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How to make & where to use perfumes to last longer

Where To Use Perfume To Last It Longer

Perfumes have the ability to represent the personality of a person. When you are using a perfume, you should always make sure that it lasts long. Nowadays, there are various types of deodorants, but there is no substitute to perfumes. They last longer than deodorants and the variety of fragrances is much more. However, if you want to make your perfume last longer than usual, there are few things that you have to remember about the ways to use it and the areas where the fragrance would last long.

Understanding the way perfumes work

It is important to know the key areas where you should apply perfume so that everyone gets to know how sweet it smells. Most people use perfumes just because they smell good. Using a perfume also creates a good atmosphere around the person who has used it. There are experts who are of the opinion that using a perfume directly on the skin may cause allergies because of the chemicals used in the making of the perfume. If you are using a good perfume, the fragrance should last for a minimum of six hours and a maximum of eight hours. There are companies that claim long lasting perfumes, but they are a hoax. The PH level of the skin and the type of skin are two important factors that determine the longevity of the fragrance. Those who have a dry skin should use fragrance-free moisturizer before using the perfume. This would make their skin oily. Perfumes last longer on oily skin than dry skin.

Important tips for using perfumes

One of the main areas where perfumes tend to stay longer is behind your ears. It may seem to be very funny, but if you try it once, you will notice that the fragrance lasting longer than you expected. This works for both men and women. And, now a tip for women. Take a small cotton ball and spray the perfume on it. Keep the cotton ball inside your bra for a long lasting fragrance. In addition to this, if you spray the perfume lightly on your hair, then you will be doing wonders. However, if you think that your hair is very reactive chemicals, then it would be wise not to do such a thing. Many people have the habit of using scented soaps and lotions. So, if you start by using a scented soap while bathing, then use a scented lotion after bathing and finally a good perfume before going out, then combination will be too good and you will have a fabulous day.

Best areas to apply perfume

Another part of the body where the fragrance will last for a long time is on your wrists, especially the area where you feel your pulse. This is a very common area and almost everyone knows this. Women, always prefer to spray perfume in this area and rub both their wrists lightly. Using perfumes that are based on fragrances of rose, sandalwood, patchouli and jasmine would last for a long time. On the other hand, if you are using a deodorant, then the chances of long lasting fragrance will be tough because the chemicals used in the making of deodorants are different from perfumes. Plus, the fact that deodorants are gas based products, whereas perfumes are liquid based makes it all the more difficult for the fragrance to stay. Amongst all the above mentioned fragrances, patchouli can be used by men because it has a very musky scent and is considered quite sexy by many. There are others who try to blend one perfume with another to make the fragrance stronger. Do not try unless you have done it for quite a few times because otherwise you may miss a lot of perfume from both the bottles.

How to apply perfume

Different users have different ways of applying perfume. Most users, press the perfume bottle right on the place where they would like to spray. They think that they would not lose even a small drop of perfume from their bottle. This is an incorrect approach and would not make the perfume last longer. Then there are people who spray very little perfume so that their quantity of perfume last long and not the fragrance. This is also an incorrect approach. And, then there are people who like to splurge. They use a whole lot of perfume thinking it would last long. It will definitely last long, but you will have to buy a new bottle every other month. So, what exactly is the right way to apply perfume?

Understanding the technique

The first thing that you need to understand about using a perfume to make it last longer is the amount that you use. You should spray it in all the areas you like, but in a limited amount. Moreover, there is a certain technique that you should follow while spraying the perfume. Keep at least 4 to 5 inch gap from the area you want to spray and the bottle. Spray the perfume and gently walk into it. This will let the perfume spread into the surrounding areas of your body as well. It is almost as if you are walking in heavy fog. You will not feel anything while walking in it, but when the fog thins down, you will notice that your clothes are moist. Same is the case with perfumes. You spray the perfume away from your body and just walk into it. Suppose you want to spray in the chest region. Keep the bottle slightly away from the chest and spray it once. Quickly take a step in that direction. This will allow the little droplets to spread automatically into the regions you wanted to spray. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the way you spray from the perfume bottle. Press lightly, but make sure you press the whole knob down so that a full sprinkle comes out. This will ensure that you use the right amount of perfume every time. If you press it ever so lightly, then there are chances of wastage. Pressing it hard may disturb the pipe inside.

How to choose perfume to stay long hours and where to store them?

Mostly you choose the products that they’re smelling a bit and how to extend the life of the fragrance. Here, you have some tips on how to choose a long lasting scent. Choose the perfumes that are citrus, green and floral than woodsy ones, as they don’t last long. These perfumes won’t have a refresh smell after four hours. So, it is better to look for words like spicy or oriental.

The fragrance lasts much longer on moisturized skin, but you don’t apply a scented moisturizer first. Thus, it conflicts with your fine perfume. Instead, use unscented body oil such as almond oil all over the body. The place you spray perfume is also important. So, spray your perfume on your ankles, wrist, behind knees, elbows, near the ear, and your neck. There are some plus points to check with the fragrance of perfumes. This is because the scent raises your fragrance that will last a longer and start on the lower points that you like the ankles.

The best place to store perfumes is in a cool, dark place where it stays away from any humidity. You should not store perfumes in the fridge, never in bathrooms, heating units, and near an air conditioner. This is because the precious oil present in perfumes becomes destroyed when they’re exposed to extreme heat or cold.  Make sure the lid is tightly closed so that air doesn’t cause the perfume to oxidize.