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Best perfumes for men in 2015

Best Perfumes for Men 2015

Perfumes are those luxury expenses which we love to splurge on. Sometimes, it’s about hygiene over the extravagancy but it is something we just can’t do without! Fragrances represent our personality and taste. It unfolds the mystery behind your expressions, and differentiates you from the rest. Everybody loves to possess their signature fragrances, which is why we have listed the best perfumes for men this year. While choosing any of the, make sure you consider the smell that would suit you. This will be aided by the descriptions and you will know which one to go for!

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua EDT for Men, 100ml – Rs 4,700

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua EDT for Men, 100ml

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Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua EDT for Men is to feel the salty. It has a fresh taste of the ocean with the scintillating fragrance. This perfume gives you the sensation being out on the sea. It leaves a lingering touch on your skin that lasts throughout your busy day. The fragrance includes chilled cucumber, citrus cocktail, lotus and green leaves. The ingredients in it settle to reveal the refreshing heat that notes and comprise Szechuan pepper, Mirabelle, lavender and cedar, this is the base that can be made of a warm blend of sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli and musk. It can be used for parties, special occasions, and daily.

Calvin Klein One Shock Eau De Toilette for Men, 200ml – Rs 4,700

Calvin Klein One Shock Eau De Toilette for Men, 200ml


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Calvin Klein One Shock Eau De Toilette perfume captures everyone’s attention as you walk by. It has long lasting and alluring fragrance. You can never go wrong with the fresh, spicy scents of this perfume. The fragrance includes infused with tang Clementine and cucumber, as its top notes, the black pepper, black basil and cardamom heart notes that can slowly settle onto the masculine base that is made of a dine blend of tobacco, patchouli, musk, and woody. It can be used for refreshing on a daily basis.

POLO RALPH LAUREN Supreme Oud Eau De Parfum Natural Spray For Men 125 ml – Rs 9,089


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Polo Supreme Oud has an amazing blend of spices, woods and out. The combination turns out to be rugged and masculine, which is why it is so appreciated and accepted by the consumers. This is a latest product, which has been introduced earlier this year, and has grabbed the hearts of many. It comes with an oriental touch and has been designed by Carlos Benaim. The scent will give you a touch of quality and strength. The aroma lasts longer that you expect!

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT Spray for Men, 100ml

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT Spray for Men

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Armani spent a vacation in Pantellerie and he was inspired by the beauty there. He created this exclusive fragrance for men and women, which has a touch of nature. The scent will leave you a feeling of freedom, freshness and water. The composition has been blended with sweet and salty seawater. This perfume also boasts of the Mediterranean sun as it leaves the warmth in your skin. It includes bitter citrus and rosemary which blends with sea notes and pellucid hedione. The strong and spicy notes are balanced with a woody base.

Bvlgari Man for Men, 100ml

Bvlgari Man for Men

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This perfume by Bvlgari has been designed by perfumer Alberto Morillas. It is warm and woody with oriental aroma. It opens with bergamot and violet leaves, leans through lotus blossom, Vetiver and cypriol. It finally ends with sandalwood, amber, white wood, musk, honey and cashmere.

Davidoff Cool Water for Men, 125ml – Rs 4,950

Davidoff Cool Water for Men

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This is a complete masculine fragrance which boasts of coolness and freshness. It is an all day wear which will keep you fresh through all your activities. The aroma will resemble the smell of the oceans and its presence lingers for long. It is known for rejuvenating and increases your energy. The perfume surely has aquatic notes, but it also has a seductive feel which makes celebrities love it! You get the signature blue water from Davidoff with a bottle which reveals a manly design.

Pasha de Cartier for men 100ml – Rs 6,466

Pasha de Cartier for men

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This is a woody aroma for men. It had been launched in 1992 and has been the men’s favorite since then! Jacques Cavallier designed the product with the top notes of mandarin orange, caraway, lavender and anise, middle notes of coriander and Brazilian rosewood, and base of labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood, and oakmoss. Gives you a masculine feel and has a touch of nature.



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Pour Homme Lacoste from Lacoste is a woody scent for men. It has been stealing hearts, since 2002. It had been designed by Claude Dir. The upper notes include plum, apple, grapefruit and bergamot, the heart is blended with pink pepper, juniper, cinnamon and cardamom, while the finish has a touch of labdanum, vanilla, rum, sandalwood, musk and cedar.

Paco Rabanne One Million EDT for Men, 100ml – Rs 3,545

Paco Rabanne One Million EDT for Men

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This aroma has been designed by Paco Rabanne and is especially for men who want to feel stylish and luxurious all the time. It is one of the classic perfumes and loved by most men. The upper notes give you freshness from mint, grapefruit and blood mandarin, the heart joins exotic essence of flowers and spices like rose and cinnamon, etc., and it ends with the warmth of leather, amber ketal and tonka bean! With the blend of three completely different notes you make your body smell absolutely unique. Let the people go on guessing the name of this intoxicating aroma.

