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Best shaving tips for men

The way that shows the perfect shaving differs from the ordinary shave, wanna discover the perfect shaving guide. Then here you need to drive in.

Best mens shaving tips

Let your skin set

After the sleep, skin tends to be little swollen so it needs few minutes to reach its precise state other wise it leads to cuts and rashes. Let it set for atleast 10 minutes and then move on with your shaving kit.

Only warm not hot

Prepare your skin for the shave by rinsing off with a face wash and luke warm water. Never use hot water for this step as this can plug in irritation. It even breaks the tiny blood vessels near to the skin surface.

Ideal brush

Get an ideal brush with smooth and strong bristles. A good brush not only helps for the formation of creamy lather but also make the hairs ready for the shave. It also exfoliates the skin and aids in removing out the dead skin cells.

Press as it needs

More and more men think that pressing harder will relatively gives a deep shave, but indeed its not the fact.Modern razors are coming with the property of good output with less pressure, so just apply little pressure to remove out the hair, apply enough pressure to retain the blade in contact with the skin. A gentle manner helps to not burst the skin irritations and other related problems.

Don’t be rush

Most men who develop the razor cuts are the people who shave it in a rush manner so do the process of shaving in a slow manner and shave by giving the short strokes, nearly 2 cm in length.

In circular motion

When applying the shaving cream or gel on your face, apply it in the circular motions. As the beard grows in various directions, this way covers the entire hairs, it also encourages the beard to tune out from the skin and makes it easy for the shaving.

Double it

For the extra smooth and close shave, apply a dab of shaving oil under the shaving cream, foam or gel.

Its last

The hair present in the upper lip is mostly tough and thicker than any hairs on the face. So, leave it for some time and give it the last priority.
Shave it after the completion of the beard part.

Perfect place

For the most flexible shave do it in hot shower or bath, so that the steam will help to open up the hair follicles and to soften the hair.

Shaving oil

Shaving oils are good for the skin types that are sensitive and easily get irritated. Try the shaving oil that has strong alkaline in PH.

Give rest

Some men get irritated with the freshly shaven skin, if you are one among them then try it before going to bed. It will help you to give rest for the skin atleast 8 hours, so that you can do your work without difficulty.

Aloe vera gel

The facial skin might have turned sensitive and dry in few men due to often shaving. To such kind of skin aloe vera gel works perfect, it hydrates the skin, calms it and helps to protect from dryness.

If you want to look and feel best it is required that you take to the proper shaving norms and techniques. It is also essential that you make use of the quality products and in the way you can stay safe from razor burn, irritation and razor bumps. You should have a close shave and it is also important to have the perfect facial wash after the shaving is over. Here you have some of the essential shaving tips to help you have the fresh look.

Using the perfect shaving cream

It is always important that you make use of the best shaving cream. The cream should come with the high concentration of the lubricants and it should also have the right blend of moisturizers. A proper shaving cream is sure to form a rich creamy lather and there is no unnecessary foam like the cheaper brands. Such variety of cream is sure to cause less resistance and there is less irritation after the shaving is done. The aim of the cream is to cause perfect face lubrication so that the razor works smooth on the skin. The cream should also provide the perfect moisturizing effect and it I vital that you make the cream settle on the skin before you start shaving.

Making the beard wet

Before you start shaving it is important that you make the beard completely wet. It is important that you have a perfect close shave and that too without any sort of irritation or razor burn. For this you have to make sure that your beard is thoroughly wet. It is best if you take a shower before shaving. This will keep the beard and the skin moist and wet. However, in case you prefer taking a shower after the shaving then you can rinse your face and apply a warm tower to soften the skin texture. Please do not make things cold at the time of shaving and you should never apply the shaving cream on the dry skin. If you do so then there can be razor burns and rashes may develop after shaving.

Choosing the right shaving brush

You should have in hand the perfect shaving brush and this is the optimum tool that can help you have a clean and close shave. The shaving brush is sure to do lots of things. First, it will help the hair get raised and this way it is possible to have a close cut. It also helps in creating a rich creamy lather and this makes the cream stay so close to the skin. The shaving brush will also help in the removal of the dead skin cells and this will reduce the chance of having skin blemishes. A good shaving brush will save you from the razor bumps and it will also enable the skin appear so neat and fresh. Search for a shaving brush that have rich bristles and this can create the right balance so that the skin remains soft and the beard gets raised for clean and perfect shaving.

The sharpness of the razor

It is also essential that you make use of a quality razor and it is also important that you change the blades frequently. You have to check with the sharpness of the blade. With the help of the blade you are cutting off the hair and at the same time you are scrapping off double skin layer at the time of shaving. If the blade is dull it seems more traumatic for the skin. This is sure to make the skin feel so scratchy and at the same time it is sure to look so blotchy. If using a dull razor it can make you suffer from razor burns and you can even have shaving rash. So, once you know regarding the toughness of the beard it is time that you change the blades after every three to ten shaves and this should be done regularly. It is not recommended that you shave for to continuous weeks using the same blade. Once the blade is dull it is time to change the same.

Deciding the razor brand

You should also decide regarding the brand of the razor to be used. It is best that you talk to the retailer and they will suggest you the best razor to use. If you are confused you can talk to someone who can help you get the best result in time.

Using hot water

Before you start shaving it is important that you dip the blade in hot water. Dip the blade every time in between shaving. This is sure to make the cut so clean and smooth. This also helps in removing the accumulated cream and it will also remove the whiskers and the skin junks. When the water is hot it helps in better lubrication and this has no connection in matters of killing bacteria.

Using the razor the right way

It is important that you use the razor the right way. You should do the shaving on the direction towards the growing of the beard. First, you should start from the sides and then reach the area of the moustache and at last the area of the chin should be addressed. The hairs growing on the chin area are extremely tough. This is the reason the hairs need time to become soft when the cream is applied. In case you are shaving against the direction of hair growth you are sure to receive a closer shave. However, you should be extra careful at the time of shaving in case the razor is too sharp.

Cleaning and soothing the skin

It is important that you soothe and clean after the shaving is completed. After the shaving is over the skin becomes extremely vulnerable. This is the time you should rinse the face well using warm water and you can even make use of an ideal facial wash. It is best if the wash is made of tea tree oil. This acts as natural antiseptic for the skin and can clean all the spots and rashes.