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Best skin care tips for men

Are you working according to the circuit of morning wake up, washing the face with a soap bar and water and stepping out from the home. Then expand your daily circuit by adding few essential tips. These tips don’t say that pour your cabinet with cleansers, face creams and other extra material which you don’t like to use but explains the inherent steps to follow in order to turn your looks better.

Best skin care tips for men

Make use of good cleanser
Choose a good cleanser that suits your skin type. Never go with harsh soaps and harsh agents contained cleaning products. They will eliminate the moisture present in your skin and makes you to look dull and older than exactly you are. It is vital to pick a gentle cleanser which will cleanse the skin that is buildup with oiliness and dirt.

Get a good razor
Picking a good quality razor is very important because most of the men shave for four to five times a week. Choose wisely and get a perfect tool that rely on your skin sensitivity, your face and beard coarseness. Make a point while you are buying a razor, don’t go with extra blades as they may give you razor burn. The extra bladed razors pulls the hair that is ingrown and which is present under the skin.
Before going to shave, give a wash to your face with plain water and cleanser to ensure that there is no pores blockage, because men have excess oil in their skin which may block the pores.

The role played by after shave is involved with soothing and hydrating the skin. Opt an after shave which is a plain and gentle one. If it labeled with the addition of alcohols don’t give a thought to buy as alcohols turns the skin dry.

Never skip facial moisturizer
Most of men neglect to apply moisturizer to their face and skin. But it not a good practice to go up on with. Use  moisturizer  in every day to escape from harsh skin and seal the smooth and soft skin. It is better to choose a moisturizer that don’t waft  the fragrance in the air and aren’t considered girly.
Apply it two times, day and night in order to retain the moisturizing levels to keep the skin hydrated.  If you dab a little amount of moisturizer before you are going to shave, it prevents the cuts and irritation too.  Choose a moisturizer that is born with shea butter, essential oils and vitamin E.

Sun screen is your protector
When you are going out regardless of the season, apply sun screen to not just protect yourself from the skin but also from the toxins present in the atmosphere and harmful pollutants. Prefer the sunscreen with SPF 30 or more than that. Men who don’t care about applying sunscreen will catch the problems like irritation, skin cancer, redness and extra blood vessels.  Make your skin healthy with the daily application of the sunscreen.