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Best tips to control the dry and split end hair in men

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Split end is a common factor both in case of men and women. When your hair has split ends it looks bad. This is the time you should look for the perfect hair remedy s that you can get rid of split end and make the hair appear so perfectly nourished from all the ends. There are so many things you can do in order to make the hair stay strong and avoid split ends. It is best that you don’t allow the hair grow long in case you find that the hair ends are breaking. It is important that you save the hair from being dehydrated. This will help in maintaining the hair sanctity.

As like women men also developing many hair problems, though the hair care market for men has been loaded with many excess products, one must need to pick the ideal products in order to stop the problems and to help the hair from becoming worse.

Split ends is a regular hair problem by men seem to face as like women. Split ends occur when the hair cuticle loss its outer layer that is protecting the hair. There are several ways to treat the problem, And it can be managed by the following precaution steps and tips.

Hair care tips for split ends in men

Quality heat tools

Many men are likely to use the grooming tools now-a-days but opting the bargained tools may effect your hair and gives raise to split ends because they may not work according to the appropriate heat settings that you want. Men mostly use heat blowers, so it is recommended for them to choose the good one that comes from a reputed brand. How ever nothing is good when it is used excessive, so try to use the heating tools as low as possible. If the condition is too tight and if you are in a need to use the blow dryers manage the settings to low heat.


Caring you hair doesn’t just ends with nurturing the hair care products, it is more and more involved with the kind of food he eat and the way he is regulating his regular diet. Balance your diet with great importance towards the essential nutrients, folic acid and biotin. Foods such as green leafy veggies, lentils, walnuts, oranges, brown rice, soybeans are the rich sources of essential nutrients that are helpful to develop and strengthen your hair.

 Proper blow drying

Proper using of blow-dryer protects your hair from the damage and split ends. Treat your hair with blow-dryer in a mild and delicate manner. Don’t apply the action of blow-dryer on your hair immediately after the shower, let it dry naturally upto 80-90 percent and then seek the help of blow-dryer. Use carefully the controlling nozzle of the heat control of the dryer to work in a controlled manner.

Get regular cuts

If you got already attacked with damage, the prior step one need to follow is trimming. Trim the hair upto the level that it got damaged. Similarly giving regular hair cutswill remove the split ends and reduces the growth of them too. So, visit your stylist or saloon and have a clean cut inorder to limit the spread of the split ends and to ground the condition of becoming worse.


Use a hair conditioner that acts like a shield to your hair from the damage and split ends, a live-in conditioner has these properties and works like a protective layer to your hair. Some people don’t like to opt the live-in conditioner as it involved with wrapping the towel over the head. So, you can try the normal conditioner which is particularly meant for the split ends.

Oiling the Hair is a Good Solution

In order to avoid split ends you need to oil your hair well before the application of shampoo. Too much of shampooing can damage the quality of the hair. At the time of shampooing the hair becomes wet. It draws in the water and starts swelling. This is when the hair seems so fragile and it becomes vulnerable to splitting. When you oil the hair a protective sheath is created. This is the reason the hair does not get damaged at the time of shampooing. Oiling even cause’s hair nourishment. This also helps in maintaining the balance of the moisture. Before washing the hair you have some of the best oils for application. These are almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. The oils should be massaged gently on the scalp and the massaging should be done either with the pads or the fingers. You should retain the oil at least for an hour and then it is time to wash off the hair without any breakage and split ends.

Make use of a Cotton Towel

It is important that you dry the hair using a simple measure. Wet hair is always risky to handle. It has the tendency to break off. If you rub the hair roughly with a towel the hair can get damaged leading to the formation of tangles and split ends. You should run the hair gently towards the downwards direction. This will help the hair get rid of the extra water content. When drying the hair it is best that you make use of a cotton towel. The cotton texture will allow maximum absorption of water and this will make the hair get dry faster. After you have washed the hair wrap the same in a cotton towel and keep this for five to ten minutes till the hair is completely dry and moist. This time your hair is expected to be smooth and healthier.

Having the Right Comb is Necessary

When brushing the hair it is best to use a wide tooth comb. This is the best way you can detangle the hair and avoid split ends. However, do not run the comb fast taking it from the root and going down towards the tip of the hair. It is best that you start from the ends. In case you face a tangle, you should detangle the same smoothly. The detangling can happen either with the comb or with the help of the fingers. If you find that the hair is getting tangled too often you can make the best use of the leave-in-conditioner. This is the stuff to help the hair be smoother and now you are sure to have no more split ends.

Protecting the Hair from the Bad Elements

It is best that you protect the hair from the external factors in order to make it grow and stay healthier. If your hair is exposed to the sun for long hours it can become dry and brittle. Now, you are sure to have easy hair breakage and split ends. In case your hair is exposed to the cold winds, this too can leave the hair so dry and shine less. Thus, it is best that you protect your hair well from the scorching heat of the sun and the roughness of the cold wind. If you wear a cap or a scarf the moisture of the hair will get locked and in the way the hair will remain safe from all the bad elements. In fact, the scarves and the caps will make your look trendy. This is the reason you should carry such things in your bag when going out into the sun.

Frequent Hair Wash is Not good

If you don’t want split ends stop washing your hair every day. It is best that you shampoo for two times in a week. This will not allow the hair to become rough and damaged. Now, the scalp will get the time to restore the amount of the natural oil balancing. This is the best way you can make the hair turn so smooth and shinny. In the way the hair remains completely safe and protected.

Avoid Hot Showers

It is best that you avoid hot showers for it will steal away the layer of the protective oil from the hair. It is good to make use of lukewarm water. The temperature is right for the hair. The sort of water would b a kinder to the hair texture and even to the skin.

Apply Oil before Swimming

If you don’t want split ends then it is good that you stop swimming unprotected. Before you start swimming please apply coconut oil or olive oil on the hair. There are some men who make use of swimming cap at the time of swimming. Apply some oil within the cap and then wear the same in order to keep the hair completely protected.

A Balanced Diet is Necessary

If you don’t want to have split ends it is best to have the kind of balanced diet. The right nutrition will always help the hair stay in the best of state and also help in avoiding split ends. Good food will keep the hair protected. So make sure that you eat the right kind of food for the hair and this way you can make the hair grow long and stay protected in the best possible way.