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Home remedies for silky hair for men

Home remedies for silky hair for men

Are you going out for a party or an important function? Do you wish your hair could be lot silkier than what it is now? No worries from now on. There are a number of natural ways that makes your hair silkier than ever. When one tries a remedy, he should make sure that it does not lead to any other side effects. The remedies that are shared below are the safest ones that make your hair not only silky but also healthier and stronger.

Some of the most common reasons for a dry and damaged hair are due to stress, hormonal changes, sun damage, frequent hair wash and improper diet. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is also considered as one of the major reasons for dry hair. Getting a silky hair is easy for men than women. There are a number of remedies that makes your hair silky in a natural way.

Before moving on with some of the easily available remedies for silky hair in men, here are some of the dos and don’ts for a shiny and silky hair. It is very important to make a note of these do’s and don’ts because when you do something which is not to be done, it makes things even worse. Hence before moving on with the natural remedies, you should be aware of what are the things that can be done and that should not be done to your hair.

Men’s hair get externally exposed to a great extent and this is the reason it is in need of best care and nourishment. There are lots of things you can do at home to maintain the normal shine of the hair. It is important that you collect the necessary ingredients and mix them well to be applied to the hair to turn the texture so smooth and shinny.

Today, men are also inclined towards variety of grooming activities among which hair styling is one of the vital factors. If you are related to the show business, styling of hair by using harmful chemicals, blowers etc. will be an integral part of it. Even if you are not into show business, you might have desire to make your hair straighten. Many men wish to get their hair silky. If you are among them, get some home remedies apart from your expensive shampoo as well as conditioner. It is true that, the conditioners and shampoo that are available in the market may make your hair silky. But, it would be for temporary period of time. But, home remedies can provide permanent solution without harming your hair at all.

Home remedies for silky hair for men

Coconut oil

It is quite easy and convenient to get coconut oil at home. If you can apply it after every interval, getting smooth and silky hair will be really easy. Along with giving you a good texture, coconut oil is really wonderful for the health of your hair. You should realize that, during the everyday’s life your hair gets attacked through various weather degradation factors, pollution etc. In order to retain moisture and make it healthy, massage with coconut oil will be important.

Using beer

Today, many people retain beer inside their refrigerator. It is quite a common phenomenon for people staying in winter place. Since the ingredients in beer contains two main ingredients which is really important to supply adequate protein to hair, your hair will become very silky and light. Since the sugar present in beer helps in closing your hair cuticles. Due to this, smoother hair shaft is produced and your hair will become really smooth and silky. Before using the beer, you must make sure that your beer has gone flat. The ideal time of using the same is during your shower.

Using the grape seed oil

Another ingredient for men to get smooth and silky hair is none other than the grape seed oil. During the winter season, you are quite likely to use the indoor heaters. It is likely for you to use the air conditioners. Your hair will become really dry and dull due to the use of such air conditioners. If you can apply the grape seed oil in your scalp like the way you put hair oils, this will help to make your hair moisturized and even get your hair very attractive with a silky appearance.  Your scalp will get enough nourishment and get it replenishes from dullness and fuzziness.

Mayonnaise hair mask

You can now make a mask with Mayonnaise by including lemon juice, egg, cider vinegar etc in a container. Mix it really well. If possible use a blender. Now, apply the mask in the root of your hair. Your hair will become very attractive with silky finish altogether. This is used by many men to make their hair healthy as well as silky.

The combo of egg and honey for the hair

Egg and honey in combination can be extremely good for men’s hair. It makes the hair feel so lustrous and shinny with the providing of fatty acids, proteins and lecithin. Eggs can even cause repairing of the damaged hair. So, when you feel that your hair lacks that perfect shine you can mix egg and honey to be applied on the hair to make the strands thick and strong.

Avocado can make the hair look smooth and shinny

Avocado is again an effective natural component for the hair. It contains all essential nutrients to help in nourishing and moisturizing the hair. Avocado can really make the hair so smooth and shinny and this is the best way men can handle the sort of damaged and dry hair. It is required that you mix avocado with extra virgin olive oil and then it should be applied to the roots and end of the damp hair in men.

Don’ts for a Shiny Hair

Whether you need a shiny, silky hair or a straight hair or a curly one, proper maintenance is very much essential to get a desired type of hair you wish to choose. There are many who don’t care more about their hair but wish for a great tone of hair. Here are some of the must not do things if you wish for a silky hair.

  • Over Brushing – Say a big No when it comes to over brushing of hair. Some men have the habit of touching or brushing their hair so frequently. It is not good for your hair and makes your hair texture go frizzy. Limit the number of times you brush your hair. Over brushing also causes a serious problem of hair fall. This is because while over brushing, your hair disrupts the cuticle so often that it leads to a damaged and ill-treated hair.
  • Never Shampoo daily –Whether it is men or women, a common misconception is that frequent or excessive shampooing leads to a soft and silky hair. This is not the true case. Over shampooing will only spoil the hair to even worse. Hence avoid shampooing your hair daily. Each and every day you shampoo, it strips out all the natural oils present in your hair leaving it dry and unmanageable.
  • Avoid Dyes – Dyes have the tendency of making your hair rough and difficult to tame. If at all you wish to cover your grey hair, you can either go for some herbal dyes without chemicals. Another option is to go for natural hair dye recipes in home. This prevents dryness in your hair and maintains the healthy texture of your hair.
  • Uses Less Chemicals – There aremany natural methods that do the trick of what a chemical product does. Any chemical rich product when applied to your hair makes things worse. Hence whether it is a shampoo, conditioner or gels, read the product description thoroughly before buying it. Certain amount of chemicals is acceptable. If the chemicals in the product are found to be predominant, then there is no other go but to leave it.

