rich diets

Eating huge quantity of dietary proteins would not help you gain muscles faster, rather they will interfere with your bodily functions. It’s better not to stick to them.

Take a walk before your eat

It will increase your hunger and you will tend to eat more.

Weight training is very important

Those who are into bodybuilding know this very well that to get bigger they need to do more and more weight training. It is a kind of workout designed for making the muscles go stronger and larger. You can begin with it at a fitness center or but the equipment (set of weights and a barbell) and practice it at home.

Give a try to resistance exercises

With the help of these exercises, you will be able to exercise your muscles without making use of weights. One of the easiest ways to get started with resistance exercises is doing push-ups.

Workout all your muscles

You may want to bulk up just a particular part of your body. However, you will be a complete gainer if you workout all your muscles instead of focusing on a single area.

Making a plan is very critical

Whether it’s your food or exercise routine, planning is very important. So, plan a schedule before getting started. You can make necessary changes later on based on your daily requirements, but make sure to stick to a routine.

Exercising does not mean getting injured

You tend to gain muscle mass when you put pressure on your muscle fibers by stressing them beyond their normal limits. This target is achieved by weight lifting and doing repetitions. However, in any case you should not exaggerate your body and injure it.

Increase pressure gradually

Suppose it is the first day of your training and you started lifting heavy weights and doing more repetitions than your body can tolerate, you will collapse. Indulge gradually.

Go for compound exercises

You should need to focus on complex and compound workouts that involve most of your muscle groups. Dumbbell presses, bench presses, dead lifts, dips, pull ups, squats and chin ups can help.

Rest gap is equally important

Scheduling rest gaps between sets is very important in order to get a well-toned and refreshed body.

No more than 12 reps

Make sure that you don’t do reps more than 12 per set. This can be harmful for your body rather than being beneficial.

Give time to your muscles

You should not work out on the same set of muscles again and again. Give a break of around 48 hours before working on the same muscle all over again.

Enjoy your protein shake

As per a research conducted at the University of Birmingham, having protein shakes after each exercising session improves your stamina. Therefore, you should not skip this.

Sleep well – stay well

Getting a sound sleep for about 7 to 9 hours every night is one of the secrets of gaining weight. However, that does not mean – all sleep and no work.

Don’t make your routine monotonous

Remember, a human body can get adapted to a particular situation or routine very quickly. If no alterations are there in your exercising routine, then within no time you will hit the plateau. Therefore, you need to change your routine occasionally.

What changes to make

You may decrease or increase the number of the sets or reps you do every day. Also, just changing the order of the exercises is enough sometimes.

Limit your cardio sessions

While doing cardio exercises, like running, swimming and biking, you end up using your energy that you should have focused on muscle growth. So, limit or eliminate your cardio sessions when it comes to gaining weight.

Can’t do without cardio?

Well, in that case you need to choose the exercises that don’t use most of your energy. Walking or hiking in low-lands can be there in your list.

Be practical

You will get to see a number of advertisements claiming weight gain in few days or so. You should not get into such traps as you know that you can neither gain nor lose weight that easily.

What if you run short of time?

Even if you don’t get time to go for weight training sessions every day, you should try to make it three times a week.

Don’t just focus on appearance

If your motive for weight gain is just focused on improving your appearance, then it’s high time to focus on your entire body.

You are a human-being, not a plant

Jokes apart. You can move. One of the quick fixes to gain weight is – eat as much as you can and move as less as possible. Yes, you can surely get plumper by following this rule, but not a handsome hunk. So, it’s better to move your body.

Maintain your physique

Don’t forget that you are eating five meals or more per day. It is quite obvious to put on a certain level of fat. There is nothing to worry about. Just don’t forget this – you can get rid of the fat.

Say good bye to the fat

In order to do this, you will have to figure out your main “goal weight”. Once you attain the same, you can easily cut back on your diet, especially the carbo portions and include more and more exercising and get a killer appearance.

Count on the signs

In order to gain weight as fast as possible, you have been putting a lot of pressure on your body since Day-1. Isn’t it? Don’t forget – you should not feel drained out and fatigued all the time while on your “Mission Gain Weight”. Instead of feeling low and sleepy, you should feel rejuvenated and strong with each passing day. However, if you are feeling the other way out, there must be something wrong. Try to understand the same and don’t ignore.

Do recover yourself

It is very important to focus on recovery after each session of workout. Doing stretching exercise and taking hot showers can help. A healthy body responds to changes quickly.

Nothing will change overtime

Time is the best medicine. You should not forget that you are no Hulk to develop bigger muscles, just like that. Give time, train yourself.

Develop a positive attitude

A positive attitude can surely help you achieve your target properly.

