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Best natural home treatment to hair fall control and regrowth tips for men

hair fall tips for men
Having the healthy hair structure is one of the boons of present decades, As many of us are been in to the hair loss problem due to small or big reasons. Falling of hair to a certain level won’t made you cry but if the condition is moving towards the bald scalp you need to hitchhike. Concentrate on the lifestyle you are leading, attempt to increase the protein contained nutritional food, go natural for the hair packs and invent yourself with long and strong hair.
Find the home made easy tips to provide solution to your hair fall.

Regular scalp massage

Massage the scalp of frequently with warm oil as it energizes the hair follicles. The massage formula decrease the stress and relaxes the mind of the person. It wipes out the fungal infections like dandruff and other pollution based bacteria. Prefer massaging the scalp with coconut, almond and mustard oil for at least four times a week for the healthy hair. Don’t forgot to leave the scalp with oil for minimum six hours for the effective results.

Amla and coconut secret

Take the help of lemon extract, amla and coconut oils for the hair loss prevention and anti-dandruff treatment. Mix the four tablespoons amla oil and coconut oil with one tablespoon of lemon juice. After mixing them apply over the scalp massage for few minutes. It reacts with the dandruff causing agents and helps decrease the problem.

Aloe vera 

If the scalp is dry and infected then try applying a natural gel that seals the infection problems, aloe vera, remove the aloe vera gel from a tentacle and apply it to the scalp directly. If you want, you can add the warm coconut oil with aloe vera gel for the improved results. In place of aloe vera you can use the wheat grass also.

Fenugreek seeds hair oil

Try an another home made easy recipe for the anti hair fall- Take a half of fenugreek seeds and boil it along with coconut oil. Extract the oil from it and store it in a tight container. Start applying it from the roots to tips on every day if possible, make sure of using for at least three times a week.

Natural Neem

Losing the hair due to the infections! if you find yourself losing the excessive hair due to bacterial infections paste the neem leaves and apply over the scalp and rub it – to push the antibacterial properties into the scalp. This pack will balances the alkaline of the scalp and reduced the hair fall.

Remedy to follow before head bath

Squeeze the juice from coriander leaves and add it some amount of curd and chana dhal powder. Mix them up and apply the scalp, leave for minimum an hour and follow your head bath. It strengthens the hair roots and prevents the fall while washing.
What ever the preventive steps we do from external needs the foster of internal power too. So never neglect the diet that is mixed with leafy vegetables, fish, cereals, milk products, carrots, almonds, peanuts, sprouts, juicy fruits like watermelon, lemon and oranges. So, consume the iron, zinc, beta carotene’s, multivitamin contained food and follow the few of the recipes from above to find the good hair crop.

Garlic Juice

Garlic is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. Apart from being a doctor for cardiovascular, garlic juice is also serving as the best home remedy for preventing hair loss. It plays an important role in growing your lost hair. Home remedies are the treatments that are free from any chemicals. Chemicals tend to make your hair loss bad to worse. By using garlic juice, its effective properties keep your hair away from dandruff and itching. Since Garlic is packed with calcium and zinc, it penetrates the roots of your hair and makes it healthy. Make a juice of garlic and apply overnight before going for sleep. You can then apply shampoo the next morning and dry well.

Indian Gooseberry

Gooseberries not only serve as an excellent pickle but also a natural ingredient for treating severe hair fall. Gooseberry oil has the power of transforming your hair into pitch black. Since there are no side effects or chemicals involved, it is considered as the best companion for treating any type of hair problems. It is also famous for making your hair lustrous. Since, gooseberries are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants it is a helpful remedy for preventing premature graying of hair. So, for whosoever facing hair loss problem, try out the magical treatment of this oil to your hair. There is more number of natural gooseberry oils available in market. You can try any of those natural oils and get benefited out of it easily.


Hibiscus is an excellent remedy for hair loss problem. It makes your hair thick and strong, preventing any further damage to your hair. Most of the commercial hair products that are available in the market have hibiscus as one of their main ingredient. Due to its rich composition of amino acids, it combats the hair loss in men easily and effectively. Another great benefit is that this is a natural flower which does not cause any problem to your hair. Hibiscus oils can be used as a source for treating your hair loss. Hibiscus oils are easy to prepare naturally in home.

Ingredients needed:
  • Hibiscus leaves
  • Coconut Oil
  • Amla
  • Hibiscus flowers

Heat the coconut oil warmly and once it is done, leave for some time and add the hibiscus leaves and flowers to the oil. Wait till it reaches reddish color. Add few pieces of Amla and allow it to boil for few minutes. Now, take it off the pan and mash it gently to extract oil from the paste. Use this oil twice in one week for best results.