You are currently viewing Top perfumes for men with variety of floral, token, wooden fragrances

Top perfumes for men with variety of floral, token, wooden fragrances

Top Perfume for Men

Perfume is an important accessory. For some people it is more of necessity than an accessory! Doesn’t matter if it is about hygiene or about smelling good, perfumes are a must! In this article we will read through some of top perfumes for men. These perfumes have been listed according to their demand and you can choose them according to your requirement. The descriptions will help you know the perfect time and occasion to wear them. So, all you need to do is read through and choose your pick.

English Blazer Black Parfume – EDT – Perfume for Men – 100 ML – Rs 700

English Blazer Black Parfume - EDT - Perfume For Men - 100 ML – Rs 700

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English Blazer black perfume is the best aromatic Fougere. This perfume distinguished with the creation that has a fresh, clean cut, aromatic top note that can arise from a woody Fougere heart. The perfume is bought from certified Importers or Reseller and its fragrance is simple. You can wear it occasionally.

Aromatree Homme Tycoon(AEROL) Perfume With InSYNC Ice Perfume And Fire Perfume Set – Rs 849

Aromatree Homme Tycoon(AEROL) Perfume With InSYNC Ice Perfume And Fire Perfume Set

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All these Aromatree Homme Tycoon  perfumes and DEO’s can Tomme Tycoon with a fresh, green, spray, aromatic woody fragrance for men. The perfume is trendy, casual, and sporty that can be worn fragrance. It can work well during the day or after a dash. It has a warm, floral, spicy blend that has a sensational effect. The perfume has been bold yet and beautiful with excellent for the day as well as nightwear for ladies. It is super for daily wear. Insync ice, which is a woman’s perfume has a unique quality of floral blend that leaves the ladies smelling fresh, crisp and cool. It is yet mild, superb for day time.

VANESA Envy 1000 Rush Perfume Body Spray 130 ml Body Spray For Men – Rs 180

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VANESA Envy is a fresh and sensual blend of notes with the juiciness of fruits at the top. A floral middle part intensified with spice and mandarin. It can woody and amber tones, are there in the dry down. Its smell is very pleasing and last for 12 hours. If you are looking for a strong Deo, this isn’t for you. This one is perfect for me. The product has good stable product with nice fragrance that is the last whole day.

Hey You Original Mens 75 ML INFINITY BLUE Perfume Spray Scent Imported EDT Gift

Hey You Original Mens

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This perfume is designed for the man of his words! It is mesmerizing fragrance which will attract the females around and give a lovely touch to your personality. It has been featured with a fruity blend which includes lemons, peaches and strawberries in the top notes. For the base you get Cedarwood and patchouli. The perfume has been packed in blue shade which personifies his soft and vast heart.

W.O.W. Perfumes Black Jack for Men -100ML

O.W. Perfumes Black Jack for Men

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This is one of the perfumes from W.O.W. Perfumes. This perfume gives you revitalizing smell for all confident men. For the top you get a spicy, citrus and fresh touch, with a bit of lavender. In the middle you have patchouli and for the base you have sandalwood and Cedarwood. It is a strong fragrance which lasts long.

Rasasi Royale Deep (G) – EDT – Perfume For Men – 75 ML

Rasasi Royale Deep

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At the top, you get a harmonious blend with bergamot, tangerine and citrus fruits. The soft and fruity touch of red fruits and berries charm the women well. You finally support it with a touch of honey, vanilla and musk. The background holds sandalwood and the entire composition is going to give you an amazing essence.

Hugo Boss Man EDT 125ml – Rs 2,850

Hugo Boss Man EDT

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This is an aromatic green fragrance for men. This product had launched in 1995 and it was designed by Bob Aliano. The top notes hold lavender, mint, green apple, grapefruit and basil, while the middle hold carnation, geranium, sage and jasmine. For the base you have patchouli, cedar and fir.

Azzaro Pour Homme for Men, 100ml – Rs 2,025

Azzaro Pour Homme for Men

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This is an aromatic perfume which men love. For the upper notes it has caraway, lavender, iris, basil, anise, clary sage, lemon and bergamot, while in the middle you have juniper, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, cardamom and cedar.

Baldessarini Ambre EDT 90ml for Men, Blue, 90ml – 3,275

Baldessarini Ambre EDT 90ml for Men

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Baldessarini Ambre is a popular perfume by Hugo Boss which has an essence of whisky. The top notes of the perfume have mandarin, red apple, violet and a leather accord. The base is blended with amber, vanilla, labdanum and oak-wood.

Adidas EDT Ice Dive, 100ml

Adidas EDT Ice Dive

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This perfume by Adidas is made for the best athletes! The smell is fresh and clean, and you will smell fresh no matter where you are off to. This perfume is known to provide physical energy and endurance to sporty men. It is also nice for casual wear. The perfume splashes refreshment with a blend of citrus, amber and greens.

