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Best sex tips to spend the long time in sex with your partner

Best sex tips to spend the long time in sex with your partner

Apart from the usual facts on long time sexual drive there are more things you would need to know. These are better facts to help you cling on to the sexiest moments of your life without any hindrance.

Like men, many women also have carving towards sex. But, speaking about the desire for many women is often shameful. This situation may not be faced by all ladies. According to the research, desire and sexual drive in each individual can vary. The distribution of dopamine as well as brain chemicals is responsible for pleasure seeking desire. But, her partner might not have such a strong sexual drive. If you are keen to keep a pace with your female partner who has a strong sexual drive, some tips must be followed.

For a couple, physical relationship is developed upon love and trust. When a couple posses a healthy sex life, they build better understanding of each other. It is a misconception that women do not want it as much as men do, the fact is they do. In some societies it is considered to be a taboo to discuss about sex, especially for women, which makes them paranoid to have conversations about their desire, even with their partner. With an unhealthy and unsatisfying, sex life, the couple suffers from tension and stress in their relationship, it is of utmost importance that every sexual activity between a couple is executed with the consent and interest of both the partners, and nothing is forced upon.

Important tips for retaining sex drive for long

Setting up of mood

Before you go ahead with erotic sex, it is important to create an atmosphere or mood. You need to make yourself arouse not only physically but also mentally. Watching some sexy soap will easily create some chemical changes in your brain which helps creating arousal and increase sexual desire. You can also speak with your partner about your sexual desire.

Just do it without worry       

Some people are even tensed about orgasm while having sex. Naturally they cannot enjoy the pleasure of sex fully. You must not think about organism and enjoy sex fully. You must focus on touching your partner and enjoy the moment. Your brain will also get reset and helps your body to take actual pleasure of having sex.

Try to take less medicine

Certain drugs which an individual takes have many side effects. Even it can cause danger to your sex life.  Due to stress and pressure, people often get depressed. The antidepressant is very effective for such patient. But, this has some side effects like suppressing dopamine.  People can also suffer from shifting in a balance that reduced libido. Some medications can also squelch your sex life.

Sexual appeal

Some people wish to have sex but do not have proper resource to create arousal in their partner. You need to feel yourself sexy and create arousal in your partner. You must purchase some new and sexy lingerie to impress your partner. It is not advisable to get in front of your partner the you dress up regularly. You must do something special and exciting to impress your partner.

Flirting with the partner

Flirting is a wonderful way for the partners to get attracted to one another. You can start with sending playful or sexy messages to him from morning till evening. This will obviously increase sexual pleasure. You can also describe the sexy dress that you are wearing and present your sexy intention as well. This flirting nature will definitely help increasing sexual pleasure. Naturally, you will get a long lasting sexual drive towards your partner.

Polite kiss

Sometimes a soft touch of your lips can also increase sexual desire in your partner. You must leave the thought of deep sex for some time and simply carry on with kissing each other. This will be really effective in charging up of the body of both the partners. You can also find out many more techniques to surprise your partner.

Knowing your sexual self

For men having self practice is essential before you start having sex. Masturbation is a healthy process for you to start with. Regular masturbation helps in increasing stamina and there is prevention of premature ejaculation. This way much of your stress and anxiety is relieved and you feel so light and confident. Once you give time to your own body you become familiar with your own sexual nature and this helps you behave the right way with your partner.

Refrain from bad habits

If you want to have sexual pleasure for long it is better to cut down on all the detrimental habits. Please don’t take much of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. These are harmful substances and can interfere with the process of ejaculation. Moreover, in case you are drunk you don’t feel the inclination of having sex. You behave casually and this can disappoint your partner on the bed.

Changing of positions can help

If you want to have sex for long then it would be wise to change positions during the sexual action. Having different sexual postures help in having enhanced pleasure in sex. Once you keep on changing the positions having sex becomes better exciting and this helps the partners be more inclined and satisfied. Please have your partner in control and your entire attention should be on her. However, having complete focus on the partner should not stop you from having sex. It is a continuous pleasure and you feel so having once the tempo is on the rise.

Know what your partner wants

Knowing your partner is one of the most important things to build a healthy sexual aspect in a relationship. To make the sex last long, he should know what comforts her and what discomforts her. Often, women are not sure about certain things their partner wants from them in bed and feel shy and hesitant to disclose it to their partner in order to keep the pace going, but this later becomes very daunting and emotionally exhausting, for both men and women, resulting in jeopardizing their sexual life. Sexual desire and urges comes naturally like any other emotion, in the human body, but one should learn the scope and need of sex with his partner, this will not only make her feel special but comfortable as well. Before trying anything new, it should be discussed prior to sex, as nothing is worse than a bad surprise in bed, for a couple. With honest discussions, the couple builds a better emotional understanding among them which strengthens their relationship not only emotionally but sexually as well, and moreover, it helps to know what actually the partner expect of the other in bed and have a good and memorable time.

Keep it more personalized and caring with soft touches and cuddling

Sex need not be extremely intense all the time. When a couple is in love, a mere touch does a lot to women to get intimating desires towards their partner. Things need to be taken slow but one thing needs to be ensured that she feels safe and comfortable in your company. With soft kisses and touches, holding hands and cuddling, a sense of being taken care of comes, which just drives the women away and make them feel special about themselves, about their partner and about their relationship too. Everything that is done in decent steps, produce best results, likewise, to have long time in sex, it is first necessary to start with first base. Kissing can lead to having a much efficient and long-lasting affect on the women’s sexual senses, and give their adrenaline a rush to treasure. Same is the scenario with soft touches and holding hands. Cuddling in bed can be called a way of releasing stress by just hugging each other in bed. It helps the mind and body to relax and get a close touch of the partner’s body as well as mind.

