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Top natural foods for strong bones

Top natural foods for strong bones

Bones are the building blocks of the body. In order to live a healthy life, stronger bones are vital. Research shows that around the age of 35 the bone mass begin to drop down to a greater extent in both men and women. We should concentrate more on our bone growth as it is critical for our longevity. Do you know that bones also play a major role in maintaining a proper structure and posture? The strength and the shape of the skeleton structure are directly related with our physical appearance. Hence, it is important to take care of your bones not only for good health but also for an attractive appearance.

Different foods such as vegetables are for different purpose. Food gives us energy and builds our muscles strong. Apart from it, if you have deficiency in any part of your body, specific food can be ideal in mending those. Similarly, if your feel your bones are weak and wish to make it strong, you must rely upon some food items.

Facts about Healthy Bones

In order to have stronger bones, there are two key factors that come into picture. They are Calcium and Vitamin D.

Role of Calcium – Calcium forms the base for stronger bones. It slows the weakening of bones and helps in improving the bone mass among men and women. For men below 50, it is advisable to intake 1,000 milligrams a day of calcium rich content and for those above 50, it is 1,200 mg of calcium rich foods. The amount of calcium you intake is also important because too much of calcium can also lead to other side effects like cancer.

Role of Vitamin D – Vitamin D is also another great source for building stronger bones. One of the natural ways of gaining Vitamin D is to expose your skin under sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also eat Vitamin D rich foods to maintain a healthy life.

Best foods for stronger bones

• Protein rich foods such as soy food, animal food and beans
• Food rich in magnesium such as whole grains
• Food with the contents of minerals and calcium
• Vegetables, stalks and roots
• Nuts, seaweeds, seeds
• Stock

Protein rich foods

In order to make your bones strong and healthy, you need to consume vitamins and nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Organically grown vegetables have a great value if you want to make your bones stronger and effective. Some of the green leafy vegetables include mesclun, parsley, arugula, collard greens, watercress, bokchoy,

You can now get vegetables readily available in the market which have good source of iron, magnesium and calcium. Some of those vegetables include zucchini, cabbage, butternut squash, acorn, carrot and broccoli. There is a wonderful vegetable that provides the maximum calcium per calorie which is none other than bok choy. This calorie can be detected as and when the item is cooked. The vegetables such as cooked mustard greens, raw celery, and broccoli can be cooked and around 495mg of calcium can be extracted per gram.

Generally, skimmed milk is regarded as one of the best source of calcium. But, even if you consume it, the calcium content for the same quantity will be not more than 351 mg. The vegetables such as spinach as well as Swiss chard contains good amount of calcium but one of the negative part is the involvement of oxalates. These oxalates interfere with calcium that is absorbed in your body. But, if you are consuming the food items which has excess calcium, oxalates will play a wonderful role over here.

Stock for minerals

You can easily see the new and improved recipe shown in your television set have food items cooked in stock. It is one of the healthy ways of cooking as this has the capacity of increasing the nutritional value of a food item. Thus, the items such as soup, sauces, stews, beans cooked with stock are very beneficial for your health. Since the stock contains bones of chicken or vegan, while boiling it for a long time, most of the minerals are leached out into the cooking water. Thus, the stock so formed becomes really nutritious as well as alkalizing. If some sour food items such as vinegar is added to the stock, it gains more power for alkalizing.

Food rich in trace minerals

Some of the food rich in trace minerals includes seeds, seaweeds, nuts etc. These minerals plays really great role in developing bone health of an individual. But, you need to remember that the calcium that you are consuming is also a perfect balance of all minerals. But, if you are consuming the food items which rich are in trace minerals, it will take you to long way towards providing a proper mineral balance. You must not be aware that seaweeds are mostly used in Japanese cuisine but has wonderful role in making your mineral contents balanced.

Whole grains

People staying in various parts of the nation have either rice or wheat as their staple food. These food whole grains are also really effective in replacing deficient nutrient. Some of the varieties of whole grains include millet, oats, wheat, rye, barley etc. The complex carbohydrates in the diet play an important role in making the bones strong. If you can consume efficient amount of whole grains getting strong bone will be really advantageous. The grains provides calories which diminishes the body’s need and help metabolizing protein to gain energy. Also the whole graisn are very good source of magnesium. There will be absorption of calcium that is extracted from blood and directly enters into bones.
You can also contact your nutritionist and find the particular list of food and veggies that is really suitable for making your bones strong.

Top Foods for Strong Bones

Foods are the natural sources of nutrients for building stronger foods when comparing pills. As said earlier, since Calcium can boost up the building of stronger bones, it is essential to intake foods that are rich in Calcium. Yogurt and low fat dairy products are known to strengthen the calcium. Since many foods are rich in Calcium, it will be an easy job to include those in your daily chart. Some of the foods that are Calcium rich are

  1. Green Peas
  2. Cereals
  3. Orange Juice
  4. Sea Vegetables

Let us look into some of the foods in detail that aids for building stronger bones.

Almond – Protein, fiber and calcium are the key factors that are available in almonds. A good almond has a heavy feel and has no cracks in it. Don’t crack the almonds until you are going to consume it. If you don’t like eating almonds in its raw form, you can add it to the salad or in any other food combination.

Yogurt – This food is the famous one when it comes to building stronger bones. As a fact, yogurt contains a huge amount of calcium content than milk. You have to be careful in choosing the kind of yogurt. Choose one which is of non-fat form. Since, yogurt contains healthy bacteria and proteins, it is recommended by many doctors for hale and healthy life.

Eggs – We have been talking about Vitamin D as the key factor for stronger bones. The best food that is rich in Vitamin D is eggs. Eggs can be served during breakfast in different forms. This is one of the favorite foods for many breakfast lovers.

Green Leaves – Green leaves in any forms like Broccoli, Spinach do wonders in building healthier bones. Usually green leaves are preferred for any type of diseases as they are bundled with huge amount of nutrients.

Milk – Milk is the favorite one for children. Many biscuits also have milk as the main ingredient. Milk has a high amount of calcium which is preferred for daily consumption. It is not only ideal for children but also for men of any age.

Soy Beans – If you are looking for a food that is rich in magnesium, soy beans is where your search ends. Any soybean recipe makes a great snack. This can be blended with different texture to form a delicious food.

Olive Oil – Recent studies have stated that olive oils play a major role in strengthening the bones. It not only prevents cancer but also has excellent heart benefits. Olive oil contains high level of osteocalcin which helps in achieving stronger bones.

Tap Water – Cavities is another problem many face in early age itself. Since Fluoride is present in tap water, it helps in increasing the density of bones which promotes dental health.

Healthy bones mean a lot to men. Unhealthy and broken bones lead to a lot of problem which disturbs your fitness. By the regular intake of the above nutrients in your body, your bones will be even more strong and healthy.