Udv Edition Limitee Gold – EDT – Perfume for Men – 100Ml – Rs 1,000

Udv Edition Limitee Gold

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This scent is for men who love to charm! It has a fruit essence which blends in orange and aquatic notes. There is a minty aroma in the middle and the entire combination is very masculine. Finally, you end with a woody touch with wild elements which make you smell seductive.

Calvin Klein One Red Men EDT, 50ml – Rs 2,550

Calvin Klein One Red Men

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This is a spicy fragrance for men who love light, bright and fresh smell. The top notes have pear and aldehydes, the middle has suede, ginger and black pepper, while the end has vetiver, musk, tonka bean. The perfume had launched between spring and summer of 2014, and has gained popularity since then. This is a refreshing scent which lasts long. All the fragrances blend well and give you sensuous feel. It has a balance of dry and strong tones which make you smell all the more masculine.

Davidoff Cool Water for Men, 125ml – Rs 4,950

Davidoff Cool Water for Men

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This is a refreshing scent which can be worn all day. It is cool and masculine. It is produced by one of the best brands for perfume, so you are assured of premium quality. This perfume has properties to calm you and make you feel rejuvenated. It has aquatic notes which attracts attention and adds to your personality.

Calvin Klein Encounter for Men, 100ml – Rs 4,875

Calvin Klein Encounter for Men

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If you are searching for something dark and sensuous, which suits a real man, you have stopped at the right place! The perfume starts off with sweetness at the top and ends with a masculine essence. You have mandarin, rum and cardamom for the upper notes which is reinforced by pepper, patchouli, Egyptian jasmine, and cognac for the base.  It gives you a rich and warm odor, which makes it suitable for autumn to winter months preferably.

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme for Men, 100ml – Rs 2,545

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme for Men

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This is seductive fragrance from Paco Rabanne. The bottle looks timeless and masculine. The top notes start off with a Mediterranean touch and has an essence of lavender. The middle notes have a tender floral essence. It ends with masculine base which oak and tobacco. The overall scent has a spicy touch which holds all the fragrances together!

Versace Pour Homme By Versace Eau-de-toilette Spray 3.4 Ounce – Rs 3,075

Versace Pour Homme By Versace Eau

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This is a classic product from Versace. It had been launched in 2008 and it has been in demand since then. The product has been designed by Alberto Morillas. He has blended the top notes with neroli, bergamot and petit grain, while the middle holds hyacinth, clary sage, geranium and cedar. It finally ends with tonka bean, amber and musk. The combination is perfectly for a party wear!

Tom Ford For Men Edt 100Ml – Rs 7,279

Tom Ford For Men Edt

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This perfume has a blend of woods and flowers! It has been designed by Yves Cassar. The notes start off with ginger, lemon leaf oil, mandarin orange, basil, violet leaves and bergamot. The middle hold Tunisian orange blossom, tobacco leaves and pepper. Finally, it ends with a blend of amber, Virginian patchouli, cedar, vetiver and oakmoss.

Calvin Klein One EDT, 50ml – Rs 2,550

Calvin Klein One EDT

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This is a distinctive perfume for Calvin Klein and it soothes your senses. The fragrance brings in a tangy feel which is due to citrus for the top notes. It is good for both women and men, so you can share it with your partner! This can be carried at day or at night, as it has a mild yet zesty touch to it. It can be carried like a casual wear too, as it isn’t very extravagant. If you need a perfume which suits all types of occasions, you must add to cart!

Hugo Red Eau De Toilette Spray 200ml/6.76oz – Rs 3,395

Hugo Red Eau De Toilette Spray

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This fragrance is oriental and spicy! It is a little sweet and a little sour, which blends well together. The top has metallic accord with pink pepper, grapefruit and galbanum. The middle has rhubarb, pineapple, cedar and metallic accord. It ends with tonka bean and amber. This had been introduced in 2013 and is apt for the spring to summer time!

La Nuit De LHomme Eau De Toilette Spray 40ml/1.3oz – Rs 5,077.35

La Nuit De LHomme Eau De

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This perfume has a floral touch blended with woody feel. The smell is fresh and sensual, and that of course is an amazing combination! The top notes have cardamom and bergamot, while the middle has cedar and lavender. You finally have vetiver, tobacco and coumarin at the base!

Paco Rabanne One Million EDT for Men, 100ml – Rs 3,545

Paco Rabanne One Million EDT for Men

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This is a proper party wear! If you are looking forward to an extravagant perfume which will increase your appeal, you can choose this product. It has been design for all those men who love to feel luxurious and stylish. It is one of those classic smells which blend in exotic elements. The top notes have grapefruit, blood mandarin and mint. For the middle note you have flowers and spices like rose and cinnamon. Finally, for the base, you have Tonka bean, blond leather and amber Ketal. The amalgamation of the three levels makes you smell masculine and attract the noses around!