Ways to find your son is smoking

Ways to find your son is smoking

Ways to find your son is smoking

Smoking is known to be claiming millions of lives all over the world. You obviously do not want your son to become a victim of smoking related diseases. Catching your son smoking might make you question your parenting skill. But if your son is smoking then he might need your help instead of getting reprimanded. Smoking can be a gateway to drugs so you need to help your son quit if he is smoking cigarettes. But to help him quit you need to first find out if he is smoking at all. Your son might be careful enough to avoid getting caught red handed but there are a few signs that you can look for.

Signs to look for

Here are few helpful signs that can help you know if your son is smoking or not.

  • Smoking can turn teeth brown or yellow. If you notice that your son’s incisors have yellow or brown stains in them then your son might be smoking. The tar accumulates on teeth to leave them stained if one continues smoking for a long time.
  • Apart from teeth you can notice a change in lip color as well. Smoker’s lips are darker than that of non smoker. Again the tar accumulation causes the darkening of the lips. So it can be a good sign.
  • Nails and the skin are also good indicators that can help you know if your son is smoking. You will notice that your son’s nails and the skin of his hands will become harder and will become yellowish as well.
  • An increase in mint intake can also be a dead giveaway. Mint might help suppress the smell of cigarettes so if you see that your son is taking mint frequently, that too when he is entering the house then there is reason to suspect him.
  • Apart from mints the increase in the number of times he brushed his teeth can also be a sign. If your son suddenly brushes more often, then you might want to take a look into his sudden increase in dental care.
  • A spike in spending can also be a sign that your son is smoking. If you see that he is asking for money more frequently then he might be spending the money buying cigarettes.
  • Your son might be hiding a packet of cigarettes in his room. This might be making him more edgy than usual. If you do not want to invade his privacy then you might not be willing to snoop. But if you see that your son is getting hyper when you even step into his room then he is hiding something for sure.
  • Your son mobile may leave a clue. Smell his mobile phone. If he is smoking, he could hold and operate the phone and talk while he is smoking.. so, his mobile may hold some nicotine smell.
  • Smell his fingers while he is sleeping.
  • If he is smoking too much, his urine also get some nicotine smell.

Best option

You can resort to a number of sneaky ways like raiding his room or asking his friends, but when you find out and confront him he might feel betrayed. If you do care about your son then you need to show him that. Asking him directly is the best way to resolve the problem. Sit your son down and help him understand the repercussions of smoking. Showing him that you trust him and you want to help him is the best way to get to know if your son is smoking or not.

But do not deal the situation with harsh when he get caught. You should tell him gently and try to change him gradually. That is the best way to make him get rid of smoking.

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