Don’t compare your body to others

You have to understand that no two individuals are equal. Concentrating on yourself can help you reach your goals faster than comparing.

Seek professional help

A professional can make a lot of differences in your mission. With professional guidance, you will be able to get a proper idea about the dos and don’ts (as per your requirements), scheduling and duration of your exercising sessions.

Seek medical help

This is the most important factor that you should never-ever forget. A doctor can help you know your body and tell you which way to go. For example – you have a history of back pain. In this case, you doctor can advice you the best solution that you won’t be able to get otherwise.

Get a proper medical checkup

Among all the reasons of a skinny body, there are a number of health conditions. Some of them are really dangerous, like cancer and tuberculosis. A proper medical checkup and help you dig deep into it.

Why are you underweight?

If you are able to answer this properly, your hard gaining battle is half won.

Train your mind

Once you have decided to get started with weight gain, start training your mind about the changes your mind and body is going to experience over the next couple of weeks. It makes weight gain easier.

Gaining fat is equally important

Don’t forget that one cannot increase his muscle mass until and unless he gains fat. So, be prepared for it. You can always shed off the extra fats.

Track weight gain

It is a very important part and helps you gain weight in a proper way.

Be sensible

You should never waste your time, money and effort on meal supplements, powders and pills that claim to be the best for increasing you muscle mass within no time.

Workout sessions should be short

Try to make your exercising sessions intense and short rather than relaxed and long.

Go to a dietician

A dietician can tell you properly about the food you need to eat and avoid.

Say no to smoking

Although it is a very basic thing you need to avoid in order stay healthy, it can also interfere with your weight gain program.

Same is applicable for alcohol

In order to gain weight both healthily and quickly, say goodbye to alcoholic beverages.

Be consistent

This is the key to every weight management program. So, make sure to maintain consistency.

Maintain your weight gain

It is easy to achieve your target, but it’s quite hard to maintain the same. So, should try your level best to maintain the weight gain.

Don’t be a fortune-teller

Most people have a habit of predicting things about themselves. If you have lost 1 kg in one week does not mean that this figure would remain the same. Don’t stop estimating and start acting.

Going to a gym is a better option

Yes, it will help you maintain a proper and consistent routine. Most importantly, you will get proper guidance. Until and unless it’s not at possible to go to a gym or you are a fitness expert, you should not work out alone.

Try Creative supplements

Weight gain in athletes is sometimes associated with Creative. So, you can also try this under medical guidance.

Don’t miss a weight management seminar

Often various organizations and institutions organize weight management seminars and conferences. You should try to be an active participant or at least an attendee.

Taking multivitamins can be helpful

Ask your doctor to prescribe you some multivitamins so that you could make it to your target easily.

Try yoga

Apart from doing intense exercises, you should try yoga. It will help you body to relax.

Meditate regularly

Meditation helps you in healing yourself from within. When your mind is clear you will be able to concentrate well and focus on your weight gain target.

So, now that you have so many options to carry on with your weight gain program, why wait?

Eating the right kind of food

Most people have the notion that eating too much of junk foods can make you look fat. To gain in weight it is important that you eat the right kind of food rather than eating junk foods at plenty. Junk foods will damage your system and make you stay unwell. Your digestive system will be affected in the process and you are sure to suffer in the long run. Take to homemade foods and you can even eat lots of fruits and milk products. These are the items to help you stay well for a longer time period and gradually you are sure to have a positive gain in weight.

Gain in weight without stress

It is also important to avoid unnecessary stress in life in case you want to stay fit and healthy all the time. Stress calls for bad diseases and this can make you grow thin down the years and you become victim of several ailments. All of us have stress in life and there are lots of tensions in our personal and professional lives. This is when it is good to practice yoga and take to daily sessions of meditation. You are sure to become calm with meditation and now you are full of positive energy and in the process you are sure to have faster gain in weight. Gaining in weight is a process and for the same you have to follow some basic steps to stay fit and fine all along.

Avoid too much of verbal interaction

Be calm and do not talk too much when you are in touch with someone. Too much of verbal interaction helps you lose in positive energy and you tend to become thin and weak. Rather you can spend the time reading books or concentrating on other things. Books are best friends in life and they can help you be at rest and in the way you can relax and have some good gain in weight. Unnecessary chit-chat is a sheer waste of energy and become so restless and negatively motivated in life.

Happiness can cause weight gain

Staying happy in life is a good way to have gain in weight. Unhappy moments will only make you suffer. This is when it is time that you stay with things that you love in life. You can relax while listening to some good piece of music. Music is always considered to be the food for life and melody can really help you heal in time. This is the reason people who are sick are allowed to listen to music to get well soon. This is the best mantra to have some positive weight gain in life.

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