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Pulse points & tricks to apply perfume to last it all the day


Many people who dab expensive perfumes on their body usually have only one question in mind – “How can you make the fragrance last all day?” Of course, perfumes are meant to be ephemeral. However, where is the fun when you spray them on your body and the fragrance simply fades away or gets evaporated? Spraying them on pulse-points may seem like an old wives’ tale but that is what actually works. Here are some pulse-points that would make the fragrance of your perfume last all day long.

Apply perfume after your shower for long lasting all the day

As soon as you shower, your pores open right up. It’s the steam that does it and if you apply your perfume right after you came out of the shower. This is because your pores will soak up the scent better and it’ll last all the day. This is the best trick that you can try for long lasting perfume on your body.

Moisturize your skin to apply perfume that stays longer hours and don’t rub the perfume

Moisturizing is very important as it helps to keep your skin smooth and glowing. After shower first you need to apply moisturizer to your body, and then use perfume. Apply perfume after moisturized that help to keep your scent stay longer time. But, make sure that you should not rub the perfume as soon as you spray, because the molecules in perfume will destroy and is a bad habit. Rubbing a perfume can break down its molecules and diminishes the scent which enters into the air.

Spray perfume on hair to stay long hours

Fragrances tend to latch on to fibres more easily than to anything else. So, spraying them on your hair will make them last longer. However, if they contain alcohol, won’t they dry your hair out? If you would like your hair to stay hydrated, drink a lot of water before stepping out of the house. Beyond that, your hair helps carry the best perfume. So, you simply need to spray your perfume on your hair. If you do not want to spray the perfume directly on your hair, spray it on a comb and pull through delicately. This can also do the trick. In fact, a perfume that is sprayed or dabbed on to the hair can last incredibly longer than perfume that is dabbed or sprayed on the skin.

Apply perfume near ears to stay all the day

The earlobes are pulse points too. Simply spray the scent of your choice behind your ears. Since this area is warm, it will also serve to enhance the fragrance of your favorite perfume. If you would like to amplify the effect of the fragrance, try spraying your perfume at the top of the earth since the skin does not easily dry out there. Also, citrus notes are the ones that tend to fade the fastest, no matter which area you spray them on. So, you should make sure you are not spraying a citrus based perfume anywhere on your body.

Spray perfume at décolletage and collar bone

The power of your perfume will be maximized when you spray it on the décolletage and collar bone. All you need to do is spray them in these areas and since these zones have dips in the bone structure, they tend to retain the fragrance of the perfume for a longer period of time. The added bonus of wearing plunging necklines and strappy tops implies that there is some extra area for the perfume to exude from. This will naturally enhance the fragrance of your perfume and you would be left feeling great throughout the day. Moreover, since heat is what activates perfumes, when you spray your perfume on these zones, their power will automatically be enhanced.

Wrists the best place to spray perfume for long hours

The wrists are also pulse points. Since this area produces a lot of heat, you should consider applying the perfume here. This will further amplify the scent of your perfume. Gently dab some fragrance on the back of your hands if you would like the fragrance of your perfume to last longer, especially if you are an expressive talker. This will also help get the perfume noticed while you are in transit. However, make sure you do not rub the fragrance, deep inside your skin.

Inside the elbows is the best place for perfumes spray

If you are expecting a longer lasting diffusion, then spraying the perfume inside the elbows is the best option in front of you. The inside of the elbows are also quite warm and serves to obscure the smell that emanates slightly from the bends of the arms. Ensure that your skin has been moisturized if you would like to further enhance the power of your perfume. The better hydrated your skin is, the longer the effect of your perfume will last.

Behind the knees for strong fragrance

This is one of the areas, where the veins rise closer to the skin and they are also warmer than the other parts of the body. Moreover, since this area is also soft, it helps easily project the perfume of your fragrance. This area is perfect for wearing your favorite perfume in the summer season since it will emit the fragrance of your choice more easily. Moreover, with every crossing and uncrossing of your legs, you would be able to find that they emanate a strong fragrance.

Feet for strong perfume spray

An area of your body that keeps moving perpetually is one of the places you should spray your perfume on. This will help the fragrance of the perfume waft through the air. You can spray it on the calf muscles or even the ankles if you like. This will also help the fragrance emanate strongly.

Belly button for all day spray to stay longer

The perfect pulse point of wearing your favorite scent, this is almost like a receptacle for retaining the scent of the perfume. This is a must if you are planning to bare your midriff or wear a bikini in the summer. Do you remember that singer Steve Tyler from the band Aerosmith? He gave this little piece of advice to his daughter Liv Tyler – to wear the perfume on her belly button since it would last longer than at the other pulse points.

Perfume on clothing for complete day fragrance

Again, since perfumes stay longer when they are sprayed on fibrous materials, you should spray some on your clothing. Of course, this is not one of the pulse points, but it is definitely a great place to spray your perfume on to amplify its power. Pashminas and summer wraps are the best materials for spraying some perfume on since they would definitely not go a waste.

Long lasting scents whole day

Finally, when you wear perfumes, make sure you wear the ones that last longer. Heart notes of woods, ambers, and musk would last longer. These will linger on and on. However, if you wear citrus notes, they tend to fade away faster than the other notes. Even if you spray the citrus perfumes on the various pulse points, they would simply fade away. Besides, what is the fun in spraying perfume on yourself that do not last long? So, make sure you do not waste your money is not being wasted on such perfumes. Invest in extremely powerful ones so that when you spray them on your pulse points, they would last all day long.