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Best testosterone rich foods for men

Best Testosterone Rich foods for men

Testosterone is extremely required for human existence. This is the reason you should always to have foods rich in testosterone content. You are advised to have foods rich in Vitamin D. These foods are good for health and they can simply make you feel better.

Testosterone hormone is the key for desire of romance, energy and mood. It is associated virility, which means energy and strong sex drive. Other than sex drive, it is also useful in maintaining the muscle mass, strengthen bones and energy levels. In men, after 30, the testosterone levels will be gradually decreases at the rate of 1% every year. The decreasing rate may increase if you have more stress, bad eating habits, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. No need to worry, men can increase its levels by taking good food and regular workouts.

Let’s see the foods that increases the testosterone levels

Raw Oysters

If you get Oysters, it’s good to have them for boosting the testosterone levels. In many states of India, they are not available. But try for them. This is the best food of all in increasing T levels.

Beans & Nuts

These are the good natural foods to increase levels of T. Consume these foods everyday for good results. Because they are zinc rich foods, they can able to boost your T levels. Brazil nuts are high in magnesium and can increase the testosterone of the man. These nuts are often eaten by athletes who want to stay fit with increased testosterone.


Normally people are trying to reduce the fat from the body but this can also increase the testosterone too. The mono unsaturated fats are good for increasing this hormone and the saturated fats too aids the level of T hormone. You can try dairy products and flax seed oil to get healthy fats and increase T hormone.

Foods those are rich in vitamin

Foods that are high in vitamin B and vitamin E are good for increasing the hormones that you need. The foods that are high in these vitamins are asparagus, brown rice, pine nuts, sea food, avocados, leafy vegetables and meats. These are good for keeping your hormones balanced and in increasing the testosterone hormone too.


Don’t worry about the cholesterol in eggs. It is will not increase LDL (bad) cholesterol. Eggs are good source for healthy levels of T.


This is good for your heart as it contains the vitamin D. The food has got low calorie and you can eat the canned variety or the fresh fish for increasing the level of the T hormone. Sardines and salmon can be replaced with Tuna, for getting similar effects.


Milk gives protein for your body and calcium for the bones. This also contains vitamin D in this food keeps the testosterone level balanced. You can go for low fat milk that is skimmed and good for your health. This will not add to the weight and will increase the hormones that you need.

Healthy breakfast

You can eat a healthy breakfast for keeping your hormone level. You will find the cereals and orange juice can give you a boost at the beginning of the day. There are days when you eat eggs. You can change to cereals and juice sometimes to experience the improvement in the hormone level of testosterone.


Recent studies found that garlic boosts testosterone levels. It is good take garlic with protein rich foods for a month.


They boosts men libido. Rich vitamin B is important in production of testosterone.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, turnips.


This vegetable in your diet will help your body to throw out excess harmful estrogen and increase the testosterone. The foods those are high in indole-3-carbinol, which is found in such cruciferous vegetables, helps in excretion of estrogen. These veggies are also high in fiber and aids control of weight. Lesser body weight will improve the testosterone of your body too.

Dark chocolate

It is many health benefits. It increases your T levels and also boosts the mood.

Olive oil

If you are using other oils in your daily recipes, switch to Olive oil. It is good for health and for your testosterone too.

Vitamin D

This is a nutrient for the body that helps the body to absorb calcium. This adds to the bone health of the body. The immune system is better with vitamin D and hence it gives you a longer life too. Body with more vitamin D will be less in weight. This again helps in increase of testosterone.

Foods to avoid

  • Fried foods and fast foods are first enemies to your testosterone. Avoid fast foods like pizza, burger. Also avoid ice cream and cookies.
  • Reduce the salt and sugar intake. Including cool drinks, flavored drinks, and sports drinks. If you want to drink fruit juice, try it without sugar or very low sugar. Use honey as alternate to sugar.
  • Avoid red meat. It is fatty, choose fish instead.
  • Do minimum of one hour workouts or Yoga everyday for healthy T levels.

Shellfish improving the testosterone level

You can start with the variety of shellfish. You can even enjoy a serving of the lobster or crab which can really help in enhancing the testosterone level. The kind of food has zinc content and the seafood is extremely good for health. Based on the findings of National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements you have the variety of Alaskan king crab and this can help you with 43% of zinc value with perfect three ounces of serving.

Beef controlling level of testosterone

It is generally not recommended to have too much of beef. Still the amount of good beef can keep your testosterone level under control. You have the beef liver and this is a good source of Vitamin D. Moreover, chuck roast and ground beef contains elements of zinc. However, to keep things safe it is best to consume lean cut beefs and it is recommended not to have beef on regular basis.

More facts regarding maintaining the testosterone level

In case you want to limit your testosterone level it is important that you have limited sugar in your diet. When you eat too much of sugar your testosterone level gets reduced. It is also recommended to eat polyunsaturated fats. This makes you have intake of nut and avocados. These are foods required to keep the testosterone level under complete control.

In order to have a controlled level of testosterone it is required that you have an administered level of stress. More of stress can make you feel sick and unhealthy. Thus, it is important that you have plenty of rest and recreation at the same time.