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Bleeding nose – precautions and ayurvedic treatments

Bleeding nose - precautions and ayurvedic treatments

A nose bleed can be highly uncomfortable. There are many circumstances that can lead to nose bleeds. Some people have chronic nose bleeds but for most there are special circumstances that cause nose bleeds. There are many ways by which one can avoid nose bleeds. It is better to prevent the unsavory experience than find remedies for them. But there are a few ayurvedic remedies for nose bleeds that can help your condition without causing side effects. Ayurvedic remedies can help you if you choose to avoid drug consumption. Its best to avoid nose bleeds or resort to ayurvedic remedies instead of choosing to pop pills to stop the blood.

How to avoid

It is important to realize the causes behind nose bleeds. There might be a plethora of different reasons behind your bloody nose, apart from an injury. Low humidity, high temperature, blood pressure, blood thinners, high altitude, Vitamin K deficiency and many more conditions might cause nose bleeds. You cannot control all the factors that can eventually make your nose bleed. Here are a few ways by which you can prevent your nose from bleeding:

  • If you are prone to nose bleeds then it is best to avoid trips to high altitudes. If you have to travel to high altitude locations then keep your head back to slow the blood flow to your nose.
  • Heat and humidity can be a bad combination that leads to nose bleeds. Make sure that your home is not very hot or very cold and has moderate humidity.
  • Drying up of the mucus in your nose can lead to nose bleeds as well. This is why breathing deeply while in the shower can help your nose remain moist.
  • If you are prone to nose bleeds then it is best to mention that to your doctor if you are being prescribed blood thinners.
  • Taking proper amounts of citric fruits can help your body regain the vitamins that can lead to nose bleeds when deficient.
  • Picking your nose or blowing it excessively or plucking nose hair can lead to ruptures and nose bleeds. So be careful in such cases.


Even if you take precautions you might not be enough to stop your nose from bleeding. When you do have a nose bleed then you can resort to a few ayurvedic remedies such as:

  • Small amount of camphor and green coriander juice can be good for nose bleeds.
  • Dry amla can be soaked and the water can be used to prevent nose bleeds by being ingested or applied on the head and nose.
  • Onion can help stop nose bleeds. So when you have a nose bleed hold a slice of onion to your nose.
  • Dried pomegranate flower can be ground up and used as a snuff to stop and prevent nose bleeds.
  • Alum can also be used as a solution for nose bleeds. It can be mixed with ghee/clarified butter to cure nose bleeds.

These are merely a few remedies and preventive measures that can help control nose bleeds.