Dos for Silky Hair

If you have eliminated the above don’ts from practice, then it is very easy to follow the dos regularly. Here are some of the do’s that are to be followed for a perfectly healthy and shiny hair.

  • Take Vitamin Supplements – If you are suffering from hair fall and wishing for a dense volume of hair, it is best to take vitamin supplements. These supplements not only make your body healthy but also make your hair grow stronger. It is very much important for men to maintain a decent volume of hair. This is because baldness in men are easily visible than that of women’s.
  • Use Fingers instead of Combs – It is always preferable to use your fingers instead of combs. Fingers make your hair strands detangle easily if you are curly haired guys. Using fingers are also considered as a style. Combs can make your hair become less healthy and can cause breakage.
  • Choose Right Products – You are the best person to judge what suits you best. Hence take some time to examine what type of hair you have got. Analyze on which products makes your hair healthier and which products make your hair frizzy. This will help you choose the right shampoo and gel products for your hair. The silky hair can also be achieved easily by choosing the right type of product.
  • Go for Natural Remedies – There are a number of natural ways by which you can make your hair silkier. Hence try out the simple remedies that gives a zero or less side effects when comparing chemicals. When you observe keenly, you will be surprised that many commercial products which make your hair silkier makes use of natural ingredients for best results. Hence it is always safe and advisable to use natural and herbal products for your hair.

Natural ways for silky hair

  • Use Natural Hair Oils – Hair oils play a major role in making your hair look silky in a natural way. It has the ability to strengthen and enrich the amount of nutrients present in your hair. Some of the oils that can be used for a silky soft hair are
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Argan oil
  • Gingelly oil
  • Moroccan oil
  • Mustard oil

Among these coconut oil is considered as one of the best ways for treating dull and damaged hair.

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe vera treatment is one of the finest and traditional methods for gaining a silky and shiny hair. Aloe vera is mostly known as a moisturizer for skin. However it does lot more benefits than that. Natural aloe vera gels are very good for a silky looking hair. It is also used heavily for getting rid of itchy scalp and dandruff. Continuous use of aloe vera gel makes your hair stronger enough and retains the silky texture of your hair. Another advantage of aloe vera gel is that it keeps your hair hydrated and prevents dryness. Here are some of the ways on how to make use of the aloe vera gel effectively and naturally.

Aloe Vera Conditioner – The gel which is directly obtained from aloe vera is a very good source of conditioner for hair. Hence extract the gel of aloe vera and apply as a conditioner. Leave it as it is for few minutes and wash it off completely with water. This simple way is a proven method of getting a silky and shiny hair for men.

Aloe Vera with Egg – It is no surprise that egg acts as the finest of ingredient for treating dry hair. Egg has the excellent properties which leaves the hair silky soft. When this is combined with aloe vera gel, you hair gets all the shiny and silky texture in a natural way. Mix few drops of aloe vera gel and add an egg to it. Use this mixture before shampooing your hair. Then, remember to rinse off your hair completely. This helps in getting not only a silky hair but also a healthy hair without itching or dandruff.

Cold Water Treatment – This treatment is for those men who wish for a completely easy remedy for getting a silky hair. Cold water treatment is one where your hair is washed off completely with cold water. This makes your hair silky. Warm or hot water generally leaves your hair dry enough and takes out all the moisture in your hair. Hence make it a practice to wash off your hair just with cold water.

Banana with Yogurt – Banana hair treatment makes your hair look silkier. The texture of your hair changes from unmanageable to manageable in a very short span of time. This is because banana is rich in smoothing properties which does the work of smoothening treatment done in parlors. Banana can also be combined with yogurt or curd for best results. However, you have to make sure that the hair is rinsed off completely or else the smashes of banana and yogurt may stick to your hair strands making your hair look odd.

Foods Within – There are certain nutrient rich foods that make your hair silkier from inside. Some of them are avocado, Amla, flax seeds, almonds and curd. Eating healthy and vitamin rich foods also prevent breakage and hair fall. Hence make a practice to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Juices are also one of the best choices for a shiny hair. Avoid in taking improper diet like alcohol and fried items. This develops heat in your body and causes dryness in your hair.

Honey –Honey is one of the favorite ingredients for both men and women when it comes to beauty. Honey leaves your hair silky enough and maintains a lustrous hair in a natural way. Honey acts both as a hair lightener and hair conditioner. Honey is one of the best methods for treating your dull and damaged hair. Honey contains minerals, ant-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties that prevent the loss of moisture from your hair. However, one should remember not to apply too much of honey frequently as it may cause grey hair.

Milk – Milk is a yet other nutrient which does wonder for your hair. Applying milk for your hair adds nourishment to the root of your hair strands and keeps it lively. After the application of milk to your hair, you can see the difference of texture in your hair. It turns out to be silky, thick and straight. Milk also acts as an excellent treatment for premature graying of hair. Milk creams can also be used in the place of raw milk for effective results.

Amla – Amla which is otherwise called as gooseberries is an excellent way for treating your hair to become silky. The powders are also readily available in the market that can be used of. Amla leaves are other alternatives for a silky and shiny hair. Amla not only leaves your hair silky but also prevents the premature graying of your hair. Hence eating Amla internally or applying it externally can make your hair silky and strong.