Healthy diet and fitness

One needs to be physically fit and intake healthy diet to feel all charged up and active. Only when one feel good about them, can make their partner feel the same way about them. Sex can be exhausting and tiring; with a healthy lifestyle only one will possess the energy to perform sexually in bed. With unfit mind and body, the desire and urges to make a move in bed does not arise, which results in disappointment and anxiety in women and make them feel doubtful and blue about their partner and as well as their relationship. Healthy and adequate diet helps to gain energy and fitness can be achieved with basic workouts. When a person feels fit, he tends to try variations in bed, which impresses women and make them feel charged up too. With a good intake of healthy food, the couple can make their sex last longer, that too without getting exhausted. Getting sex last longer naturally helps in releasing tension rather than forcing and trying too hard for it, as this makes the entire thing too obvious and unpleasant due to constant concern about the timing, which gradually makes the women and men lose their interest, will and urges in bed. Both, men and women need to have a proper routine to keep their body in fitness, as this is very essential for them to make their sexual life a successful ride of pleasure.

Make your body and mind stress free with yoga

Yoga is been proved to be a magical boon in a couple’s sex life. Yoga helps to bring flexibility in body. It improves the circulation of blood in the entire body. Yoga comprises not just of exercises, but meditation too, which helps the mind to stay composed and improves the thought process and clarity. This helps the couple to make them feel relaxed and energetic in a very natural way. It acts as an anti-toxicant to the body and mind, and keeps the body and mind pollution free which helps to build a sense of utter peace in both,men and women. This in turn helps the couple to improve their performance in bed, as it increases the stamina and energy. When the stamina improves, the sexual desires improve too, that too naturally.

Keep it very smooth

Intercourse should not come too hard on any of the partner. One should keep it smooth and simple. If tried too hard the essence vanishes, and makes it almost impossible to keep the intercourse last longer. So patience and calmness is essentially required in both the partners for best and wonderful experience in bed.

A good night sleep helps to excel men in their performance in bed and make their women happier

When a man does not get enough sleep, his testosterone level drops, which results directly on his sexual performance. Research concludes that men necessarily need to have a good and quality sleep of seven to eight hours in a day. After a tight and quality sleep, the levels of testosterone in the men’s body raises extensively, which helps them to gain the stamina required to make their sex last longer, effortlessly. When the sex results to be seamless and effortless, it makes the women develop a sense of unique attraction towards their partner. When both the partners, indulge so effortlessly, sex is bound to last longer and give satisfaction without exhaustion to both, men and women.

Practice makes perfect

Everything in the world may it be small or little is perfected through the art of practice. So it is the scenario with sex too. Sex is that one thing which has numerous ways and techniques involved; often some are discovered by the couple themselves through regular intercourse. It is not a vacation which can be enjoyed only on certain occasions; a couple should have regular intercourse in order to increase their stamina. No one can get their moves right in their first attempt; this perfection of performing well in bed can be achieved with practice and regular intercourse only. One should learn to concentrate solely on their partner and make them feel very involved and enthusiastic. Sex demands excitement, which comes when the partner knows that they will be getting some good and long-lasting moves. Couples should not hesitate to communicate their urges and tend not to plan out every sexual activity they do. Keep it natural, exiting and energetic. Over-planned sex are very inefficient and boring, make your partner feel happy with small doses of surprises in bed and trying new things, which can be performed if done regularly,

Keep your hands busy on your lady

Nothing excites women, more than the fact that her partner just cannot take her hands off her. Men should always keep in mind that just hardcore intercourse is not what women look for and make them feel too distracted. Always ensure that your hands are stroking your partner with playful and soothing touches. This helps the women to know that the intercourse has some substance of feelings to it and not just blunt pleasure.

Break the ice

Men usually watch sexual stuff alone or with their male friends only. If they watch such intimate stuff with their partner it will help in breaking the ice between the two and both the partners will have a better understanding of each others’ like and dislikes. When a couple watch, read or discuss about intimate stuff, together, it develops in them a sense of intense comfort and trust, which helps them to make their bond stronger and healthier . With a stronger bond and improved emotional connection, it becomes very easy and effortless for the couple to make their intercourse last longer and give utter satisfaction emotionally, as well as physically, to both, men and women.

Do not forget safety

Sex has very extensive scope. It is good, healthy and advisable for couple to try new things and moves in bed but make sure that it does not get too carried away. New sexual positions and moves can be very tricky and may not be made for every couple to perform. One should know their potential and act accordingly. Before any new and tricky stuff is experimented in bed, it should thoroughly be discussed with the partner, a mutual agreement is essentially needed to be built and both of them should be clear on the fact if they want to try it or not. Safe sex is most essential aspect of one’s sex life. Apart from taking precautions before trying new moves, one should make sure that they take materialistic protection too. Surveys have proved, that most of the time, sex do not last long because of the fear in the lady’s mind of doing it without any protection, this causes hesitation in women. Men should be absolutely sure of the protection they use in bed and shall not opt for trying without having a condom, unless the couple is trying to conceive.