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Best romantic love ideas to make partner and lover melt down

lover melt down

“Love” a word which defined in several ways with different meaning from different person. To be frankly saying there is no perfect meaning to it, simply to see “It’s a feel which make us to feel a lot in once presence”. Basically life of each and every one is because of love between parents. We can describe love as passion to words something, of course now a days I became fashion to today’ young people.

Let’s see what exactly the love mean and how to melt your “Lover” to melt with your love. Love is a most wonderful experience and an emotion which brings you happiness, while taking something and even giving too. It’s a happy feel fills your heart in order to change yourself without knowing that you have changed.

Let’s see the sweet Romantic Ideas to express your love.

  • Firstly if you are engaged in very young age, lets plan for a nice time and it will be a “Official First Date” too, y because it is  valuable and time between you engagement and marriage play a key role for the enjoyment and even to express yourself and understand each other too.
  • Plan for nice ride where both can enjoy the nature and express each other.
  • Keep privacy between you both, for all the things shared between you and make sure to create trust on you which makes women to melt down and love you a lot more than her.
  • Plan for a nice time for having lunch and dinner, if it is open air, candle light, sea shore parties, will help you a lot to express and your love to the special someone in your life.
  • Take her to a nice romantic place never been to that before and try to express yourself.
  • Flowers and Gift s are very precious for woman; plan it in a different way so make her surprise.
  • Due to technology success, now a day’s In order to express yourself, there were several ways like email, text, etc, but think in a romantic way, try to send a Letter by filling all your love thoughts which she should feel life thrill to get it. Plan it accordingly.
  • Arrange surprise parties on some important vacations.
  • Try to capture photos and share it to her by keep a copy with you, after few days by recollecting these moments she will feel happier.
  • Try to take bath, cook food and eat together which will give a nice and loving experience by filling your heats with Love.
  • Know your Love’s heart and plan it and thrill her with sudden surprise.
  • Plan a trip to nearby sea shore, lake or river anything which is very natural.
  • Don’t skip to plan for a week end trip, which helps to open you and even away from stress.
  • Know each other and shop separately and thrill.
  • Make your time more romantic with safe and healthy sex.
  • Try to take some photos of our daily activities, and try to shoot home environment which helps to give a good time when you are recollecting them after few days.

Finally “You should be loved with a love that should be more than your Love”.

Before falling in love, did you ever know that there could be someone who would make you feel out of this world? Did you even realise that this person could make you feel extremely special? Love is a wonderful experience and can be made even more special when you follow certain tips to make your lover melt down.


You do not have to give her expensive gifts. Even something as simple as a massage at the comfort of her home would make her melt. Run your hands over her back but while doing so, remember to apply some oil on it.

Serenade her

Are you looking for a different romantic idea to make her swoon? Nothing beats adding a few fairy lights to her rooftop and getting a band to serenade to her. Sing in your best voice and make sure you do not go out of tune while singing. Even though you may have been in a relationship with her for a long time, it is time to refresh the relationship with a nice poem or song that is presented to her in a unique way.

Do something spontaneous

Instead of trying out the same old romantic ideas, why not try something spontaneous for a change? Even something spontaneous and out of the way can be fun. Say, taking her on a surprise treasure hunt game organised by a company that arranges live games.

Visit an amusement park

Both children and adults alike can visit amusement parks. Besides, visiting one brings out the inner child in you and at the same time, gives you an adrenalin rush. A good dose of adrenalin will also make you both feel sexually aroused and you would feel attracted to each other.

The questions game

Are you out of romantic things to do with your sweetheart? Try playing the questions game. Ask her questions about what she likes or dislikes, etc. However, make sure that the questions are neither corny nor offensive.

Be each other’s secret Santa

Even though Christmas has come and gone, you should try shopping for each other. Try being each other’s secret Santa. When you gift each other the things that you have shopped for each other, it will make both of you laugh.

Make your own home video

While making your own home video, don’t forget to add a personal message. Later on, let your sweetheart know that you have made a special video and ask her to play it on her computer while you are away – maybe on a family vacation or some other occasion.

Give her a gift voucher

Instead of shopping for her, why not try letting her choose something for a change? Give her a gift voucher or keep it in her drawer and tell her that you have put in a little surprise for her over there.

Give her a trophy

All these years, your sweetheart has been tolerant and patient with you. So, it is time to give her a gift that says, “World’s best lover.” Besides, she deserves something as special as this.

Blindfold her

Blindfold your woman and drive her around town. This is one romantic move that would make her happy. Then, finally reveal the destination that you want to take her to when you have reached it – maybe a romantic inn or a restaurant where you had your first date together.

Buy her a surprise lottery ticket

Instead of just buying a lottery ticket hoping that you both might win it, get it customised. The words on it should be something on these lines, “I hit the jackpot the day I met you.” This will make her happier than anything else.

Call up a radio station

Call up your local radio station and ask them to play your lover a song that she loves the most at the time she usually returns home. When your partner returns home from work, she will be surprised to know that you have dedicated a song to her. Of course, the whole idea can go for a toss in case your lover stays at her office for a longer time than she usually does.

Write a message on the mirror

Use her lipstick to write a message on the bathroom mirror such as “I love you,” “You are the best,” or something on those lines. Alternatively, use a piece of soap to write the message if you think that writing using her lipstick is a bad idea.

Unplug the television

Simply unplug the television and ask her to turn you on instead. An even more creative idea would be writing a note on the television with the words “Turn me on instead, Signed, Your name.” This will definitely make her feel impressed.

Starry, starry nights

Write down a few messages on papers that are shaped like stars. Tell her how much you had wished upon a star for a lover back then and that your wish did come true when she stepped into your life. This will impress her.

Flower petals and candle lights

Form a heart design on the floor with some flower petals and place some burning candles on top of them. The message simply can’t go wrong.

Change her alarm message

Change the alarm message on her smartphone to something romantic such as “love making” or “I love you, baby. Good morning.” This will help her wake up to something adorable.

Gather a few of her favourite things

Put together a few of her favourite things on the table and tell her how much you love her and care for her.

Paint her nails for her

Instead of letting her paint her nails, do it for her. She would find it incredibly romantic. Moreover, she will thank you for attempting to do something you have never done before in your entire life.

Bake her fortune cookies

After baking her some fortune cookies, make sure you leave a romantic message inside it such as “You are written in my future.”