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau De Toilette for Men, 97ml – 3,075

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Eau De

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This is a scent which uniquely suits any mood and makes you feel elegant and smart. This product will outshine your personality and make you feel more confident. It has been designed by French perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The smell includes extracts of coriander, Artemisia, aldehydes at the top, jasmine, orris root, cinnamon and patchouli at the heart and vanilla, amber and honey in the end. The elements blend well and add freshness to your body.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 100ml – RS 5,890

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette

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The product is over 25 years old and still gets chosen over later ones! The major notes of honeysuckle, sandalwood and balsam blends well to give you a rich feel. It is advisable to be sprayed during the day. It gives you energy and helps you to get ready for all activities.

Hugo Boss Energise for Men, 125ml – Rs 4,150

Hugo Boss Energise for Men

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This brand never fails you with their perfumes! They have an exclusive range, and this one boasts of an aroma which would keep you fresh. If you ideally love adventures but you can also accept failures, this perfume is apt for you! The product has a fruit base which is blended with spices and woods. The top of the perfume includes mandarin, pink pepper, kumquat, coriander and cardamom. The heart includes juniper berries mixed with Jacaranda Wood and Cocoa Accord for the base. The fragrance is sensual and spicy and it surely goes bring a lot of compliments.

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 100ml – Rs 8,125

Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum Spray for Men

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Christian Dior presents another perfume to make you feel scintillating. Let your aura be felt with this perfume and let it speak of your personality. This scent is intense and adds energy to you. After the water dries up, the perfume gives you a different and a better smell. It is mostly wood and extremely sensual. Feel the notes of seed, lavender, vanilla, cedar, ambrette seed, iris, and Vetiver extracts, in this exotic perfume.

Prada Luna Rossa for Men, 100ml

Prada Luna Rossa for Men

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Prada presents an oriental perfume which is masculine. The top notes boast of lavender and bitter orange, while the middle notes include Clary sage and spearmint. It is ended with ambrette absolute and ambroxan molecule. If you love your perfumes to have a musky touch, you would surely like this.

Davidoff Champion Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 90ml – Rs 5,350

Davidoff Champion Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

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This perfume suits sporty man! If you are into sports or you work out, you might love this product. It has been designed to look like a dumbbell and the bottle can be held like one! It has a sleek body with flat ends and they resemble weights. You can also carry it comfortably so that you can apply it after sweating! The top notes have bergamot and lemon to refresh you. The base has a touch of oak moss and cedar wood for the manly feel!

Giorgio Armani Code for Men, 125ml – Rs 4,473

Giorgio Armani Code for Men

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This perfume had been launched by Giorgio Armani in 2004. It blends with the essence of apple, lavender, cumin and citrus. It has a woody touch and is especially worn for romantic outings. Purchase this extravagant perfume from one of the most trusted and reputed perfume brands.

Mont Blanc Legand Eau De Toilette, 100ml – Rs 3,199

Mont Blanc Legand Eau De Toilette

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Mont Blanc has exclusive perfumes which are masculine and intoxicating! It is one of those luxury brands which have been stealing hearts for ages now. Some of the main components of the product are French lavender, bergamot, rose, Tonka bean, sandalwood and fresh jasmine. It could be an ideal gift for someone special, and you are sure to be appreciated!

THE ONE For Men By DOLCE & GABBANA Eau De Toilette Spray – Rs 4,922


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This perfume would open in a sparkling note with bergamot, basil and coriander. The middle would include ginger, Neroli and cardamom. Finally, you would have cedar, tobacco and ambergris. All the three levels must be unique to sound and blend together. They are even more exclusive to possess and smell!

Gucci Made To Measure Eau de Toilette Spray for Men 1.6 Ounce – Rs 4,789.13

Gucci Made To Measure Eau de Toilette

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This is a blend of oriental and spice. For gentlemen who like sharp and sophisticated smell! The top notes include bergamot, lavender, orange blossom and aniseed, while the middle has nutmeg, plum, water lily, cinnamon and juniper berries. Finally, the finish has notes of leather, patchouli, amber and labdanum. It is good to wear at any occasion and has been ruling since the last 2 years now!

Perry Ellis Aqua Eau de Toilette Spray for Men 3.4 Ounce – Rs 4,313

Perry Ellis Aqua Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

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This product boasts of an aquatic aroma. It had been launched in 2012 and has been loved for freshness. The top notes include bergamot and lime, while the middle has lavender, sea water and coriander. It ends with woods, musk and ambergris.