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Best vitamins, minerals and supplements for men health

vitamins, minerals for men health

Our body needs different types of vitamins, minerals and food supplements to support our body system to work properly. So, eat healthy food and maintain a routine life, to keep your body parts to work in a proper manner. Even if we try and keep our food colourful and balance our nutrients and proteins we may lack or have a deficiency of any one at any point of time. So, be cautious that you do not lack any vitamins or protein at any point of life. So, to avoid this risky situation which may cause ill health and many complications, take food supplements, minerals and protein supplements with your regular healthy food. When you have balanced mineral, vitamins, your different body parts like the kidney, liver, heart, lungs etc will work very well. Balanced diet with supplements will increase your immunity power.

The deficiency of some nutrients and proteins is regular for every one inspite of the filled plate that contains various rich food items. Not just food offers you all the required proteins so, one must have bend for right kind of supplements in the right time. They help your heart, liver and other important organs on the same they stand as workers for the perfect immune system. Let us see the list of supplements that are essential for every men.

Acetyl L-Carnitine 

To treat the stress and aging problems,   is helpful .This amino acids translates the body fats into the form of energy and stimulates the antioxidant in the body. Studies proved that the supplement consumption gives relief from the chronic depression. The best source of amino acids in the natural products are red meat and dairy products.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D enhances the bone power for absorbing the calcium, but studies have also proved that vitamin D decreases the heart attack chances, reduces risk of colorectal cancer and depression levels. Get the vitamin D in the natural form from sunshine and fortified milk.

Korean Red Panax Ginseng

60% of men who consumed the ‘Korean Red Panax Ginseng’ noticed the difference in their erectile dysfunction. This herb works well for the heart too. The natural source is korean ginseng root.


Probiotics are interpreted as healthy bacteria which keeps away the disease causing bad bacteria in the stomach. It minimizes the diarrhea caused by antibiotics, infections, chemotherapy, and irritable bowel syndrome. It also stimulates the men’s immune function. The natural sources of probiotics are yogurt, kefir and some other dairy products.

Fish oil

Fish oil have the ability to lower blood pressure, regulate the HDL cholesterol, reduce the triglyceride with its essential omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. This rich fats not only protects the heart but also reduces the inflammation and increases the cognitive performance, by which it lowers the risk of colon and prostate cancer. The natural sources are fatty fishes, tuna and salmon.

Coenzyme Q-10

Coenzyme Q-10 controls the high blood pressure while stimulating the enzyme ecSOD inorder to shield the blood vessels from the damage. It also increases the sperm quality and cuts the fat during work outs. The natural sources are Meat, eggs, fish and broccoli.


The deficiency of magnesium leads to the head ache problems, receptors won’t work properly and blood vessels in the brain constrict, which leads to the migraine problem. Magnesium prevents the strokes and also decreases the risk of diabetes. Get the magnesium from the natural sources of leafy greens, coffee, nuts, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is a fiber which has the ability to clear the colon. Studies have proved that people who added their diet with this psyllium lowered their blood sugar levels and the response from insulin. It also dulls the hungry causing hormone ‘ghrelin’.  Psyllium is one out of the five soluble fibers, which was approved by the FDA for lowering LDL cholesterol. Fortified cereal grains are the natural sources.

Eat Well and Keep Fit

The prescribed vitamins, minerals and supplements are usually safe to use with no distinctive sideeffects. But be careful to choose the right product and the best quality product. The health problem faced at different stages and ages of life will be much in control, if you take these supplements as per your requirements. Now let’s talk how to keep the cholesterol in control. The plant stanol is a great remedy for this life taking ailment. Now if you use this plant extracted product, this will create a blockage to your intestine from the cholesterol being absorbed. This stanol will not the cholesterol to reach your arteries, which will help your heart work well and protect you from the risk of heart attack. Another ailment is the 3 o’clock slump. So, the remedy is Ginkgo biloba. The brain needs sufficient fuel to keep working steadily, and this can be in the form of oxygen rich blood. Now, Ginkgo biloba helps in opening the vessels which will send that blood to the brain, which in return helps in breaking the sticky platelets and let the easy flowing of the blood. Now let’s talk about the disease flu.

Taking Care of the Disease

This disease is very common, so we need to take protection, for a smooth life. The remedy to flu is the Elderberry extract. The production of cytokines, immune-system cells happens due to the intake of this herbal cocktail. These help in fighting with the viral invaders. So, take this precaution and get a good solution to the ailment of flu. Green tea is an antioxidant which will keep you healthy from inside and refresh you from outside. So, have green tea regularly to keep your system ongoing. Green tea burns fat at a great rate. Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG), which is an antioxidant which speeds up the metabolism and causes stimulation to the thermogenesis. This thermogenesis is an active process to burn the excess fat of the body. So, you are in shape, healthy from within. Now prostrate is a very common cause of trouble between men. And more serious is the prostate
cancer. The remedy to this life taking disease is Selenium. Research to some extend believes that the mineral selenium successfully destroys the free radicals of the cancer before they attack prostrate cells. So, taking selenium will lessen the risk of prostate cancer.

Detect and Cure the Disease at an Early Age

So, if you have any problem detects it and gets the correct treatment at the right time before it is too late. Blood sugar is a silent killer. To control blood sugar takes chromium picolinate. The sensitivity of the body increases to insulin. This helps to keep a normal level of blood sugar, and also helps in controlling the urge to gobble all food which is rich in sugar. This also helps to gain less weight. Now fertility problems are in every alternative house. So, we need a serious solution to this problem. The remedy to this infertility problem is L-carnitine. Amino acid is the basic necessity to make the sperms more strong and matured, which has a longer life span to enter to a successful world of fatherhood. The sperm count increases, and the quality also improves.

The Effects of Migraine

Migraine is awful, scary which enters the head and we suffer from tremendous headache. When the blood vessel spasms in the brain blocks oxygen this tremendous pain occurs. Fever few is an herb which can be found in Europe. These fever few help to reduce those spasms by minimizing the inflammatory compound production, called prostaglandins. So, usage of this has lowered the number of times of the headache in a month.  When the world sleeps and we are awake with stress, tension in our head, it is really troublesome.  The Timed-release melatonin is a remedy to the ailment of sleeplessness year after year. This version produce hormones naturally, which helps to have a good, relaxing sleep. Back pain is sometimes unbearable.

More Solutions for You

The easy way is White Willow bark. So,instead of taking too much of pain killer is not wise to take regular dose of white willow bark. So, you are relieved from the maddening pain of the back, and have no side effects later. Acne is a very common problem between young people, but not restricted to that group only. Zinc gluconate is a good solution to this problem. Acne brings ugly marks on the face which is also not easily removable. So, take the help of this dual functioning supplement to be cured from the persisting acne and the once which is ready to appear one fine day. Zinc gluconate is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory so it has the capacity to fight both the problems. So, come out of the horror of these acne and the marks. Zinc gluconate has the power to resist bacteria on the faces.

The Allergic Reaction

Many people among us are allergy prone. Butterbur is a supplement which is good cure for problem of allergies. During the allergy our body produces leukotrienes. Here the extract from the herb of butterbur makes miracle. It stops the allergies from doing their work. So, it can cure sneezing, stuffy nose with any prescribed medicine.  But remember that medicines have guidelines to use the medicine, the caution about the side effect and the allergic precautions. But for using supplements you are the best judge to find out how much the product or the natural extract suits you. The main aim is to see that the thing we consume or use should be safe, with no side effects. So, keep fit and fine, and take all the necessary minerals, supplements for a better future.