Best tips to reduce the stress in Men

Best tips to reduce the stress in Men

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Every man feels stressed at some point of time or another in life – whether it is because of a fight with a friend, a long drive home, problems with the family or an issue related to work. While you could go for therapy, it would only be a long term solution to a short term problem. So, here are some tips to reduce stress in men.

The increase in the working hours and imbalance in the emotions are the major culprits of stress for men in this contemporary world. Men with high levels of stress displays some conditions such as anxiety, tension, depression, lack of concentration, fatigue, insomnia and few other. In some cases these conditions make the person to get addicted by unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, drug addiction and over eating.

Apart from the above conditions stress is also linked with some major health problems including heart diseases, high blood pressure, back pain, cancer, diabetes and low immunity.

Here are few ways to reduce the levels of stress and its toxic affects in men.

Regular exercise

Doing exercise in a regular manner helps to keep your stress levels at bay, it switches off the tension and other prevalent factors associated by stress and is also necessary for the overall health.

Eat well, sleep well

Intake of good nutrition based food and healthy hours of sleeping in each day keeps down the past stress
and makes you to fight against the new stress. Addition to the above make try to avoid the caffeinated products and stimulants, which may promote the sleeplessness and stress. Also avoid drinking alcohol which may worsen the conditions of depression.


An amazing mantra that shatters all the stress factors to the floor is meditation. Spend doing it for 15 to 20 minutes in a day in a quiet and pleasant ambience. As per your mood go on with the type that you are interested in, whether it may be devoting, prayer, chanting or practicing yoga if you are seeking for more physical activity.

Avoid the stress situations

Quest the situations which are making you feel stress, if it is a person and his words which are twisting your nerves, stay away from him. Some studies showed that the levels of stress in men reaching top while they got struct in traffic. So, try to drive not in peak hours and visit the shopping malls when you find them not packed. Discuss your office problems with your colleagues and manage them with smile.

Pin the first things to first

Be a master of your works, tackle them carefully with intelligence. Give priority to the things which you need to handle first, and lay the rest as the next part. Resist trying to do multiple tasks at once and be versatile.

Celebrate the victory

With out depending on the size of the success celebrate it, whether it is a personal goal or completion of the project, have a bash with your pals or enjoy a weekend and get ready for the forthcoming battles.

Accept things in a positive manner

There are many things in every one’s life which can’t be changed though how tough you are. For instance, if your vehicle Tyre got punctured in the middle way to office or the climate has turned to rainy, you couldn’t stop the rain. Accept such conditions with joy, enjoy the uncontrollable conditions to lead a happy life.

Listen to music

Listen to relaxing classical music if you are overwhelmed about a certain situation. When you play calm music, it has a positive effect on the body and the brain, can reduce the cortisol levels in the body, lower blood pressure, and do much more to help you combat your stress.

Call a friend

Take a break from whatever stressful situation it is you are facing. It would definitely not pay to keep complaining about the situation, especially if you find it overwhelming. Call up a friend and talk to him or her about the problem you are facing. It is important that you have a social support system to help you cope with your stress. This is because a reassuring voice that is heard by you even for a minute can put things back in perspective.

Talk yourself through it

Sometimes when you find that calling your friend is not the best choice you can make, talking yourself through it is the best option. Do not worry about seeming crazy. All you need to do is to tell yourself that since you are stressed, you need to talk yourself through it. You need to reassure yourself that everything will be okay.

Try tea

Drinking coffee and the other caffeinated drinks can only spike your blood pressure levels for some time. Therefore, you should try drinking some tea instead of coffee. It contains healthy antioxidants and less than half the caffeine of coffee. It also contains theanine, which is an amino acid that soothes and calms the nervous system.

Decorate with lavender

Lavender has a scent that can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, etc. This can make you feel relaxed and you would feel like drifting off to sleep. Either decorate your house with lavender or use lavender essential oil in your bathwater. You do not have to be a woman to use essential oils for stress relief.

Have a chocolate-covered strawberry

When you are stressed out, do not keep looking to eat every sweet treat possible. Instead, eat a chocolate covered strawberry. The Vitamin C that is present in the berries can fight the free radicals in the body and reduce the cortisol levels while doing so.

Take a bath

When you soak in water for some time, it would remind you of your time inside your mother’s womb, according to experts. Add a few aromatherapy candles to your bathroom, and you are on your way to Zen haven.

Give yourself a scalp massage

Do you remember how it felt the last time you got a scalp massage at your hair salon? You can recreate the same experience at home. Massage your scalp with your fingertips gently to melt away the tension. Move them several times from your hairline to the back of your head. When you do this, the natural conditioning oils on your head will get released and this will make your hair look even more gorgeous than before.

Give yourself a foot rub

You must be wondering as to what massaging the foot has to do with relieving you from stress. The truth is that it has to do with reflexology, which involves applying the right amount of pressure to the various parts of the body. Not only would it help reduce migraines but also beat stress. Try it out yourself by rubbing the base of your toes to keep yourself calm.


Visualise a fantasy land of your dreams to stay away from the current scenario that is stressing you out. It could be a forest land that you have seen before at night or a sandy, golden beach with azure waves. The idea is to transport your mind away from your worries to somewhere calm and relaxing.

Join a spiritual community

Many surveys go to show thatpeople join spiritual communities mainly for stress relief. One study even found that college students, who practiced spirituality of some form or another, were less stressed out as compared to their non-spiritual counterparts.

Try self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis, say experts, is a self-mediated technique of relieving oneself from stress. It can also help you reduce anxiety.

Hang out with your pet

According to experts, cat owners are less stressed out as compared to those, who do not own cats. Hang out with your pet if you are stressed out and you will feel better. Even if you cuddle with your pet, it would be more than enough.

Write it out

Maintain a gratitude journal that tells people what you want to thank yourself for. When you keep a journal and write in it every day, you will be thankful you did that for yourself since it will help you to combat stress.

Use the ATM just once

Do not keep making several small trips to the ATM. When you make multiple trips to the ATM, it would make it harder for you to track the money. Thinking about finances the whole day can only make you become even more stressed. So, make sure you reduce the number of trips to the ATM.

Give your thumbs some rest

BlackBerrys, e-mail, and cellular phones can make you feel like your job has just no end to it. The increasingly blurry boundary lines between home and work life leaves you with lesser time to rest than ever before. On the contrary, when you give your thumbs some rest, your brain will also automatically get some rest.

Learn to manage your time

When you learn to manage your time effectively, you can always get some time to relax – some time away from work. So, learn to balance your work life effectively.

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